Robots to take over menial work

2010-09-16 11:39

Tsukuba - The replacement of humans by machines in the workplace took another step on Wednesday, as Japanese researchers unveiled a model they hope could lead to humanoid menial workers.

Its makers, Kawada Industries and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Aist), hope the robot will be a step toward creating a model that can help ease greying Japan's looming labour shortage.

"We designed a working robot in the image of a lean but well-muscled track-and-field athlete," Noriyuki Kanehira, robotic systems manager at Kawada, told a news conference to unveil the blue-and-white "HRP-4".

Designed to help researchers develop models that could replace humans in repetitive manual labour, the latest "athlete" model in a near 10-year-old series updates the feminine, catwalk-strutting, karaoke-singing HRP-4C.

But the tone this time is altogether more serious, according to a joint statement from its developers.

Price tag

"It is Japan's urgent task for the early 21st Century to develop robots that could carry out simple, repetitive works... in a bid to complement the workforce in a country that is rapidly ageing with fewer and fewer children".

Standing at 151cm tall, the robot in a demonstration on Wednesday stood on one foot, twisted its waist, struck poses, walked in accordance to given voice commands and moved its head to track objects.

The HRP-4 boasts joints that move more freely than its predecessors and can run a range of separately-developed software applications, its makers said.

Kawada and Aist will start selling the robot to universities and research institutes in Japan and abroad from January 2011.

The price tag for what is described as a "low cost" model is ¥26m ($306 000) each. Its creators hope to sell three-to-five units a year.

  • anamarie - 2010-09-16 12:12

    I bet they won't strike either. Perhaps our government should buy some of these.

  • Majesty - 2010-09-16 13:27

    Why spend all that money on developing robots, when we can export some of our labour there? Just pay them a half-decent wage, and bobs your uncle - everybody happy. Ah, wait, robots won't strike!

  • Die Bongz - 2010-09-16 13:45

    And so it begins. In a few million years time the robots will call us gods and have useless forums complaining about how incompetent the yellow robots are and forever talking about going to Silicon Valley where their microchips would be appreciated.

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