No need to panic over solar flare

2012-01-24 13:44

Cape Town - South Africans have flooded social networks after rumours that an approaching solar flare was deadly.

However, the coronal mass ejection is one of three components of the solar activity and is not fatal, an expert has said.

"If you were going to die [from a solar flare] you would have died yesterday [Monday] because the explosion on the sun happened yesterday morning," Kobus Olckers, space weather officer at the Ises Regional Space Weather Warning Centre in Hermanus told News24.

"If we get a coronal mass ejection, the first things that reach Earth are the X-rays; the ultraviolet rays. They take eight minutes to get from the sun to the Earth.

This radiation could affect humans, but it is not possible for charged particles to do so. Mass particles take longer to reach Earth, Olckers added.

Solar activity

Because these charged particles could not cross a magnetic field line, we would be safe as long as the Earth had a magnetic field.

"That's why we're still alive on Earth because we've got a magnetic shield around the Earth," Olckers said.

There is no reason to panic because of fears of a "cosmic death ray" from the sun because the ultraviolet peak has already subsided.

"If anything could happen to a human, it would have happened yesterday. The ultraviolet peak has come and gone - it happened yesterday," Olckers said.

Listen to the full interview here:

Kobus Olckers by News24

The sun goes through a regular period of increased solar activity which began about a year ago and is scheduled to peak at the end on 2012 or early 2013.

"We've been in a period of [increased] solar activity for about a year-and-a-half now and it's getting worse as we reach the solar maximum which we guess is going to be late this year or early next year," said Olckers.

Olckers, who works mainly indoors, was quick to poke a fun at people who had the time to spend a leisurely day out in the sun.

"Anybody who was on the beach yesterday will find they have a bit of an extra tan on. If they came home red like lobsters last night, it serves them right because I'm used to working," Olckers said.

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  • Herman - 2012-01-24 13:51

    2012 December coming up it seems.....

      joebruwer - 2012-01-24 13:58

      yea and ppl still think its bull.

      Jono - 2012-01-24 13:59

      Its amazing how humans can be some tell them a story and then they want to go and write a book! Please grow up...not every big/bad story is the end! dont need to run to mommy all the time something happens!

      antonotto1981 - 2012-01-24 14:03

      you are funny and stupid people

      Alan - 2012-01-24 14:13

      The Mayans, towards the end of their existence as a civilization and around the same time they stopped developing their calendar, had lost most of their priests to disease epidemics(And these priests were the scientists and astrologers of the Mayan civilization, called "skywatchers"). So maybe that is why their calendar ended, or maybe this was all foretold by their previous priests and WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!

      richard.hipkin - 2012-01-24 14:13

      Oh joe, go poke a fun at people! :)

      silentcoder - 2012-01-24 14:16

      @joebruwer - that would be because it is bull. The worst thing is the prediction is based on a false reading. The Mayan calendar does NOT end in 2012, it merely starts a new cycle. Thinking it ends is liking thinking OUR calender ends on 31 December ! It doesn't we just enter a new year. Our calendar also didn't end at the end of 1999, it just entered a new millenium cycle (just like a year-cycle, but longer) The Mayan Calendar doesn't end this year either, it just enters a new cycle - though this is a 26 000 year cycle based on the movements of certain milky way stars, but it's just another cycle exactly like a new year or a new millenium. It's not an END of anything. I think Herman was kidding, it seems you actually believe this urban legend. It's bad enough to have YET ANOTHER doomsday prophecy (I mean all the other MILLIONS of them over the years were false but THIS one must be right) but this one doesn't even EXIST.

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 14:17

      I checked the calendar and it is not 21 December 2012. I also checked all the news sites and Harold Camping has said nothing. So we are safe. Which does somehow suck because that means I still have to pay my bond this month.

      skootzie - 2012-01-24 14:40

      Oops, posted on the main thread instead of reply to this one, lol. Anyway -> Alan:

      Janice - 2012-01-24 14:51


      Clive.D.Buckley - 2012-01-24 15:10

      Actually, Herman is quite correct... I checked my desk calendar, and there definitely is a December this year as well!! So december 2012 is coming up in a little over 10 months!!!

      skootzie - 2012-01-24 15:19

      NuttyZA: I know there will be a next year because Marty McFly went to 2015!!

      Herman - 2012-01-24 15:29

      Aaaaaaaaahh, at least Nutty got it..........

      Afrikopite - 2012-01-24 15:30

      Selebi was sentenced to 15 years so NO THE WORLD WONT BE ENDING ANYTIME SOON, the judge was not stupid was he.

      Jaco - 2012-01-24 16:11

      How disappointing. I was really looking forward to being solar flared.

  • alain.d.thomas - 2012-01-24 13:54

    "If anything could happen to a human, it would have happened yesterday. There ultraviolet peak has come and gone - it happened yesterday," Olckers said. - I love this guys nonchalant attitude. If the solar flare could have caused death, we would not have been alive to know because we only heard of it today... Have a nice day dead people.

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 14:27

      The report had to go through the weather office first, where they had to study it and apply their mind, before the news could be released. They did not want to create unnecessary panic.

      Anthony - 2012-01-24 14:33

      if it hits johannesburg im hoping for lutuli house

      skootzie - 2012-01-24 14:41

      Gerhard: Yet it seems to have done that anyway, lol! :P

      raath - 2012-01-24 14:48

      Well, there's no real way for them to know about it sooner - it's a speed of light thing. When you see something happening on the sun it already happened 8 minutes ago.

  • Ryan - 2012-01-24 13:56

    Can we atleast expect a cool display in the skies?

      silentcoder - 2012-01-24 14:17

      If you're anywhere near the poles, sure. The only visible impact a solar flare has is increased ionization in the strongest part of the earth's magnetic field. In other words brigther and prettier Aurora's at the poles. Here where we are, nothing.

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 14:19

      If you live at the North Pole. If you live in Joburg the smog is so thick, you wouldn't see anything anyways.

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-01-24 14:32

      JA!!! i wana see some aurora australis

      raath - 2012-01-24 14:49

      You could have seen it yesterday ;)

  • devon.comaroff - 2012-01-24 13:58

    The human beings propensity to panic still never fails to astound me

  • bafana.skosana - 2012-01-24 14:00

    Technical error again, this world is getting scary lately, am going to church.

  • Dmitri - 2012-01-24 14:04

    The only reason the Mayans stopped chiping away at their stone calendar was because they ran out of stone or their chisel went blunt. 21 December 2012 !?!?!?... Yawn

      Blue - 2012-01-24 14:36

      Dimitri....before commenting get your facts is in anyway not 21 December is 23 December 2012!! ...ssshhh.... you can go back to sleep now....

      Dmitri - 2012-01-24 14:53

      @Blue, seriously, relax, you have plenty of time before 21 or 23 December to stock up on valium. What are two days between fellow earthlings? You are from here, aren't you???

      Natacha Geyer - 2012-01-24 14:59

      Lmfao! Lmfao! Pravo! Good one!

  • Ashleigh - 2012-01-24 14:04

    would be nice if we died.. at least we wouldnt have to go to work :) but good reporting duncan, no other news place has got good detials on this.. shot.

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 14:51

      We would be dead though and that would REALLY suck a lot. A bad day at the office is better than a good day 6 feet under.

      skootzie - 2012-01-24 15:12

      Gerhard: We wouldn't be under though .. solar flares, without our bubble of airy awesomeness protecting us, would vaporize us :(

  • Wikus - 2012-01-24 14:06

    Never underestimate small IQ's in large groups....

  • Alan - 2012-01-24 14:07

    Doomsday prophets, among the lowest rungs of human intelligence..

  • Bryan - 2012-01-24 14:07

    Finally a credible report. I got tired of all those idiots sending BC messages about cancer.

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2012-01-24 14:10

    Run for your lives we gonna get microwaved.

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 14:21

      I left all my meat on the braai, well marinated, before I came to work. It should be ready when I get home at 17:00.

  • richard.hipkin - 2012-01-24 14:13

    How do you poke a fun? Especially at people!!

  • juanoliviermail - 2012-01-24 14:14

    Herald Camping must be wetting himself by now LOL :-)...

  • John - 2012-01-24 14:14

    Seems a lot of people are quite edgy over the predictions for 2012... We won't know whether these mass ejections would eventually "wear out" the earth's magnetic field, allowing these rays to kill all life on earth.

      skootzie - 2012-01-24 14:44

      People were edgy during '99-2k as well ..

      Clive.D.Buckley - 2012-01-24 15:14

      Well, these CME's have been happening for about 4 billion years and Earths Magnetic field is still around... guess we are probably safe for the time being

  • nthathanem - 2012-01-24 14:14

    Thank God we are alive

  • Travis Skye Caine - 2012-01-24 14:16

    can we except a cool display in the sky? or will we see anything?

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 14:56

      Yes! If you stay awake until 03:13 tomorrow morning, you will definately see something. Make sure you are facing magnetic north as that is where you will see the brightest lights. Make sure you tell all you friends as well. Maybe invite them around and give them free beer.

  • adam.leighton - 2012-01-24 14:23

    Hey Noah? What are you building that Boat for? This is not a boat people, this is an Ark! Boats are used to catch fish in. Arks are used to preserve Life as you know it. What would you need an Ark for then? G-d told me it going to rain for 40 days and 40 nights. The world is going to be flooded 100%. Yeah right! Enjoy wasting your time building the Ark!!! I will!

      Blue - 2012-01-24 14:42

      ADAM...nicely put!! How would all these dum a$$e$ know that, what the Mayans predicted ( or didn't predict and merely stopped predicting ).. was and is in fact True or not...if the events hasn't even happened ( or not happened )? Surely they can only come out with their dum $ss comments AFTER the predicted ( or not predicted ) date????

  • Sara - 2012-01-24 14:25

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 14:43

      Now that is FUNNY!!!!!!

      Dmitri - 2012-01-24 14:57

      Brilliant. Maybe you should show that picture to blue. She is freaking out over this Mayan thing :)

  • rroodt1 - 2012-01-24 14:26

    Well really now..... as clever as we all seem. Only one person can decide when its the end of the earth which He created. Jesus Christ our Lord!!

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 14:42

      rroodt1, do you think he will give us a heads up before he takes us out? Just wondering. Because if he gives us like three months warning, I can stop paying my bond and my car and use the extra money to live it up a little.

      skootzie - 2012-01-24 14:50

      Er ... Jesus didn't create the world, God did. And Jesus is not God. "Holy Trinity" anyone? .. Goodness, corrected by an Atheist :O

      lainie.g2 - 2012-01-24 14:52

      Why does Jesus Christ have the final say and not GOD....Excuse my ignorance but was it not GOD that created life on earth and Jesus Christ was just his son and messenger of GOD?

      Dmitri - 2012-01-24 14:57

      Skootzie, actually, you just made your name gat!!!

      skootzie - 2012-01-24 15:05

      Dmitri : Well, isn't it fortunate (for me) that I'm not troubled by the opinions of strangers?

      Heidi - 2012-01-24 15:13

      God and only God knows the day and hour, not the angels and no, not even Jesus- read The Bible. Jesus was not only just the Son of God or a messenger lainie.g2, Jesus was the One who died for our sins and sits at the right hand of God and it is in Jesus' name that we should pray- again if people want to comment please know The Bible.

      Megan - 2012-01-24 15:51

      Dmitri... can't handle the truth?

      Moira - 2012-01-24 16:00

      I'm with you Skootzie .. opinion of strangers means nothing to me either and "doom" prophets have been around since the beginning of time. Aaahhh .. here comes that lightening bolt I've been warned about ...

      Heidi - 2012-01-24 16:18

      Oh yes, I almost forgot- skootzie you say God created the earth and not Jesus which is true, but you call yourself an atheist and it seems you don't know the meaning of the word- you see it means you don't believe in God or any deities for that matter, see where I'm going with this... or maybe you don't.

      skootzie - 2012-01-26 09:28

      Heidi, sorry, I have no idea what your point was. Be specific, please. Unless you've taken the attitude of "you are not a believer so you don't know what you're talking about" in which case I'm not even going to bother replying further. :) I have a rule, if I am opposed to something or enjoy engaging in debate over a certain topic, I take the time and effort to actually research WHAT I'm debating / being opposed to. I do not believe in God "just because", nor have I taken this position willynilly.

      skootzie - 2012-01-26 09:32

      .. Just a thought Heidi, are you saying that because I'm Atheist I'm not allowed to correct one who makes incorrect statements that have been set forth by the canon of their religion? If an Islam claims he will get 173 virgins when he dies, am I not (because I'm Atheist) then allowed to correct him and say that it's 72 and not 173?

  • Kobus - 2012-01-24 14:29

    World will not end in 2012....My passport and drivers say....valid till 2015

      Mike_or_Mpho - 2012-01-24 14:38


      heinrich.beukes1 - 2012-01-24 14:44

      Mine says 2016 Kobus passport and drivers haha so thats another year added

      Afrikopite - 2012-01-24 15:38

      I just received my passport in Feb 2011 and its valid till Feb 2021, wow.

      Lara - 2012-01-24 16:15

      I'm in trouble. Mine says 2012.

  • wesley.bischoff - 2012-01-24 14:31

    The end of the Mayan calendar is the end of the ERA OF PISCES... not the end of the world. So after 21Dec 2012, we simply move into a new Era, that of Aries. Why must some people always take things out of context without having knowledge of what they speak in the first place?

      John - 2012-01-24 14:35

      Because, like you, we all crave and pray for an end to this chaotic and senseless world, created by idiots like Obama, Sarkozy, that Korean idiot and Oprah Winfrey, and run by greedy bastards that don't give a rats ass about the poor people!

      lainie.g2 - 2012-01-24 14:46

      Oh dear, the ERA of "ME, MYSELF and I", "The infant".

      Aquila - 2012-01-24 15:13

      Err..wouldn't that be Aquarius?

      nerasmus1 - 2012-01-24 15:15

      I thought it was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Damn, Hair got it all wrong then.

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-01-25 09:57

      Oh gosh, really? You honestly think the world today is better than say... the dark ages?

  • Lorenzo - 2012-01-24 14:33

    There's a lot of stupid people in the world. It's actually quite scary

      Marius - 2012-01-24 14:40

      That is quite a stupid comment....

      Blue - 2012-01-24 14:51

      And you Marius...are quite scary...!!

      Afrikopite - 2012-01-24 15:39

      I am afraid of Marius

  • mengelbrecht1 - 2012-01-24 14:37

    If the news releases on things like this were not so sensational then maybe people would not panic.

  • Colbert - 2012-01-24 14:38

    I think it was in the movie 2012 where they say "When they tell you to not panic... That's when you should start panicking" lol lets hope not.

  • jnsherriff - 2012-01-24 14:38

    Protected by BLOOD

  • skootzie - 2012-01-24 14:39


  • lainie.g2 - 2012-01-24 14:39

    I find people thrive on fear, it makes their world go around....Please stop the world, I want to get off!

      jnsherriff - 2012-01-25 12:41

      John 14:6

  • Douglas - 2012-01-24 14:43

    It's the Tokolosh, and the angry ancestors, coming to kill us all! Morons!

  • Ben - 2012-01-24 14:44

    Morons.... This is what happens when you publish stories of huge events to mainstream readers who cant be bothered to read or learn about it. Instead of using science as a tool, they'd rather listen to Hollywood or some psychotic who hears voices...

      aardvarkie - 2012-01-24 15:05

      Indeed, and sadly so.

  • raath - 2012-01-24 14:49

    Ugh, people are such morons sometimes.

  • Daemon - 2012-01-24 14:50

    ish, so I should not have sold my house, car and clothes and laid naked on the beach awaiting for the end of the Inca/Miyan or whatever calender...only sunburn for my troubles

  • John - 2012-01-24 14:54

    There are 2 kinds of people in this world: those that pray the world would end ASAP, and those that don't. To which of these 2 groups do you belong?

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 14:58

      I'm on the fence.

      Ben - 2012-01-24 15:24

      Don't forget the 3rd kind...those of us that dont pray ;P

  • andrewilsonb - 2012-01-24 15:00

    If the solar flares are powerful enough and hit the earth more directly bang goes most of the electronic equipment and communications, planes would fall from sky and electronic based equipment could malfunction. Such storms in the past have caused damage before, the question is when will the big one come.

  • FUSii - 2012-01-24 15:13

    Lol wudnt believe not for a bit !

  • 1Remnant - 2012-01-24 15:14

    As long as it hits Soweto, I don't give a rats ass :P

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 15:17

      That wasn't very nice. Did you take an extra racist pill this morning?

      Ben - 2012-01-24 15:26

      lets hope it's your nuts so that you cant spawn

      Philip Keeling - 2012-01-24 15:30

      1REMNANT bloody well said. Give this man a bells!

  • teayance - 2012-01-24 15:15

    Now it's clear why it was raining last night

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 15:38

      Rain is a form of precipitation, and comes from water that has condensed into clouds high up in the atmosphere. When the sun shines on the ocean (or on rivers or lakes), it heats up the water. Just like when you heat up water on the stove, the hot rays from the sun cause the ocean water to evaporate. This evaporated water (just like the steam from a pot on the stove!) floats up into the atmosphere, where it is much cooler than down by the ocean. As the water vapour cools down, it begins to condense to form clouds. If it condenses enough, the water vapor will turn back into a liquid and fall to the earth as rain! This is called the water cycle. Water from the ocean gets evaporated by the sun, and then condenses into clouds and falls back to earth as precipitation. The water cycle has been going on for almost as long as the earth has existed. The water that you drink today may have at one point been in the stomach of a dinosaur! But without the water cycle, we would not have any fresh water. The water cycle is how water from the ocean gets recycled and carried up into the mountains to form rivers and lakes which we can drink from. It is a very important part of life here on earth.

      Moira - 2012-01-24 16:05

      Gee Gerhard - thanks for the lesson - thought it was someone watering the world from up high. Eish ..

  • David - 2012-01-24 15:17

    Yes. I have now heard his interview. He says the compression of the Magnetosphere is ok, it won't do anything really. But The Solar activity is increasing until it reaches it maximum threshold, and then releases a maximum x-class flare that will pretty much fry anything. When the magnetosphere warps far enough with the compression is slingshots back and send an electromagnetic pulse and radiation back towards earth and will kill any electronic device on the planet. It is great that all scientists and politicians are working hard to make sure there is no panic, but it is abundantly clear, they are hiding something. Each natural thing on its own, might not be as devastating as they say, but no one seems to realize, what happens when they are start happening more or less in the same time frame. That is a mega disaster. Solar maximum flare, hitting the planet, chaotic weather conditions on earth worse than ever known, earth quake, and polar shift activity as well. Don't always look at one thing. Its never one thing. There is always something that helped another thing along. All the solar flares that will hit us till the maximum, increases the heat on earth and radioactive particles rain down. The heat increases, the caps melt faster, and so it goes on. Each scenario, feeds the next one. It is never one thing people. Wake up to what is being hidden from us.

  • Gideon - 2012-01-24 15:27

    Hey guys! I'm having a lekker go at a troll in the Taxi Rank No Arrests article! Come join in the fun! Hahahahaaa!

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 16:16

      No really, you must see the comments Gideon's new friend posted. A real gem... It won't upset women at all...

      Gideon - 2012-01-24 17:56

      I guess they didn't get it Gerhard...sigh. Guess the flare must've got them.

  • nschutt - 2012-01-24 15:28

    I commented on the earlier article. People, use common sense and do some quick research before believing everything you read. One question though, why are people so keen on the world ending?

      David - 2012-01-24 15:52

      I agree. I think the whole world ending is a bit drastic. But I do believe that each and every time one thing happens, it feeds another natural phenomenon that can cause disaster. It does not mean the world is ending. Like for example, the solar flares radiation and so on increases the global warming, that in turn melts the caps faster, then the caps feed more and more fresh water into the north atlantic current which is a delicate balance of salt and fresh water, and that then in turn feeds weather patterns and the water being evaporated or the cooling and warming process of the currents. Each process is in actual fact feeding the other. Same as water being taken up into a hurricane, in effect, increasing its destructiveness. Each process feeds another. I hope I make sense here.

      Mikyle Jayden Devon Davids - 2012-01-24 16:08

      I agree 100% with you thre, people are too eager to just send the word around that the flairs are gonna hit earth and nobody has seen anything did they? When the time comes when everything will ??a??? end, they will all be crying thre soul out, not wanting this to happen, I advise everybody to do the research (like you said) and then go spreading the facts once they have enough motive or proof about the happenings

      antoinette.jordaan - 2012-01-24 16:20

      From my side, I'd like the planet to take revenge on all the idiocy mankind has done to it. Unfortunately, I don't think the planet likes this whole "do it in a day thing" - I think it's aiming for a more prolonged revenge. :D

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-01-25 10:02

      Because they live in a fantasy world, that if the world ends, they will be blessed enough to enter the kingdom of heaven. Little do they know...

  • thorsten.brandau - 2012-01-24 15:35

    Yip if there was any Danger we would only live till 11 years old as this phenomenon occurs every 11 years, the worst that could possibly happen is major electrical interference from the EMP (electromagnetic Pulse) and this will also be short lived, worst case scenario your pc might need to be rebooted. But then again if you use Windows this is an everyday occurrence any way (Thanks Bill Gates)

  • thorsten.brandau - 2012-01-24 15:35

    Yip if there was any Danger we would only live till 11 years old as this phenomenon occurs every 11 years, the worst that could possibly happen is major electrical interference from the EMP (electromagnetic Pulse) and this will also be short lived, worst case scenario your pc might need to be rebooted. But then again if you use Windows this is an everyday occurrence any way (Thanks Bill Gates)

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 15:51

      Or imagine you drive a Prius? You'd be screwed for sure!!

      David - 2012-01-24 15:56

      I agree that this one event is being taken a little out of wack, but people are misinterpreting and missing what is really going on. Take multiple events into account and then determine what is happening. I agree. I think the whole world ending is a bit drastic. But I do believe that each and every time one thing happens, it feeds another natural phenomenon that can cause disaster. It does not mean the world is ending. Like for example, the solar flares radiation and so on increases the global warming, that in turn melts the caps faster, then the caps feed more and more fresh water into the north atlantic current which is a delicate balance of salt and fresh water, and that then in turn feeds weather patterns and the water being evaporated or the cooling and warming process of the currents. Each process is in actual fact feeding the other. Same as water being taken up into a hurricane, in effect, increasing its destructiveness. Each process feeds another. I hope I make sense here.

  • Angelique - 2012-01-24 15:36

    This whole solar storm thing is happening coz Chuck Norris scheduled a sun bed session.... That's all. We can all relax now

  • Thermophage - 2012-01-24 15:36

    lol :P

  • steve.hand - 2012-01-24 15:40

    Yes the magnetic field protects us against the harmful types of radiation. The science guys really need to look at what haarp (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has been doing over the past couple of years. I am surprised the scientists on here are not aware that the magnetic shield and ionosphere has been compromised. I am not trying to fear monger but when December come and with the state of the shield.. many things could happen.

      mbossenger - 2012-01-24 15:48

      Are you David Icke, or do you just like spreading random unfounded conspiracy theories?

      David - 2012-01-24 16:02

      I would agree with some of that steve.hand. I have been piecing together the puzzle of all of this. The solar storm is not the only thing out there that can do damage, but no one will listen, because experts are not respected. We all warn people. Experts have been warning people about many things over the last 2000 years. Does the human race listen. Not really. Read more into the chain of events, and how each event feeds the other one, then you will see what i mean. I might not be the worlds smartest man, but I am dam sure I know what I am talking about.

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-01-25 10:04

      How do you know that it has been compromised?

  • Moira - 2012-01-24 15:54

    There was a solar flare?? Damn .. must have missed it. Woke up alive (ha, ha)and electing to bow to my own intelligence and plain common sense, am sure I will still be alive on 31 December 2012 so that I can hear the idiots and morons who live in residential suburbs letting off crackers and scaring the bejesus out of animals and old folk.

  • Elkieta - 2012-01-24 16:10

    This is a sign to vote for someone that can stop the murder and crime in our country...

  • antoinette.jordaan - 2012-01-24 16:14

    Well, I just think it's a good excuse for a party....and we're planning one... a nice "end of the world" party. If it happens, I go out in a bang. If it doesn't, I have a hangover.

      David - 2012-01-24 16:23

      HAHAHA. Nice one.

  • ernestvincent.walker - 2012-01-24 16:17

    This that is happening with the sun JESUS told his disciples about it .. Go read it for your self ( Luke ch 21 . ) then leave your comment !!

      Gerhard - 2012-01-24 16:32

      OK, I read it "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;" With the way the Bible has been written, any number of events in the past can relate back to this prophecy. Tsunamis, earthquakes, lunar eclipses, solar flares, shooting stars, conflicts and wars have all happened often over the last two thousand years. We're still here. Not to worry Vincent, I think we are ok for now.

  • Kilus - 2012-01-24 16:18

    chuck will decide when to roundhouse kick earth

  • Deon - 2012-01-24 16:19

    It felt like the solar flare happened last week in Cape Town, 4 days 30 degrees + and it is not even February yet.

      antoinette.jordaan - 2012-01-24 16:35

      According to Jo'burg folks we're too laid back, so perhaps this is the previous flare that only hit us now? hehehehehehe.... Don't smack me...i'm from cpt... :D