Risks of Arctic development unknown

2012-04-12 20:04

London - A British report is warning that new opportunities for economic development in the Arctic are fraught with high risks of environmental disaster.

The report was released on Thursday by the Lloyd's of London insurance market and the Royal United Services Institute, a respected think tank. They say the region could attract $100bn in investment in the next decade.

The report says the ability to manage any disaster in the region, such as an oil spill, raises issues, including access and how well the various governments on the Arctic rim can work together.

Lloyd's chief executive, Richard Lloyd, says effective management of risks will require much more research about the region.

  • Mike Purchase - 2012-04-12 22:11

    Now that is just sick have people lost their integrity,leave the world alone before its too late.

  • Bobby - 2012-04-13 09:59

    The Polar Regions have historically been protected by their harsh conditions that act as a deterrent for the harvesting of the mineral, energy and animal resources available there. Alas this is no more and although I respect and admire scientific progress and the resultant technological advances, it capacitates us humans to gain easy access to these areas to extract this wealth. In doing so we consciously contribute towards the acceleration of the destruction of these last vestiges of pristine environments on the planet. It is therefore incomprehensible that with these technological tools available world leaders are incapable (or deliberately) of recognising this and finding functional alternate solutions to an obvious environmental crisis looming over the horizon. Poor decision making is already impacting on an already burdened planet with its 7billion humans running around with total disregard or knowledge as to how their descendants are going to survive once these resources have been depleted and the environments non functional. It is apparent that corporate and political greed supersedes common sense and respect and it is a disgrace that so called world leaders ignore what is obvious to any small child.

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