Violet, NYC hawk cam star, badly hurt

2011-11-29 21:51

New York - The mother of a red-tailed hawk family featured on a popular New York City bird cam is suffering from a very serious leg injury.

The New York Times says the bird, named Violet, is now in danger of losing her right leg. A wildlife specialist, Dr Elizabeth Bunting, fears the hawk may not survive.

Violet was seen hobbling around her nest in May, shortly after her hatchling, Pip, emerged. But she had leg problems even before the hawk cam began rolling on a 12th floor window ledge at New York University.

New video shows Violet's leg dangling uselessly. Her foot is gray from lack of blood flow. A broken bone appears to be protruding above a metal wildlife band on her shin. It's not clear what caused the injury.

  • Gerda - 2011-11-29 22:18

    Its clear the poor animal has an leg injury that can turn into gangreen. Can't she be caught, her leg possibly amputated to save her and keep her at a bird sanctuary?

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