US zoo elephant has musical talent

2012-05-02 22:45

Washington - An elephant named Shanthi at the National Zoo in the US capital is developing her musical talents by playing a harmonica with her trunk.

Video released on Wednesday by the zoo shows the 36-year-old Asian elephant has a harmonica attached to her stall and plays tunes even when no humans are around.

Elephant keeper Debbie Flinkman says Shanthi is musically inclined, playing her own songs that always have a big crescendo at the end. Shanthi also likes to tap things, flap her ears against objects to make noise and rub her leg up and down shrubs to repeat noises.

Flinkman says she does not make Shanthi play the harmonica. It is something she enjoys.

Shanthi was a gift from Sri Lanka and is the mother of 10-year-old Kandula.

  • bravjee - 2012-05-03 06:49

    Animals are amazing especially elephants. There animals are intelligent and should be respected.

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