HIV transmission to KZN children drops

2012-02-24 10:55

Pietermaritzburg - The rate of HIV transmission from mother to child in KwaZulu-Natal has dropped from 22% to 2.8% in the past four years, Premier Zweli Mkhize says.

"While KwaZulu-Natal has been known as the epicentre of the HIV and Aids pandemic, there are signs that the battle is being won, albeit slowly," he said in his state of the province address in Pietermaritzburg.

The province was slowly winning the battle against the pandemic because of the work of the provincial council on HIV/Aids, he said.

The council includes government at all levels, civil society, labour, churches, the media and traditional leaders.

Mkhize said more than 500 000 HIV patients were on antiretroviral treatment in the province.

"We are also happy that the voluntary counselling and testing has seen more than two million people being tested."

The number of people circumcised through the government’s programme was more than 100 000, he said.

However, the province was battling with the high rate of resistant tuberculosis.

  • Garysyd705 - 2012-02-28 10:00

    A Nigerian man called his mom: Mom, I have AIDS. Mother: Heeeee...chinekee! Don't come back home woo, my son woo, don't come back home. God forbid! Man: Why mom, why now, what I do nowooo? Mother: foolish boy! You see my son, if you come back home, then your wife will be infected. From your wife to your broda, from your broda to our maido, from our maido to your DAADY, from your daady to my sisto, from my sisto to her hosband, from him to me, from me to the gardener, from the gardener to your sister. And if your sister got AIDS, heeeee, then the whole village is in trouble..wooo ! So in the name of GODwoo...PLEASE SAVE OUR VILLAGEwoo, DON'T COME BACK HOMEwoo!!

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