Vodacom launches youth service

2010-06-08 14:53

Cape Town - Vodacom has launched a free service for the youth orientated market in South Africa.

Vodacom is targeting the under 25 demographic with its Vodacom Color offering, "designed to provide users with a bunch of cool add on options, free extras and opportunities to win some awesome prizes", according to the company.

After free registration for Vodacom Color on the wapsite, users will receive a free email account, free MMSes, 3MB of data and entry into competitions. Users have to recharge with a minimum of R40 airtime to have access to these additional services.

The packages are aimed at younger users who use their cellphones to connect to social networking sites and for downloading of multi-media content.

"In addition, Vodacom has developed four Color Up Bundles to enhance the basic Vodacom Color service. With Color UR Tunes, users can download two Real Tones and two full tracks whilst Color UR Play lets them download two premium games.

"Color UR Talk offers users the option of one hour of free talk time every night between midnight and 05:00 and social media fanatics can enjoy 100 SMSs and up to 100MB free data on MXit, Facebook Mobile and The Grid with Color UR Friends," Vodacom said in a statement.

These packages are accessible on a recharge voucher of between R25 and R29, but offer users specific terms in how they are redeemed. While the company has 21.8 million prepaid users in SA, it is under some pressure to match the growth of markets in the rest of Africa.

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  • Gina - 2010-06-08 15:18

    Naah. Vcom is de brand my parents go 4. I'll stick 2 MTN

  • em_oh - 2010-06-08 15:22

    Pity they don't look after existing clients with reducing fees. I have Vodacom 3G and price wise ii's a total rip-off. Can't wait for contract to finish.

  • Nangamso - 2010-06-08 15:32

    I like competition cause I think the only reason they are offering this is because thers too much of out there otherwise it is good for the community especialy the youth cause atleast it affordable.

  • Ntuthuko - 2010-06-08 15:56

    This initiative is directed at the new market.What about Vodacom's existing clients? I guess Vodacom's circle is getting smaller and not BIGGER.Ayoba MTN here we come!!!

  • AK - 2010-06-08 16:35

    MTN is the biggest in Africa and Vodacom better watch it as MTN came become the biggest in S.A soon if Vodacom does not cut prices. How ever Vodacom's network is very stable and that is what keeps them on top. so MTN should upgrade there network to come out number 1 and Vodacom that is at number 1 should cut calls to stay at number 1.

  • Confused - 2010-06-08 16:45

    Is there a reason why Vodacom is using the American spelling of "color" instead of the South African version "colour"?

  • DaveH - 2010-06-08 16:47

    What is FREE about 'have to recharge with a minimum of R40 airtime to have access'??? Please refrain from using the word FREE unless it is completely without obligation! This is another slap in the face from big business running yet another con-game. Tired of being taken for a ride...

  • Jo - 2010-06-08 17:01

    Shouldn't be be spelled as COLOUR?

  • gW - 2010-06-08 18:53

    Pity they can't spell colour

  • daniela1 - 2010-08-28 19:41

    South Africans are so negative. Thanks for something for us Vodacom Color. Top Up users like myself get 15 MMS, 15 SVS and 3 MB data free everymonth just for registering. My Prepaid mates recharge with more than R40 every month anyway and they use that for airtime or what ever they want and they also get the freebies every month

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