US Navy can train near right whales

2012-09-10 22:42

Savannah - A federal judge says the Navy can build a $100m offshore training range for submarine warfare despite environmentalists' concerns that it would threaten endangered right whales.

US District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood ruled the Navy took a "hard look" before concluding risks to whales would be minimal off the coast of southern Georgia and northern Florida, where the whales migrate each winter to give birth.

The decision on Thursday cited case law saying judges should give "great deference" to the military regarding training.

The Southern Environmental Law Center sued the Navy in 2010, saying the range would threaten right whales with ship strikes, entanglement with parachutes and possible harm from sonar.

Environmentalists asked the Navy to suspend training during calving season. The judge says the Navy "rationally rejected" that option.

  • bob.mogaape - 2012-09-11 00:32

    thats because the people with power dont give a f@#k about the natural world, they just want to bleed it for all its worth. sad really :( i have come to hate humanity as a species during my 30 or so years on the planet! perhaps one day we will wake up, before its too late (if its isnt already)

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