UK cops close 'Climategate' investigation

2012-07-18 18:57

London - British police say they're closing their investigation into the e-mails stolen from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit in 2009.

The theft, dubbed "Climategate" by some, rattled the climate science community in the run-up to the failed UN climate talks in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Norfolk Constabulary Detective Chief Superintendent Julian Gregory said in a statement on Wednesday his officers "do not have a realistic prospect of identifying the offender or offenders and launching criminal proceedings within the time constraints imposed by law".

The force said police believe that the breach - which led to the publication of several thousand emails — was the result of an attack by a malicious hacker, not a whistleblower.

  • nicholas.graan - 2012-07-18 20:06

    Well in effect they were investigating the whistle blower or hacker or whatever you want to call him ... and not the dodgy emails that were exposed. I would more interested in the dodgy emails, not who exposed them. Or is it unPC to even question that??

      des.cider - 2012-07-18 21:06

      I have tried to find the emails before without success but the gist is that they were very much against the deception that global warming was a disaster and stated that carbon-tax and the like were a rip-off! For example, one Icelandic volcano recently released more CO2 into the atmosphere than the human race - (is there one or several? – my question) has done in the past century. Of course, government and corporations stand to benefit from such misinformation.

      robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-07-19 07:47

      They exposed the falsehood, the lies, that had billions of people chasing around like headless chickens eager to fund the Church of Gore!

  • russell.bennett1 - 2012-07-19 09:36

    Yet somehow the world has been able to artfully ignore the contents of these emails and the global Green Industry continues to pick up speed with a phenomenal rate of growth, supported by continued publication of lies and falsehoods which it's no longer politically correct to so much as question for fear of being branded a sociopath. Honestly...

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