Smartphones spike in South Korea

2012-08-22 09:36

Seoul - More than 60% of South Koreans now have smartphones despite their belated debut in the country, according to the latest industry figures.

Data from three mobile providers quoted by Yonhap news agency showed the number reached 30.03 million on Monday, out of a total of 52.55 million mobile phone users.

The tech-savvy nation has more mobile phones than people. The population hit 50 million in June.

South Koreans fell in love with smartphones relatively late compared to some other countries. Regulators approved Apple's iPhone only in September 2009 because of privacy concerns about some of its features.

Since then the use of smartphones has been growing at a brisk pace, with free wireless networks and cutting-edge gadgets widely available.

South Korea is one of the world's most wired societies, with 95% of homes using broadband internet. It also has the world's top internet download speeds, according to a study by Pando Networks.

  • rlong1952 - 2012-08-22 11:32

    Wow, so even the babies are using them? Korea currently has a population of 48 million, so how they arrive at those figures beats the hell out of me. So, unless they are using figures of how many cellphones there are in Korea as opposed to users, these figures make no sense. It is also interesting to note that a large % of the Korean population is over 50 and many of those are people that live in country towns and on farms and for sure they don't all have smart phones. I have travelled extensively in SK and can assure you of this. Methinks, the article is some what blowing this out of proportion.

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