Nokia launches Lumia in SA

2012-01-26 12:00

Cape Town - The Nokia Lumia range of smartphones was launched in South Africa on Wednesday.

The Windows-based phones impressed some analysts at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Nokia is hoping that these devices will help the company gain a strong foothold in the smartphone market.

"This is the day that something unique, bold and exciting arrived in the South African smartphone market," said Gerard Brandjes, vice-president for Nokia in South and East Africa.

The Lumia 800 has a 9.3cm high-definition display, social networking applications and includes the Internet Explorer 9 browser.

Nokia has retained the curved glass display from its N9 smartphone, but the Lumia represents a new direction for the company that wants to take on the Apple iPhone.

Despite dominating the cellphone market, particularly in developing countries, the company lags far behind the iPhone and Android-powered smartphones in the US.

The device features a 1.4GHz processor, 8 megapixel camera with dual flash, and high definition video camera. There is 16GB of memory on board.

Nokia says that the devices will provide over nine hours of talk time on one charge and the phone is available in cyan, magenta and  black, and interchangeable covers are provided for the Lumia 710, to be launched later in 2012.

The Nokia Lumia 800 will be available through Vodacom on February 7 2012 on a Vodacom Business Call contract, with 100MB data per month for 24 months, at R279 per month.

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  • Vaaldonkie - 2012-01-26 12:15

    Cool. Might just get some more customers for my WinMo7 apps ;)

      Youefoh - 2012-01-26 12:59

      ANDROID FTW! Windows sucks and always will. Linux is the shizz!

      Modefan - 2012-01-26 15:13

      That's why all the big companies run Linux! . . . NOTTTTTT!

      Youefoh - 2012-01-27 09:50

      All companies DO run Linux, what do you think all the console servers and switches run? Vodacom and all banks use Console servers which RUN Linux! Why? because its MORE stable than any OS. Read your facts before posting.

  • dreyer.smit - 2012-01-26 12:19

    This guy has no idea what he's writing about. Did he actually see these devices? Black and White with interchangeable covers? 8Gb Memory? He's describing the Lumia 710. The Lumia 800 will have 16Gb of storage, and will come in Black, Blue and Magenta. Get your facts straight.

      ourkylesmith - 2012-01-26 12:24

      It also has an 8mpix camera and not a five. The Camera supports Carl Zeiss Optics with a Tessar lens

      Mark - 2012-01-26 12:31

      Duncan Alfreds, Tech journalist extraordinaire, I mean extraordinarily not at the launch. At least Google the product you prawn.

      ludlowdj - 2012-01-27 11:07

      Unfortunately for Vodacom subscribers will not get this phone as an upgrade as they have specifically reserved it for new contracts, so you either have to let you years under contract with them expire and/or open a new account. Vodacom as usual alienating existing clients to hopefully attract new ones.

  • Kyle - 2012-01-26 12:40

    I have the phone, bought it in the UK last year. It is brilliant. I have ben waiting for it to be released here (SA) as support has been non-existant. Very excited to have it up and running again as it was in the UK :) Apple can go ki$$ my @55!

      The-third - 2012-01-26 12:54

      K.I. dollar dollar your "at 55"? Though speakethst in strange tongues Kyle.

  • Japie Fourie - 2012-01-26 12:47

    The Lumia 800 actually has a 8mp camera, 16gb storage and is made out of a solid polycarbonate shel. To get all the info, including photos from the launch party, when and where it will be available as well as initial pricing: check out

      Nosiphom - 2012-01-26 14:38

      Now you are talking. The phone on the article is just an ok phone. The 800 is a real phone.

  • Ndurengo Maxzino Mncwabe - 2012-01-26 12:55

    So file transfere over bluetooth is dead? I heard WM7 doesn't support it, just like the iphone.

  • bern1975 - 2012-01-26 13:16

    I am upgrading next week...mmmmmmmmm

  • modmario - 2012-01-26 14:27

    MEH! Interchangeable covers, yay, I'll buy one for my 10year old cousin till he is ready for a real phone....

  • agosthino - 2012-01-26 17:06

    is he talking about the 710 or 800? news24 should get some better journos who actually do research or at least google. The 800 won phone of the year last year and has sales of over 1mil so far :)

  • Japie - 2012-01-26 19:42

    Cape Town is getting it's own launch event!! Check it out on

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-01-27 18:54

    The more things change the more they tend to stay the same.

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