WikiLeaks' servers may be under attack

2010-12-06 19:11

London - WikiLeaks' Swedish servers may have come under attack on Monday, the head of internet service provider PRQ said, the latest in a series of attacks that have knocked the secret-spilling group across the web.

PRQ's owner Mikael Viborg told The Associated Press that his servers had become non-responsive. While it wasn't immediately clear why, he said it was probably due to a distributed denial of service attack - a technique in which remote computers hijacked by rogue programs jam a website with massive amounts of data.

In a brief tweet to its followers, WikiLeaks said simply that it was having difficulty with its PRQ severs.

"We are investigating cause," the organisation said.

WikiLeaks' current website,, didn't seem to be affected by the suspected attack. The website has several backups, including some at undisclosed locations outside of Sweden, so even a successful attack on the PRQ might not necessarily slow or shut it down.

WikiLeaks has been under intense international scrutiny over its disclosure of a mountain of classified US diplomatic cables. The unprecedented disclosure has embarrassed the American government and prompted US officials to put pressure on the site and its facilitators.

American web companies, Paypal, and EveryDNS have pulled the plug on their relationships with WikiLeaks one after the other. The French government has also promised a crackdown on its web presence there.

Viborg noted that PRQ hasn't disabled its servers or been pressured by law enforcement on the matter. He said that WikiLeaks has actively used the server space since Friday.

  • Peter - 2010-12-07 06:58

    Someone obviously has something to hide! LOL

      thabiso.marumo - 2010-12-07 10:34

      Who has motive to attack Wikileaks( USA Goverment). Taking about hackers, anti virus companies are responsable for 90 percent of the viruses on the internet, they hire hackers to design viruses which by the time they attack any domain the anti virus company comes out with an update claiming they have a fix for the virus, notice how deferrent anti virus software never pick up the same virus, I've observed how TrenMicroscan, MS ForeFront, AVG, Symantec always detect deferrent viruses from one infected file, the same file one anti virus wont detect anything, but if scanned with another anti virus then some virus is detected, I think anti virus companies hire this so called hackers to create viruses on the web which in turn allows the anti virus company to sell thier product. I don't think a hacker can design a virus out of the goodness of their heart just to help the anti virus company to sell thier product, the only one who has something to gain from all this viruses on the web is the anti virus companies. Look at windows 7 it's new Symantec 11 was design with Win XP and Vista in mind corrently on Win 7 it's detecting nothing, but as soon as you move to Symantec 12 which is designed with Vista and Win 7 in mind then it start detect a whole bunch of unknown files. Anyways I know my comment is not relevent to this post, this was just a thought on my mind, peace out.

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