UN: Polar bears to be hotly debated

2012-10-05 22:19

Geneva -  Nations will be asked to decide whether the polar bear should be considered an endangered species because of global warming.

The US proposal to increase the protection given to polar bears was among 67 proposals submitted before Friday's deadline for consideration by Cites, the Geneva-based International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Cites Secretary General John Scanlon told reporters the polar bear plan and proposals to better combat the illegal trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn are expected to be among the most contentious items at the treaty talks next March in Bangkok.

Scanlon says the unregulated, illegal wildlife trade ranges anywhere from $8bn to $20bn a year.

  • craig.king.7505 - 2012-10-06 08:08

    So the increase from 5 000 in the early 60's to 25 000 now is indicative of endangerment is it? Worry about the almost extinct Rhino as that has everything to do with humans killing them for stupidity, the polar bears are looking after themselves.

      robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-10-06 08:48

      Yep, Craig - it's called alarmism! About as far from science as it can get. BTW, two species of Asian rhino are already considered extinct and a third is critically endangered. So, having eliminated all their own animals with nasal toenails they now target ours and all in the name of 'traditional medicine' that has been shown over and over again to be totally worthless.

  • robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-10-06 08:12

    There are many pros and cons on this issue - about as many as there are for AGW. Read: Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (2008, May 8). Federal Polar Bear Research Critically Flawed. One can only hope that the decision makers pay more attention to science than emotion as was the case with the coelacanth, Latimeria chalumnae. What will help polar bear populations is the banning of hunting save for traditional Inuit hunting for survival.

      robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-10-06 08:44

      See also:

  • patsi.hoffstaetter - 2012-10-06 19:29

    As the human population grows and countries continue to consume resources at voracious rates, we are crowding out, poisoning, killing and consuming “Earths Species” into extinction.

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