RIM restores Blackberry service

2012-09-21 18:01

London - Research In Motion said it had restored service to all BlackBerry users who were affected by a service outage in Europe on Friday, the same day as Apple began delivering of its new iPhone around the world.

The outage hampered service for some BlackBerry users in Europe, Middle East and some countries in Africa for several hours. It is the latest in a series of setbacks that have driven the Canadian company's share price sharply lower over the past year.

The struggling Canadian company, whose market share has plunged as the iPhone and a slew of devices that run on Google's Android operating system grow more popular, said it fixed the problem.

"Our apologies to any customers impacted by the BlackBerry service issue today," the company said in emailed statement.

The outage comes during a transitional period for RIM, which is preparing to launch a next-generation BlackBerry with a new operating system that the company hopes will help it regain its stride.

RIM said it was investigating the cause of the outage and did not say how widespread the problem was, though Britain's Vodafone Plc said some of its clients were affected by the outage.

"This outage could not happen at the worst quarter ... when all devices are coming out and the Christmas season is approaching. They are close to their last chance, if they miss it, they will not recover," said IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo.

Last October a system-wide failure of the service left tens of millions of frustrated BlackBerry users on five continents without email, instant messaging and browsing for four days.

It took days for RIM's chiefs to apologise over the problems and the company's handling of the issue was heavily criticised.

  • Mandy Casey - 2012-09-21 22:07

    The end is in sight , no more Blackberry.

      megala.arxithia - 2012-09-22 08:10

      I have this love hate relationship with my blackberry...its a really badly made piece of trash and its only saving grace is its blackberry service which is cheap at R60 per month. South Africa has sky high 3G data rates hence blackberry being so popular. Its a matter of time before this country gets with the rest of the world and cellphone companies drop their date prices which will lead to blackberry's demise.

      preshen.govender.90 - 2012-09-22 09:54

      rim job

  • Meister01 - 2012-09-22 06:15

    I smell a rat. The same day apple released the new Iphone? Same as last time. Its an apple rat I smell.

      megala.arxithia - 2012-09-22 08:10

      @Meister01...maybe your nose is too close to your lard @ss!

  • raymond.sigauke - 2012-09-22 09:58

    tltltltl ds blackbery thing is a failed project of grade 4 student

  • jaco.duplessis.7 - 2012-09-22 15:14

    I had a blackberry 9900 gave it away. Got my self a Galaxy S3. I cant take this down time from the BIS network. Im done with blackberry.

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