iPhone 5 launch date confirmed - source

2012-08-22 10:37

Cape Town - As speculation mounts about the new iPhone, a source has apparently confirmed the device's launch date.

TechCrunch reported that a Verizon employee indicated the next generation of Apple's mobile phone will launch on 21 September.

While Apple fans are expecting the company to deliver an updated iPhone, Samsung has extended its lead in the smartphone market, selling 90.4 million mobile phones during the last quarter, an increase of 29.5% compared to the same three-month period a year earlier, according to market-tracker Gartner Research.

Smartphone sales have been booming and companies have targeted Asian markets that are rushing to adopt the devices.

While Apple remains popular in developed markets, it has been on a downward trend in China, analysts have said.

"Apple isn't going to rule China, simply because of the limited models they have and the price points they target," said TZ Wong, an analyst with IDC.

Cheap smartphones that sell for less than $200 have made up over 40% of sales in China.

"The sweet spot of affordability in China is $130 - $240," said Michael Clendenin, managing director of Shanghai-based consultancy RedTech Advisors. "The 'Lao Bai Xing', or man in the street, is going to go for these mid-tier phones."

Apple will look to existing customers to upgrade their iPhones to help boost sales as the company also fights lawsuits from Samsung and Motorola on patent infringement.

It is unclear whether Apple will name the new device the "iPhone 5" or just "iPhone" as it did with the latest iPad.

  • norman.depluhm - 2012-08-22 11:19

    I don't see why Apple don't just do what Audi do when competitors copy their innovations, which is to take it as a compliments all the while keeping up with the vorsprung so they are always a few steps ahead. The target market for both companies is slightly upper level, and are quite aware that they chose the Apple over the Samsung, or the Audi over the Kia/Hyundai for a good reason, and that the cheaper knock-off contender is just that, a cheaper knockoff. You do after all, get what you pay for. That said, I laugh inside that the Samsung products are the same price and in some cases higher than the Apple devices, what the hell? But it seems they have drawn a following, ostensibly people who now view the iDevices as elitist simply because they couldnt get one, it's not like they give them away on upgrade anymore, yet Samsung are flooding the market with free phones/upgrades etc...

      stompies.hattingh.5 - 2012-08-22 11:27

      Norman, the Samsung s3 is also better by a mile!

      tonic14 - 2012-08-22 13:41

      @stompies.hattingh.5 The S3 compares directly with the iPhone 5, it hasnt even released yet, so how is the S3 better? im not choosing sides here, just saying dont compare apples and pears, the S3 has no competitior until the iphone 5 launches, lets wait till then and THEN decide which is better, and @ AntoniodaCruz, there has been no official spec release by apple, so you are grasping wind there...

      reza.daniels1 - 2012-08-22 14:05

      Either you are misinformed or ignorant. You claim the Samsung is a cheaper knockoff of an elitist device? The iphone has always contained many Samsung parts like the screen for example. You don't see a Ferarri with Hyundai parts in it do you? Also what is so elitist about it? I had a choice between an iPhone and a Galaxy. Being from an IT technical background I chose the Galaxy - it was a no brainer. I did not and still do not want an iphone.I'm not saying an iphone is not a good phone because it is and therefore has a good following.However, it definitely is NOT the next best thing after sliced bread.You will find that most techies would choose the Galaxy. I have a strong hunch you have no technical background and most likely technologically challenged.

      shane.mcchem - 2012-08-22 19:43

      Excuse me, do you know what you are talking about? The last time I checked, Audi is the one copying BMW. I have not seen any of Audi's competitors: Merc, BMW and Lexus copying Audi because Audi is the inferior car of all three German brands. Your comparison of the iPhone to Samsung is flawed. Samsung is no less in any aspect than the iPhone. Bear in mind that it supplies the majority of Apple's components and with that lack of innovation coming from Apple recently and the lack of compatibility, the company is stagnant! Your appreciation for inferior brands like Audi and Apple shows your lack of knowledge and taste.

      paul.majoulet.18 - 2012-10-24 20:04

      Do You Guys know that since Samsung have been producing this phone/tab they only sold 10million copies and the first day they released iphone 5, 2million American pre-ordered it, So stop saying things you don't know, You can never compare a samsung with apple because it like comparing a hyundai to benz

  • attie.mostert.9 - 2012-08-22 11:20

    Can't wait to get the new Iphone. looking forward to it :)

      renny.meere - 2012-08-22 11:50

      Don't expect to much change, a slightly bigger screen, new dock connector & the headphone jack moves to the bottom, that's it.

      hvanderlinde - 2012-08-22 12:09

      Renny: you must be a samsung or BB fan. Your sarcasm would have been quite funny had it been based on you being informed. Unfortunately you're not. Please go and have a look at the video. This my friend is the future

      raath - 2012-08-22 12:31

      @hvanderlinde That video is a concept by a 3rd party design studio. That tech is not feasible yet. We will probably see it in the 8th or 9th generation iPhone

      andre.ernstzen - 2012-08-22 13:33

      Hope it has extra battery power

      dylan.mugabe - 2012-08-22 13:37

      hvanderlinde - eish bro. Looks like you're the uninformed.

      renny.meere - 2012-08-22 15:22

      @hvanderlinde You are obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. You probably look at conceprt cars & then run out the next day & try to buy one. I on the other have owned an iPhone 1 up to the latest iPhone 4s, if you look at sites like you will find leaked parts which indicate what the new iphone would look like. Just thought I'll clear that up.

  • mashudu.ndou.3 - 2012-08-22 12:14

    I can't wait

  • Joe - 2012-08-22 12:18

    Ummm, surely the launch date will only be confirmed when Apple announce it?? why is this verizon employee any different to the wealth of other 'sources' spreading rumours about the iphone 5? Poor choice of heading. Nothing new from News24 though...

  • kyle.berry.90857 - 2012-08-22 13:40

    watch the sheep run... same tech as before!!

  • nasheetha.singh - 2012-08-22 15:31

    very old news

  • nigel.vanysendyk - 2012-08-22 18:13

    anyone have the launch price yet? as far as I am concerned it doesnt matter if you have the 4s or the 5, as long as it runs iOS6 (which the 4, 4s & 5 do), thats the really what you have to have.

  • KeenanMag - 2012-08-22 18:36

    Samsung fans can go on and on and on about how "awesome" Samsung and Android are, but when the iPhone 5 launches - as with all Apple products - they will remember: "Apple. It just works" in comparison to "Android. It barely works. Sometimes."

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