Pure ecstasy 'healthy'

2012-06-14 21:15

Vancouver - British Columbia's top health official says taking pure ecstasy can be safe when consumed responsibly by adults, despite warnings by police about the dangers of the street drug after a rash of deaths.

Dr Perry Kendall said on Thursday that the risks of MDMA - the pure substance synonymous with ecstasy - are overblown, and that its lethal dangers arise when gangs mix the manmade chemical with other toxic substances.

Sixteen people from western Canada died last July from a tainted batch of ecstasy they obtained from dealers, the only way an average person can acquire the drug in Canada. It was cut with a toxin called PMMA.

Kendall is advocating that MDMA be legalised and sold through licensed, government-run stores where the product is strictly regulated.

  • markus.hegewisch - 2012-06-14 21:23

    This way the users will at least have access and peace of mind. Lets face it - a user will most often alway use and then why not make it safe for that person!

      JohncarlosBiza - 2012-06-14 21:42

      Agree. But lawmakers are often so out of touch with normal people.

  • sachasea - 2012-06-14 21:31

    This is a very reasonable approach. I'm glad some people are looking at this issue from a scientific and harm reduction point of view. Pushing these substances into the realm of criminals protects nobody least of all the most vulnerable i.e. children.

      sachasea - 2012-06-14 21:49

      Our News24 variant of this story is somewhat brief, for a more in depth article of this story follow this link:

  • JohncarlosBiza - 2012-06-14 21:40

    Somewhat common knowledge. Even pure cocaine is not more hamful than McDonalds and brandy. But people tend to trip differently. I have seen people put theirives in danger when high on MDMA....even a person who fell pregnant and couldn't trace the father the next day. Wait....that sounds like alcohol use :). Responsible use is key

      sachasea - 2012-06-14 21:58

      "MDMA (pure ecstasy) ranked 17 out of 20 drugs when compared in terms of their harms, below No.1-rated alcohol, and other drugs including heroin, cocaine, tobacco, pot and steroids, according to a U.K. analysis published in The Lancet in 2010. The research was conducted by Professor David Nutt, a former chief adviser on drugs to the British government, who asked drug-harm experts to rank both legal and illegal drugs on 16 measures of harm to the user and to wider society. Nutt found the legal status of most drugs bears little relation to their harms." If only government policy could be based on hard scientific fact rather than the fear and propaganda that it is at present.

      JohncarlosBiza - 2012-06-14 22:56

      I have one issue with that report...calling weed a drug :)

      antin.herinck - 2012-06-15 13:50

      @JohncarlosBiza, Personally I can drink brandy OK; but coke scares me, I like it a bit too much. I'll end up taking grams a day. Coke being like hamburgers? Come off it! Hamburgers are food, only psychologically addictive to those with pre-existing disorders. But coke is addictive even to chimpanzees. How many incidents do you know of acute hamburger-OD, with lethal consequences? And did you ever try to freebase a hamburger? If coke would be freely available, many, many millions would end up freebasing. Bye Bye, society as we know it. We have enough problems in the world as it is. And the good thing about hamburgers is, that it don't burn your septum away. BTW, (smoking) cannabis is NOT quite as harmless as you like to think. Even worse than tobacco -check latest findings. (Eating it is another matter.)

      janalbert.vandenberg - 2012-06-15 16:13

      @Antin: I second your opinion about cocaine. It may well be possible to use it responsibly, but it is difficult to me too. And the comedown is a bitch! And freebase cocaine is even more dangerous considering the speed and intensity with which it hits you. You'd be a fool to *not* take the possibility of creating an addiction very VERY seriously, especially with freebased cocaine. I also agree that cannabis is not entirely harmless, smoking it is *at least* as bad as smoking cigarettes, possibly worse considering people don't filter it well. On the other hand, having eaten just a tad too much of a space cake once, I can tell you with confidence: you *don't* want to eat too much. Your senses go off their rocker. I spent 8 hours unable to make ANY sense of the world. I do faintly remember thinking the road turned into gold, that a pair of footsteps was following me, that my blood sounded like metal chains in my ears, oh, and that my tongue flopped in my mouth like a fish out of water. At least I can say: I've lived! Hehehe...

  • keith.f.murphy - 2012-06-14 22:03

    Yes that must be true and it makes you screw the daylight out of a woman.

      Wesley Bischoff - 2012-06-15 15:38

      Or a man....

      jody.beggs - 2012-06-15 19:43

      @keith.f.murphy do you have sex on the brain or what ?

      sekalf.nroc - 2012-06-18 09:24

      they probably sold him a Viagra as an ecstasy, ha ha ha

  • Francois R Nel - 2012-06-14 22:17

    Bring on the party

  • Earl O Tool - 2012-06-14 22:32

    this is very serious. the dangers are there. so i think its important that i work closely with FDA and sample it

  • sduplessis - 2012-06-14 22:34

    Screw this... i'm moving to Canada

      michael.mahobe - 2012-06-14 22:58

      I am right behind you

  • Mark - 2012-06-15 05:33

    Oh Canada oh Canada !!!! hear that South Africa ? follow their lead

  • WitWolf - 2012-06-15 08:07

    Take something really legal and bind blowing.... Smoke some Salvia Divinorum...

      Wesley Bischoff - 2012-06-15 15:37

      Where to get it though?

  • crocky1234 - 2012-06-15 08:09

    If Amsterdam can get it right.. why can't the rest of the world do it?

  • janalbert.vandenberg - 2012-06-15 14:36

    Phew it took them long to figure this one out. All things carry risk. Whether you choose to take MDMA, or jump out of a plane with a parachute, or climb a mountain. If we can show that the parachute is a safety mechanism that will mitigate that risk, then we should not outlaw the jumping. Same goes for MDMA, if the pure substance is safe if used responsibly, then there should be no reason why it should be restricted. This is even more true if, by its restriction, a door is opened for it to be used in an unsafe manner.

      jody.beggs - 2012-06-15 19:51

      Can't agree more , I mean to much water or oxygen will kill you , go figure ! Moderation and understanding are key when doing anything risky i.e. riding motor bike , smoking weed , sky diving , MDMA well anything risky. Would make a difference if it was legal, take the market from the dealers means better regulation and product ... It would be better than the legal alternatives available now , alcohol and cigarettes. Both highly addictive and destructive but seen as "normal" , its so f'd up ! But that'll never happen , religious groups will through their toys. Damn the man.

      Mike Biagio - 2014-06-12 03:17

      I understand that MDMA was patented as a diet drug in 1913 (which is why no pharmaceutical giants want to try and get it past the FDA now - because they cannot patent it anymore). I have also heard that it had ridiculously good results for the treatment of Vietnam veterans for hard core post traumatic stress disorder in trials in Switzerland in the 70's. It is also apparently not a physically addictive substance, and actually becomes less effective the more it is used. Given that there must be a HUGE usage worldwide every weekend in clubs, with very few reported casualties (and most of those probably attributable to the rubbish it is mixed with by dealers), I am guessing it would probably be a very socially safe drug.

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