Perlemoen to be regulated

2012-07-11 14:41

Johannesburg - Live aquacultured perlemoen are to be formally regulated as a food product, the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) said on Wednesday.

The regulation would begin in the next two months, ending the existing self-regulation by industry players.

This follows a declaration by Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies in the Government Gazette, introducing the compulsory specification for live aquacultured perlemoen (abalone).

All live aquacultured abalone products offered for sale would have to comply with the requirements of the new compulsory specification (VC 9001).

The government banned abalone fishing in February 2008, but the new regulation would allow the industry to come back to life, the NRCS said.

"The NRCS will now be responsible for the monitoring and testing of the product, to minimise the risks of transferring dangerous micro-organisms from abalone to consumers."

It would also be responsible for issuing health guarantees for export purposes.

The NRCS said this was in line with its mandate to protect health and the environment, while ensuring fair trade across markets.

This YouTube video demonstrates the effects of perlemoen poaching at Cape Point Reserve:

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    Lekker this must be a move from Sipper because he has a perlemoen farm near Port Elizabeth that he owns. Now he obviously wants to generate extra income, oh i know he's planning to take another wife. The money will come in handy i'm sure. Seems he knows he's on his way out. HE HE HE no more tax coffers to plunder IDIOT

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