Scientists fret over BP funds

2011-04-24 19:03

New Orleans - Scientists say it is taking too long to dole out millions of dollars in BP funds for badly needed Gulf oil spill research, and it could be too late to assess the crude's impact by the time studies begin.

The spring nesting and spawning season is a crucial time to collect samples. Yet no money has been made available for this year, and it could take months to determine which projects will be funded.

BP PLC had pledged $50m a year over 10 years to study the spill's impact.

Michael Carron, a Mississippi marine scientist selected to head the BP-funded post-spill research project, the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, acknowledged not being able to study the spring spawning in full bloom would be a problem.

  • Rapier - 2011-04-24 20:02

    "Don't kill the world" -that song Boney M was prophetic: Fishes doomed to die as people live close by and oaktree falls with moon Parking lots will come with flowerfields were bright as junkyard covers sight! Where will this lead to and what is this good for? Poor world, is hurting bad, Poor world, is doomed to die. We kill the world kill the world We surely do In peace we do! We kill the world kill the world 'cause we don't know what we are doing!

      Juggernaut - 2011-04-24 20:23

      What rubbish is this? Read elsewhere on international sites and you will find views showing that the BP gulf spill is indeed of modest proportions. Many clean beaches and few dead sea life. The spill is is a man-made publicity bananza. Now some scientist is bemoaning that fact that he is without an expected income. Grow up.

      Irené - 2011-04-25 10:57

      Juggernaut- I dont know what segment of FOX news you've been watching that is spewing that garbage- but you really are one assinine dumbass if you think that catastrophe was of MODEST PROPORTIONS. What the frak?? seriously, where did you fall out? There have been mass deaths of large marine animas, dead sea turtles are still washing ashore, nevermind the porpoises, fish, birds. The gulf spill was one worst the world has ever seen, but you progun, procaptilism, pro-oil F*cktards have the cheek to call it of modest proportions. Hey heres a thought, have a chat with one of the people living near the beaches and ask them what they think 'modest proportions' are. I hope you stupid moronic earth destroying nitwits go jump off a cliff, it is because of people like you that there is no hope of trying to clean up the environment, before we poison ourselves and everything on it. Man made publicity bonanza?? You know there is a big difference between being skeptic, and being a moronic a**wipe. you my friend certainly belong to the latter.

  • ASDEB - 2011-04-24 20:11

    It is in man's nature to destroy this earth, and it is not too far in the future, 2 generations maybe?

  • Cire - 2011-04-24 20:24

    "it could be too late to assess the crude's impact by the time studies begin" So, it would appear that the effects are pretty transitory? If they could have got in earlier they could have used the data to make a real fuss about extinction and human greed and the bad guys in the oil companies? Pretty much what the sceptics said in the first place!

      Alfred - 2011-04-26 07:32

      Apparently you can read, its just comprehension where you have a problem. I will try and clarify but I am probably wasting my time considering your lack of intelligence and willfull ignorance. You cannot study the effects of the oilspill on the SPRING nesting and spawning season after the season is OVER, you braindead moron. You do fit the profile of a redneck fox watching neocon perfectly though.

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