UK opens largest wind farm

2010-09-23 20:34

London - The world's largest offshore wind farm has opened off the south coast of England.

Officials of energy company Vattenfall said the Thanet offshore wind farm has 100 turbines and will produce enough energy a year to power the equivalent of more than 200 000 homes.

The UK's onshore and offshore wind turbines now produce enough energy to power all the homes in Scotland.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne said the British government is committed to producing more renewable energy.

Pressure group Friends of the Earth, meanwhile, wants the government to guarantee funding of at least £2bn a year for the Green Investment Bank.

The bank aims to boost private-sector spending on low-carbon technology.

  • Uhuru - 2010-09-24 07:42

    Whoopeee! The UK crowing about its faith in the most expensive and unreliable source of energy! The Green lobby must be thrilled at all this useless expense.

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