iBurst celebrates SA's anthem

2009-05-29 10:12

Cape Town - Broadband internet provider, iBurst, has launched its MyAnthem campaign in a bid to ensure that every South African knows the words of the national anthem and that all are able to sing it with one voice.

"National symbols like a country's flag and its anthem represent the soul of a country and they are about what a particular country stands for," Steve Briggs, Head of Commercial at iBurst told News24 on Thursday.

"It's therefore vital that they are treated with respect. Knowing your national anthem's words is the first step on the road towards respect for our national symbols."

The campaign concept is the brainchild of Grant Ions, a local chiropractor who was concerned that many people in South Africa don't know their anthem almost 15 years after the transition to democracy.

Karaoke style learning device

"Grant approached iBurst with his concept," Briggs said. "We jumped at it as we saw the value in it and it also really fits well with our brand and attitude to being positive South Africans."

South Africans who don't know the words to Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika can visit iBurst's MyAnthem website where they'll be able to learn the words off by heart simply by downloading the karaoke style device which uses pictures to represent the words and sounds of the anthem, Briggs explained.

Alternatively, they can pick up a flyer that has the lyrics of the anthem printed on it at major sporting events.

The campaign kicks off with a great competition to create additional interest in the cause. Visitors to the site can win three VIP tickets to the Springboks vs British and Irish Lions game on 4 July at Coca-Cola Park.

2010 World Cup

"With so much great sport looming in South Africa's near future, especially the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and the Confederations Cup later this year, it's an opportune time to learn every word of our anthem if you don't already know it," said Lana De Bruin, Marketing & Events Coordinator, at iBurst.

"We'd love to see people singing every word of the anthem with passion at sports stadiums every time South Africa plays a match."

According to Briggs, the initial launch will continue until July, "however we are planning on reviving the campaign and awareness of the website up until after the World Cup in 2010".

"The website will remain up for that period and possibly even after that, we will just inject some new life into it from a media perspective every now and again to remind people to visit the site and learn the anthem.

"It is early days and we are hoping it will really take off which will of course ensure its longevity," Briggs said.