Sony battles Canada security breach

2011-05-25 14:06

Tokyo - Sony has suffered another online security breach, this time for 2 000 customers of its Sony Ericsson joint venture in Canada, the latest in a series of hacker attacks against the electronics and entertainment company.

Sony Corp spokesperson Atsuo Omagari said on Wednesday that names, e-mail and encrypted passwords may have been stolen from the Sony Ericsson Canada website, but no credit card information was taken.

There have been no reports of damage from the security breach, discovered on Tuesday, and the server has been shut down, he said. An investigation was under way, and other details were not immediately available.

Sony Ericsson is a mobile phone maker that is a joint venture between LM Ericsson of Sweden and Sony.

More than 100 million online accounts are affected in a suspected hacking of Sony's PlayStation Network gaming service and other online services that began in April, tarnishing the brand behind the Walkman portable music player and Vaio personal computer.

Production delays

On Tuesday, Sony said it found a security breach affecting 8 500 user accounts in a music entertainment website in Greece, involving names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Tokyo-based Sony has been battling production delays and sales losses after supplier factories were damaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in north-eastern Japan.

On Monday, it lowered its earnings projection for the fiscal year ended March to a ¥260bn ($3.2bn) loss, its third straight year of red ink, largely because of a charge it must take related to damages from the March disaster. It had initially expected to return to profit.

Sony is expecting costs related to its online security woes of ¥14bn ($173m), covering customer support, freebie packages, legal costs, lower sales and measures to beef up security.

Sony's TV business is likely to have stayed in the red for the seventh year straight for the fiscal year ended March. Sony reports earnings on Thursday. Sony fell behind rivals in TVs when consumers began switching to flat-panel televisions.

  • thabiso.marumo - 2011-05-25 14:29

    Sony thought they could teach hackers a lesson by sueing Geohot.

      kidblack - 2011-05-25 16:13

      exactly. when a 22 year old hacks the root keys to your biggest money-spinner (PS3) with an io splice and A LAPTOP , you dont sue him, you give him a job. otherwise this happens.

  • The Spear - 2011-05-25 14:37

    "Sony fell behind rivals in TVs when consumers began switching to flat-panel televisions." What? The Sony Bravia TV's is probably the most advanced TV's out there today.

      Jo - 2011-05-25 15:14

      Not quite... Read some reviews comparing LG, Samsung and Sony. You'll see that LG and Samsung are MILES ahead of Sony. I hate saying this, as I'm a die-hard Sony supporter. On paper they might look amazing, but put a 42" Sony LED LCD next to his rivals and you'll quickly see how much poorer the quality is. It's by no means bad, but it is definitely not as good as LG or Samsung.

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