UN says an end to Aids in sight

2012-11-20 22:36

London - A UN report said on Tuesday that eradicating Aids was in sight, owing to better access to drugs that can both treat and prevent the incurable human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes the disease.

An aim to eventually end the worldwide Aids pandemic is not "merely visionary" but "entirely feasible", the report said.

Success in fighting the disease in the past decade has allowed the "foundation to be laid for the eventual end of Aids" by cutting the death toll and helping stabilise the number of people infected in the pandemic, UNAids said in its annual report.

About 34 million people had HIV at the end of 2011.

Worldwide, the number of people newly infected with the disease, which can be transmitted via blood and by semen during sex, is falling. At 2.5 million, the number of new infections in 2011 was 20% lower than in 2001.

Deaths from Aids fell to 1.7 million in 2011, down from a peak of 2.3 million in 2005 and from 1.8 million in 2010.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the most severely affected region with almost one in every 20 adults infected, nearly 25 times the rate in Asia, there are also almost 5 million people with HIV in South, South-East and East Asia combined.

"Although Aids remains one of the world's most serious health challenges, global solidarity in the Aids response during the past decade continues to generate extraordinary health gains," the report said.

It said this was due to "historic success" in bringing HIV programmes to scale, combined with the emergence of new combination drugs to prevent people from becoming HIV infected and from dying from Aids.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Since 1995, Aids drug treatment - known as antiretroviral therapy - has saved 14 million life-years in poorer countries, including 9 million in sub-Saharan Africa, the report said.

About 8 million people were being treated with Aids drugs by the end of 2011, a 20-fold increase since 2003. The UN has set a target to raise that to 15 million people by 2015.

Scientific studies published in recent years have shown that getting timely treatment to those with HIV can also cut the number of people who become newly infected with the virus.

UNAids said the sharpest declines in new HIV infections since 2001 were in the Caribbean and in sub-Saharan Africa - where new infections were down 25% in a decade.

Despite this, sub-Saharan Africa still accounted for 71% of people newly infected in 2011, underscoring the need to boost HIV prevention efforts in the region, the report said.

HIV trends are a concern in other regions as well, it said.

Since 2001, the number of new HIV infections in the Middle East and North Africa was up more than 35% from 27 000 to 37 000, it said, and evidence suggests HIV infections in Eastern Europe and Central Asia began increasing in the late 2000s after being relatively stable for several years.

  • - 2012-11-20 23:58

    Wishful thinking...

      sean.carbutt - 2012-11-21 14:36

      Exactly. There may be a reason why this disease actually exists? There may be areason why it is only targeting certain ethnic groups. There may be a reason why you should not find the cure.

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-11-21 16:45

      LOL! Some people just can't help but show their sadistic side. What A bunch of low down dirty racists and freak shows.

  • timothy.crowley.96 - 2012-11-21 08:25

    "Oh well"... nature will keep trying!

  • werner.werner.7 - 2012-11-21 09:05

    agge nee

  • nicrsa - 2012-11-21 09:44

    Seriously some of these comments are repugnant

  • stirrer.stirrer - 2012-11-21 09:55

    When overpopulation occurs, nature has a way to "cull" a percentage of the population. Examples are the plague, flu, and HIV/AIDS. But what do we do? We go all out to find cures for these diseases, and then later complain about overpopulation and the effect on earth's resources and the environment. Kind of stupid, né?

      omo.naija.750 - 2012-11-21 16:50

      Let see how you will feel when you or one of your loved ones e.g wife,child develops catches an incurable disease.I seriously hope you suffer such a fate so you can regret the day you made this comment which can only be made by someone with the IQ of a fish.

  • nadia.deklerk.7 - 2012-11-21 10:51

    :) Awesome, one disease going down. Too bad there is no sight in end for stupidity.

  • henry.justice.372 - 2012-11-21 13:16

    "Despite this, sub-Saharan Africa still accounted for 71% of people newly infected in 2011". Ish,too much clever and we've known about aids since the early 80's. Stop waisting money on this disease and rather let it take out those who who are promiscious and have poor morals

  • eric.vanvuuren - 2012-11-21 13:53

    Now if you want to see a useless organisation in the sense of actually helping the poor, the starving or the oppressed, just look at the UN. They are the most corrupt world facade that there is. Why are they only active to support the 1st world’s agenda? They are there only to create the “One world order” and nothing ells. These Azoles think they are the cream of any crop. to be continued. hehehe

      eric.vanvuuren - 2012-11-21 13:54

      Part 2 Forget what "they" say and research their history, look at the action and judge by that alone, especially in Africa and Eastern Europe. How their methods; leave countries in tatters and ripe for Militant control. How they look the other way when there is a real threat to the most venerable amongst us. When their collective countries create falls enemies so they can steel our freedoms from us when we are busy focusing on some imagined threat And it's a pity Zim does not have any Oil hey!! Telling us there is to many people in the world when the fact is; that knowledge and seeds coupled with the diminishment of the monetary system in civil areas is all we need. Why should we be lead to believe that without money there is no life? Especially when the concept of the value of money, is fiction. Our predecessors have been lead by the nose to accept the falls truths of politicians. Institutionalizations are not in the best interests of the global populace. You were born free, and all your human rights came with you as your birth right. No institution/individual has the right or the authority to take them away or add to them. That is why with the next revolution people must not stop until all forms of politics is eradicated from the world, No monetary system = no greed. No ownership = No greed. No power over many = No greed. No greed = freedom est.!!! Live free and be conscientious.

      eric.vanvuuren - 2012-11-21 15:47

      Imeant to say live free and conscious!!!

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