Twitter unveils new bird trademark

2012-06-07 08:41

San Franciso - Twitter unveiled a new "Twitterbird" on Wednesday which will be the new trademark symbol for the fast-growing company.

"Over the past six years, the world has become familiar with a little blue bird. The bird is everywhere, constantly associated with Twitter the service, and Twitter the company," said creative director Doug Bowman.

"Starting today you'll begin to notice a simplified Twitter bird. From now on, this bird will be the universally recognizable symbol of Twitter... There's no longer a need for text, bubbled typefaces, or a lowercase 't' to represent Twitter."

The new bird "grows out of love for ornithology, design within creative constraints, and simple geometry," Bowman said.

"This bird is crafted purely from three sets of overlapping circles - similar to how your networks, interests and ideas connect and intersect with peers and friends.

Whether soaring high above the earth to take in a broad view, or flocking with other birds to achieve a common purpose, a bird in flight is the ultimate representation of freedom, hope and limitless possibility."

Twitter, which allows its members to post brief comments, links or pictures, claims to have more than 140 million active users, with the largest number being in the US.

A recent survey found one out of seven Americans who go online use Twitter and eight percent do it every day.

  • TSR01 - 2012-06-07 10:54

    Vector with gradient. "Sheer GENIUS!!" Excuse my pessimism in expressing that so many companies view this kind of branding as "cartoon-ish" or "unprofessional", but largely to a fault. A great many corporations stand to gain from updating their branding; perhaps not so frivolously, and I do understand the necessity of corporate professionalism (a professional image), but speaking from experience as an ex-graphics designer (specializing in vector graphics), its never a good idea to refuse a concept before its been given the option to be expanded upon. Anything can be made to look good, formal, professional and corporate in vector designs. Give it a chance before shooting it down. Twitter, News24, and Facebook did. :)

  • Adrian - 2012-06-07 15:24

    Quick one ... that's the wrong logo ...

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