Original Einstein manuscripts to go online

2012-03-19 17:28

Jerusalem - All 80 000 items in Albert Einstein's archives, including personal correspondence with half a dozen lovers and a poignant postcard to his ailing mother, are going online.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns the Einstein collection, is slowly uploading high resolution photographs of scientific papers, letters on social issues including nuclear disarmament and the Arab-Israeli conflict, and other texts.

Archivists said Monday's launch of the online repository will give scholars around the world direct access to Einstein's papers.

Most have been locked in storage at the university and only half of the collection appears online.

The university has also published a complete inventory of all 80 000 items in the Einstein collection.

  • Morama - 2012-03-19 18:03

    It would be fantastic if they can separate his ideas from the one's he stole from others!!!

  • bobby.mykonos - 2012-03-19 19:55

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