Twitter silence to remember Norway victims

2011-07-27 15:13

Cape Town - Social network users have been encouraged to observe an "online minute's silence" for the victims of the Norway attacks, on Friday.

A group of four Irish friends want to show their respect for the attacks which killed scores in Norway and have dubbed their campaign "Twinute Silence".

Users of social networks like Facebook and Twitter are being asked to refrain from all activity on the platforms for one minute.

The campaign is scheduled for 17:00 GMT on Friday.

"This Friday at 17:00, Twinute Silence is asking the Social Conscious of the world NOT TO USE Twitter and Facebook for one minute, creating an Online One Minute Silence.

"Use this minute to stop and reflect on the lives lost and their families left behind in Norway," a statement from the campaign said.

Anders Behring Breivik will face trial for the deaths of 76 people and he expects life in prison, according to officials.

He claimed to have acted to save Europe from Muslim immigration, prosecutors said, and the consensus is that he acted alone.

The hash tag for the campaign is #twinutesilence and has been retweeted several times as organisers try to enlist global support for the event.

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  • Mad man - 2011-07-27 15:28

    Never! Why Norway? Why not Somalia, Sudan or Lybia? We don`t have time to play - we have our own problems in Africa

  • Sari224 - 2011-07-27 15:41

    I completely agree @Mad Man... Whilst it is sad and terribly tragic, nobody gives a s@!t about Somalia.

  • CapeTownJunk - 2011-07-27 15:47

    It's a gesture so trivial and meaningless, it's actually almost insulting to the victims.

  • preshengovender69 - 2011-07-27 16:10

    also put your phone on silent for them

  • Jabulani Pilime - 2011-07-27 17:45

    i promise not to annoy people I meet on the internet for that 1 minute.....I hope.te.....I hope.

  • LUFC - 2011-07-27 21:33

    Haha the hypocrisy. If any one of you above had a family member or a friend who was involved, guarantee you'd change your tone.

  • Krystal Tubbs - 2011-07-28 20:20

    Man you guys are cynical. We have moments of silence for everything, but once its on the internet its like it doesn't mean anything to you. Would it be more meaningful if like after 9/11 everyone participated in a moment of silence by standing outside with a candle? Honestly, show some respect for the dead, because that is all they are trying to do with this.

  • Krystal Tubbs - 2011-07-28 20:25

    You people are so cynical. Its like as soon as someone says they are doing it on the internet it has no meaning. This isn't about being trendy, or whether or not it means anything to people (Don't tell me you didn't take a moment of silence after 9/11 or any other tragic event, whether you did it publicly or not, that moment meant something to you personally) its about giving respect to the dead in our own private way. And if people take a moment to stop their twitter and facebook feeds, chances are they are taking a moment of silence in the real world as well. Yes there are tragedies all over the world everyday, but that just means maybe we should take a moment everyday and give thanks that we are still alive, and respect those that have moved on.

      Lestor - 2011-07-28 20:33

      Its not your own private way if its the way someone is encouraging you to do it. I am sorry those people are dead, but a moment of silence is a pretty bad way of showing respect. But if that is how you choose to express it, that's great but I think there are better ways than simply shutting up.

  • Déanna Foy - 2011-07-28 22:38

    Mad man, i totally understand that every country in the world has there problems but people are people and those 76 people didnt diserve to die and if that happened in Africa, america, ireland, asia,or australia or anywhere else people would be doing the same thing, and people support your country to, so it doesnt matter what country it happened in people should still respect there lives and do the minute silence. Because if you where the family of one of the people who died, it would be nice to know people out there support you, and when I do my minute silence I will be doing it for everyone everywhere who have died in violence!!!

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