iMaverick now on iPhone, iPod Touch

2012-03-26 15:02

Cape Town - The subscription online news application iMaverick is available on iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

"This opens iMaverick up to a bigger readership base and allows many more people to enjoy the great layout and content that SA's smartest news read delivers every week day," said iMaverick CEO, Styli Charalambous.

The fee-based news service launched a tablet only edition in 2011 and promised to reshape digital news subscriptions with its tablet format that Charalambous said at the time would be a significantly different offering from a rehash of web pages.

The company promotes itself as a premium brand "for people with brains and money" and offered an iPad 2 and subscription for around R395 per month.

Charalambous argued that the price was worth it when compared to traditional print media.

"A Business Day, for example, over two years would cost you R5 200. It's eight hours old by the time you get to it; it's killed a couple of trees; has 30% original content."

The 23 staff produce about 100 pages of the iMaverick a day but Charalambous said that the app would include several pictures and interactive elements that would aide navigation.

"We're averaging about 100 pages a day, but you'll see the 23 people - that's the range of content we produce on a daily basis. We're getting quite a lot of mileage out of our guys."

Charalambous said the business model called for 8 000 subscriptions to remain viable, and it is unclear how successful the company has been in selling its services.

Comparatively, First National Bank offers its customers an iPad 2 at R200, over two years.

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  • Paul R. Gonsalves - 2012-03-26 15:21

    Anyone with brains wouldn't pay that much

  • Andrew - 2012-03-26 16:27

    Maybe. There is so much free "news" at the moment, but it really is junk journalism and rubbish content.

  • pastorandrew.treadway - 2012-09-28 09:43

    100 pages a day? Really? By self proclaimed mavericks who do not know much more than you do anyway? I'd rather have a daily 5 pager with an insightful article that is based on more than a days worth of research. And with 23 writers that is possible.

  • francis.o.lai - 2013-01-11 14:00

    Between Daily Mail, News24, IOL, BBC, CNN and News360, which are all FREE, on the iPad I can see no reason to pay that amount of money for a subscription news service.

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