US Air Force drones hacked

2011-10-13 19:08

Washington - The US Air Force says a computer virus that hit the unmanned drone programme last month was not directed at the military systems, but was common malware used to steal log-ins and passwords used in online gaming.

Air Force officials said the virus infected ground systems that are separate from drone flight controls and did not affect operations.

An Air Force Space Command spokesperson, Colonel Kathleen Cook, says the infection was found on a small, portable hard drive that transferred information between systems at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada.

The Air Force says the virus did not log computer keystrokes, but instead was designed to steal passwords from people who gamble or play games like Mafia Wars online.

Pilots based at Creech fly drones remotely over Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • DrCyanide - 2011-10-13 20:01

    uh.. lol... note to self... the next login I get might be fore a flying kill bot... heey wait.. this has potential.

      Myth - 2011-10-24 12:45

      I like your thinking!

  • zane.zeiler - 2011-10-13 23:12

    Very misleading headline, no drone/s were hacked, they only detected some medium threat malware on someones flashdrive... Whoopdedoo Basil! Absolutely no risk to national security and only able to affect windows based systems (and I'm pretty sure a $30 million attack drone doesn't run on windows). Don't even know why this is news...

      Myth - 2011-10-24 12:42

      Thin edge of the wedge, dude...

  • Andreas.duPreez - 2011-10-14 08:39

    This is old news, the first artical about this was released on 07/10/2011 and a second reprot on the 11/10/2011 and the lates one was on the 12/10/2011. And its not a hack its just some Spyware. See: 1) 2) 3)

      Myth - 2011-10-24 12:44

      Al Qaeda didn't bring down the WTC on their first attempt, either. But they kept trying until...

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