SA domain name service launched

2011-02-16 22:37

Cape Town - For individuals who find it complex to register domain names, a company has developed an automated system of registrations that promises to make the process painless.

"I wanted to make it easier for people to register domain names and to manage domain names," founder Rian Visser told News24.

The current system to register domain names involves downloading a text file, and e-mailing it to Uniforum, the registration authority. automates the process, but Visser rejected suggestions that it was unsafe.

"You can only make changes if you are the owner of a site. It's much easier for technical people to update domain names."

He said that the site primarily catered to non-technical people who would like to register their domain names to use for e-mail and small business owners who perhaps wanted to create a website at a later date.

Some internet service providers may offer domain registration services to their clients, but this CozaReg service would suit those who prefer to do it themselves.

The website, which was launched in early February, is free to the public and includes services such as checking to see domain availability on the whois server.

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  • trippygrape - 2011-02-16 22:59

    About damn time too! What took so long, this should have been done over a decade ago!!!!

      MetalCut - 2011-02-17 08:04

      I register quite a lot of and other domains through Definite Web Hosting The process is quick and the domain is available the same day. Their hosting is also very cheap.

      halfblueape - 2011-02-17 08:26

      There is nothing remarkable about this service. It is offered by many service providers. Registration of or .com domains is offered by my business at at a reasonable rate as well. I tip I find is that South Africans like looking at .com sites, but doing business with sites.

  • rammstein.f4n - 2011-02-16 23:29

    It will still not be nearly as good as the services offered by overseas companies. I will never buy a domain name until I can have the same amount of automation and functionality, without working through a third party.

  • adrianjoebert - 2011-02-16 23:59

    Registering your own .com is quick and easy. I paid R70 for my own domain, registering it through international hosting provider Took me one minute. I first considered for preference Google results, but the process was too complicated.

      Ixian - 2011-02-17 06:40

      When aiming your site at the South African market you should only use a tld as the SEO benefits are huge. People will also know that you are a South African business and or website.

  • ReneeJKruger - 2011-02-17 00:06

    Well, actually, you can pretty much go to ANY ISP's page and check this nowadays. As a website developer I manage and create quite a few domains on behalf of my clients every month. My ISP of choice,, does all the work for me, at no additional cost. My clients do not even have to have an existing account with them, as this gets done during the registration process. There is a lot to be said for using a professional for your technical requirements. There is a reason why ISP's like are so darn good at what they do. Its because they actually ARE good at it. My suggestion? Shop around. is dirt cheap, yet absolutely fantastic. If you dont want to use them for whatever reason, make sure you know what you are doing before you just "log on and create a domain". You will in any case have to find a host after registration. Find an all-in-one supplier. It really is worth the few extra cents it will cost you!

      Ixian - 2011-02-17 06:32

      LOL.Business must be really kuk for Afrihost if you have to come here and post spammy comments like this one.

      CoolKiwi - 2011-02-17 06:55

      LOL, ReneeJKruger, Pretoria, South Africa Specialising in website design/publishing, online media ad marketing/display, SEO/ROI. should start blocking these parasites.

      goblingreen - 2011-02-17 07:12

      I totally agree!!

      JCTF - 2011-02-17 07:34

      She's not wrong though.

      Boychild - 2011-02-17 08:10

      My website designer also advised me to use Afrihost, been with them for 3 years and totally satisfied. Facts:- Registration was painless and fast, Service was efficient and complete, Back-up was great and effective, Costs are cheap and escalations moderate..... To Ixian, CoolKiwi, goblingreen:- Stuff off, Renee's comments were factual and concise and totally in-line with the content and context of the the article, which is an advertorial in any way, so if she can get some mileage why not..... are you jealous

      kaz - 2011-02-17 09:01

      Yep, my job as well. I use a hosting company which registers everything for me and my clients. The people who 'register their own domain' are going to have to pay for hosting anyway, so make use of a good, reliable hosting company to do it for you. No point in having a domain with no hosting company.

      kaz - 2011-02-17 09:03

      @Ixian. She doesn't work for them, she makes use of their services and is satisfied.

      James - 2011-02-17 11:38

      RSA Web, hands down. Nobody can touch em'. Been using em' for years. Their cloud solutions are rad also.

  • Big Mouth - 2011-02-17 01:43

    Do they still need to set up DNS records first? I like the uniforum method, takes me 20 seconds to register a domain.

  • Allin - 2011-02-17 06:07

    I've registered numerous domain names online over the past few years, and I have NEVER downloaded a text file or e-mailed anything anywhere

      Big Mouth - 2011-02-17 06:35

      did you do it directly through uniforum, or through a third party... cos then they would have filled in the form, with the DNS records and other info.

      Ixian - 2011-02-17 06:35

      I agree with you, people don't know what they are talking about. The downloading and emailing only comes when you want to change details. The system, however, is an extremely antiquated one and it is time they moved forward with a more modern system.

      info - 2011-02-17 07:22

      Go to to register a new domain. You will see what is required - a text file. Go to to update a domain. You will see what is required - a tect file.

  • Roamer - 2011-02-17 06:15

    I have registered many domain names and never experienced a problem or any delays. Just use one of the many reliable, existing available services and follow the simple on-line process.

      Big Mouth - 2011-02-17 06:38

      me 2, I have registered thousands and it really takes 20 seconds to do. Only costs R50 if you do it yourself.

      info - 2011-02-17 07:20

      This is exactly what is doing. You register your and only pay the Uniform fee. This can now be done by only completing an online form and your domain is registered!

  • info - 2011-02-17 07:01

    This is great! You register your own domain and only pay Uniform! Its about time such service was launched!

  • Faansie - 2011-02-17 07:01

    I have tried this site. It is complicated as hel. and the forms you need to fill in on line do not work.

      info - 2011-02-17 07:16

      You should stop trolling and post BS here, I just registered a domain and it already completed! I also updated one of my domains. The site works perfectly!

      goblingreen - 2011-02-17 07:36

      If this is complicated you should go for an IQ checkup and back to school buddy!

  • goblingreen - 2011-02-17 07:02

    I think hosting companies take control of your domain once you register through them,i host at hetzner and its always an issue when i need to change my ns settings and the works. They also make a profit when you register a domain. This is great cause theres no middleman here.

      Ixian - 2011-02-17 08:10

      They take over the management of your domain at your request. They also charge a small service fee for doing the work.

      kaz - 2011-02-17 09:07

      Hetzner is not a great company, had problems with them a few times. They also got 'hacked' a while back and all their clients were assured that there was no risk, but that should never have happened in the first place. Many other companies that are great to work with. I have now transferred my clients domains to another company.

  • info - 2011-02-17 07:25

    This service is fantastic! I have about 15 coza domains and can manage them all from one place without completing and downloading and mailing text files! WOW! Great work guys!

      Ginseng - 2011-02-17 07:53

      info, please shut it. After reading your 5 posts it's painfully obvious that you own/work/have shares in cozareg. We would much rather hear about the service from actual users than from you pushing your product. You spamming like this is so irritating that it makes me not want to try out cozareg.

  • PolarWolf - 2011-02-17 07:54

    Nothing new, has been doing this for a year now.

      joeleddington1 - 2011-02-17 10:21

      What?!!! I have gone to your website, but cannot see the services Cozareg is offering. I can see that you offer R75 coza domain registrations. R25 a person can save when going to cozareg. Where can I register a coza domain on your website in realtime and also update domains in realtim? Or, are you and your company just trolling?

  • Michael - 2011-02-17 07:58


  • MetalCut - 2011-02-17 08:04

    I register quite a lot of and other domains through Definite Web Hosting The process is quick and the domain is available the same day. Their hosting is also very cheap.

  • butterworthmeister - 2011-02-17 08:05

    The article is actually quite misleading: Uniforum requires a registration fee for registration, so all CozaReg are doing is facilitating free access to the process of registration, which every other hosting company, including mine, is doing. As for free whois search, same thing... I wouldn't be surprised if CozaReg paid to have this article posted

  • vorsterhenk - 2011-02-17 08:09

    Ermmm okay..This was never really difficult to do.

  • nobodyneedstoknowme - 2011-02-17 08:12

    No idea what you all are complaining about. If you had one ounce of intelligence, you would know the current system is just as simple. Do you even know what you're talking about?

  • samanthacatvisser - 2011-02-17 08:14

    I own a small webhosting company and just tried cozareg to register a domain. It works great. Great service guys!

  • Hugh - 2011-02-17 08:16

    Oh geez, ever heard of Uniform sa. Why go through all the bs and pay high fees when you go direct to the source and it cost your R50.00 a year.

  • Shan - 2011-02-17 08:16 is very good and very fast. easy to use & you can check to see if the domain you want has been registered. its kinda silly that they are making such a big deal out of something people have been doing for years already.

  • johanellle - 2011-02-17 08:29

    Okay, so I log into this site and see a bunch of idiotic user comments, probable no one who visited the website reported on. If you did take the trouble to visit the site, you will see that no charges are asked in registering or updating domain names. This is not a domain name registrar registrating the domain, they are only facilitating the process. Where previously we needed to complete a text file in registering or updating domains, it can now be done online with a simple form. Why mention domain registrars here? None of them offer this free facility online. C'mon guys and girls. I know its early, but wake up and smell the roses. Why did Uniform never launch this servive? Why did it have to come from a private person?!

      Saige - 2011-02-17 09:05

      This article has resulted in an onslaught of spam-type comments. There are clearly some very desperate hosting providers out there.

  • bennie.visser - 2011-02-17 08:42

    I use the best pricing and no effort to register and manage domains. I will never change!

  • IanJ - 2011-02-17 09:28

    Absolute BS. You can register any domain name including in minutes on-line with a number of hosting services. News24, you need to test some of these claims and stories before going to print.

      johanellle - 2011-02-17 09:31

      Again...... like I said above, another one. Have you read the article? Have you had a look at the website? LOL!

      goblingreen - 2011-02-17 13:06

      Go read what its about before u post idiotic comments!

  • Krush - 2011-02-17 10:05

    Whats the big deal about this service? It's no different to any other service providers ... like

      joeleddington1 - 2011-02-17 10:16

      Obviously you do not understand what you are reading or seeing. I am a domainer and have about 122 domains. This new service is heaven-sent!! I can update my domains online rarely without moving a finger! I can also register new domains by simply completing an online form! Private individuals can now register their own domain without paying any webhosting company fees! Sorry to all you domain and hosting regsitration companies, you are sure to loose a bit of income here! Fantastic work cozareg!

      goblingreen - 2011-02-17 13:07

      Id like to know why the hosting companies are so up in arms with this free

  • - 2011-02-17 10:08

    I was like "so what!"...

  • donald.maila - 2011-02-17 11:32

    Hetzner is by far still the best, no technical expertise required.

  • rianvisser - 2011-02-17 11:34

    I do not think that the article is understood correctly by many. Maybe this will clear things up. is not just 'another domain name registration company'! Cozareg will assist any person in registering a domain easilly by simply completing an online form. The application is submitted directly to Uniform and the domain name will then be registered in the name of the applicant. Domain owners can also update or make changes to their domain registration info by completing an online form. The updates are sent directly to Uniform. The service has eliminated the need for middle-men, such as hosting companies or domain name registration companies. The service has also eliminated the needs of completing and mailing text files to Uniform all the time. The service also now makes it possible for every non-tech person to register his or her own domain name. This service is totally free and does not charge any commission or fees like hosting companies or domain name registration companies. The user is in total control of his or her own domain. Hosting companies can no longer register it in their names. Hope this clears it up.

      MrT - 2011-02-17 13:23

      So, you developed a website that can create a text file and email it to uniform... Friggen genius! NOT

  • Vince - 2011-02-17 11:48

    I use for my interweb needs

  • MrT - 2011-02-17 13:20

    This story made the news???? If you can't register a domain name on your own then you shouldn't have an Internet presence in the first place. Sigh..........

      goblingreen - 2011-02-17 14:03

      While you were sleeping someone got this idea into action fool. you must be part of a hosting company. lol Criticism is a sign of stupidity!!!

  • Lexsynergy - 2011-02-17 18:23

    It also possible to search for domain name disputes on the domain name dispute search engine

  • DASHWORLDS - 2011-02-18 12:04

    Just in case you want to try something different new TLDs have been launched. Now there are free "Dash" and "Dashcom" domain names as an alternative to the over 200 million "Dot" and "Dotcoms" already registered. Sites like provide these domains free in the format http://music-com and http://homes-za and http://paris-fashion (examples only). Outside the realm and control of ICANN, you can create any domain or any TLD in any language, instantly and at no cost. Currently, resolution is via an APP but there’s also an ISP link-in that negates that need.

  • DASHWORLDS - 2011-02-18 13:28

    Just in case it's of interest...... Brand new Domains & TLDs have now been launched and for the first time, Internet users can create their own set of Domains & TLDs totally free, without regard to ICANN. ISPs such as offer new Dashcom (not Dotcom) Domains. Dashcoms are brand new web addresses in the format http://sport-com or http://stock-market or http://high-heels (Examples Only). With users and members in over 90 countries worldwide, resolution is via an APP (although ISP links are now available to negate that need). Not-so-long ago, people would have thought web based magazines a waste of time & money. Why would anyone fork out for expensive computers, extra phone lines, modems, an OS, learn to use it all....Just to read a magazine?...All they had to do was walk down to the local store. Having just one option in infinite cyberspace is as reasonable as saying you can visit anywhere in South Africa, so long as it’s the local restaurant in Alberton.

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