Whoonga is not made up of ARVs: Zuma

2011-03-15 14:36

Durban - The dangerous recreational drug whoonga is not made up of crushed HIV treatment drugs, President Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday.

"Experts from the University of KwaZulu-Natal have found that whoonga does not contain antiretroviral drugs, but is made up of heroin mixed with rat poison and other chemicals," said Zuma.

He was delivering the keynote address during the first day of the two day 2nd Biennial Summit on substance abuse at Durban’s Inkosi Albert Luthuli ICC.

Zuma said many people believed that whoonga was made up of crushed HIV drugs mixed with other drugs.

"Perpetuating such inaccuracies is dangerous as it may make drug addicts steal ARVs, which would put the lives of people on treatment for HIV at risk," he said.

The conference was also attended by inter-ministerial committee members who are mainly ministers and senior government officials.

The problem of whoonga in KwaZulu-Natal began recently and it has been reported that the highly toxic drug leads users to commit violence.

  • gizzy - 2011-03-15 14:47

    They are already robbing people of their ARV's Zumie!!!! Where have you been all this time?

      Podgette - 2011-03-15 15:08

      Galivanting out of the country...

      Grant - 2011-03-15 15:12

      He has been away, very, very busy saving the rest of the world - just popped back to SA for a quick holiday.

  • Chris - 2011-03-15 14:49

    who the hell cares what drugs are made of? what we care for mister president is for you to address the situation and put plans in place to prevent and fight drugs and especially drug related crime. Why don’t you get your tjomie whats his name juliarse to go out and speak to our youth and tell them to stop using and abusing drugs. Have him setup a campaign to fight this serious “disease” and have rallies telling people the danger of these drugs.

      Gallows - 2011-03-15 14:52

      That would be counter-revolutionary!

      Charles - 2011-03-15 15:35

      getting the drugs over the counter would be revoltionary !!!!!!

  • Straight Forward - 2011-03-15 14:49

    He should know, I'm sure he has tried it

      Bee - 2011-03-15 15:01

      you're talking out off your ass

  • Fred Basset - 2011-03-15 14:50

    Its good to know that ARV's are not polluting our druggies........only our waterways. In 50 or 100 years time, historians will look back and realise that ARV's were the worst possible way to deal with the AIDS pandemic. They do not cure you. They do not make you better. They simply keep you alive so that you can continue to spread this foul disease. And when they have passed through your semi-rotten body, they flush into our waterways where they inhibit the action of micro-organisms that naturally clean our water. We are leaving our children with a septic legacy - a world where even the healthy are punished by our short-sightedness.

      5cents - 2011-03-15 15:03

      I am shocked with your ignorance and selfishness. I'm sure if you contracted HIV you would rush to the front of the queue to get some ARVs. People on ARVs and stick to their regiment has fully working immune systems and no flesh rots or any signs of opportunistic diseases will manifests if they are on an effective ARV for their type of HIV virus. You have absolutely no clue on what you are talking about just like Manto didn’t. You should be ashamed with your comments and I'm not sure how you sleep at night. A lot of HIV infected people are born with the virus from their parents or blood transfusions. And those who got it through unsafe sex made a mistake and they have to pay for it for the rest of their lives. So keep your judgement and sick ideas to yourself.

      Point Blank - 2011-03-15 15:07

      Careful Fred, if someone with HIV breathes on you you have 24 hours to live...

      Janine - 2011-03-15 15:20

      Wow! You sound like one angry dude. I'm guessing that you don't know anyone who is HIV+? Do you feel the same way about treatment/cures for cancer? Or are you a bit of a homophobe who doesn't realise that sex isn't the only way to contract HIV?

      Durbsviking - 2011-03-15 15:21

      @vandermerwe.martin - a good friend of mine got HIV infected from a blood transfusion during heart surgery. He is being kept alive, as healthy as can be expected, by ARVs. Your ignorance is staggering.

      Fred Basset - 2011-03-15 15:29

      5cents - selfish is wringing a little bit of extra life out for yourself at future generations expense. Ignorance is believing that ARV's make you better. They do not. They prevent the deterioration of your immune system, but you carry that disease with you for life, so if your plans include having kids (or ever getting your leg over again), you (most likely) give it to them too. Take off your rosy blinkers. If I contracted HIV, I would make the most of the short time I had and hope to die sound in the knowledge that I have not condemned future generations with my selfishness. Truth. Shift your paradigm and try to grasp the bigger picture. If you are one of those that sends a cheque every time you see a picture of a starving kid, you are only fooling yourself. In my perfect world, there would be no aid for those that cannot help themselves - that is not solving a problem, but only squandering resources. There would be no child grants or free medication. I like to think that in that world, there would also be no over population, no wars over water resources, no hatred for those that continually take when you continually give. Mother Nature is far more powerful than you give her credit. She is trying to tell us all something. Humans are not a special exception to her laws. Are you listening? PS: I sleep like a conscience is clear

      5cents - 2011-03-15 15:42

      @Fred. That’s probably the most self righteous thing I’ve heard in awhile. Please do you research before you blast out verbal diarrhoea like Zuma about things you don’t understand. ARVs don’t stop deterioration of your immune system. In fact it eliminates the virus out of the blood up to undetectable levels and some cases completely irradiating it of the blood stream. The immune system will work at completely normal levels. The only reason why it can’t cure it at the moment is because of reservoirs in other tissue that starts producing again once ARVs are stopped. And furthermore an ARV called Truvada (which also contains the ingredient that is use in the vaginal gel to reduce transmission) dramatically stops spread of infection and if a negative person takes it dramatically reduces their change of contracting the virus. Your argument about the sewage system being populated with these drugs is as faulty as your morals. There are a lot more scary things going in our sewage system then excreted ARVs. Those lovely micro organisms you talk about have been killed many years before ARVs by our chemical treated water. Go picket the department of water rather than aggravating intolerance and stereotypes about HIV and ARVs.

      Fred Basset - 2011-03-15 15:52

      To all those out there that have people close to their hearts that are infected, my sincere condolences. Did not mean to embitter anyone. Janine, I have lost many friends and family to cancer. I expect I will go the same way one day, and I am at peace with that. I am just so frustrated with all these do-gooders that have such a narrow view of the world that they do not realise the damage they are causing to the earth. Every person has the right to life, but not the right to life at all costs. Remember that death is waiting out there for all of us....yes, you and me too. Do you really believe that a few extra years for somebody special is worth risking the future of everyone else?

      THH - 2011-03-15 15:57

      @ Fred Bud I am of the same mind set as you and agree that there are unfortunately casualties in any war. But the bigger picture is what should be seen. I am of the believe that there is no nice way to get to absolute paradise but only through natural selection. In the same way that I have come to terms with mothers who have their children standing on the front car seat, natural selection. If the mother is that stupid we can only imagine how that will pollute the gene pool. So Yes mother nature has it all under control if you ask me.

      Fred Basset - 2011-03-15 16:10

      5cent - an exceprt from the CSIR water report of 2008 for your perusal: "Partially Metabolised Medication. Given our high HIV/AIDS rate, South Africa has a growing anti retro-viral (ARV) load, which passes like any other medication, through the body in partly metabolised forms. This means that we are going to be seeing higher levels of ARV in our rivers, which by implication means that these complex chemical compounds will be entering the human population over time, either through the drinking water stream or via produce that has been irrigated with contaminated water. This specific South African issue is nested in a bigger technical problem known as Pharmaceuticals and Personl Care Products (PPCP's), which is a growing global concern, but is sufficiently unique to warrant strategic attention on its own. We need to develop the science to understand this better, because nowhere else in the wolrd is there a coincidence of loss of dilution and high levels of ARV use as in this country." - Dr Anthony Turton I am disheartened to know that you think I have "absolutely no clue on what you are talking about just like Manto didn’t." Sand - ostrich - head - out

      Durbsviking - 2011-03-15 16:20

      @Fred Basset - if you could have bought those relatives of yours another 15 - 20 years of life through drugs, would you have done that. I know that if it was a member of my family that I would. I understand that indiscriminately used drugs cause issues that we are yet to confront, but before you hammer ARVs, take a look at your common or garden anti-biotics which are now being handed out for people with runny noses. Look at impotency drugs, where these are also detectable in urban water runoffs. Hypertension and cholesteraol (one of the most prescribed medications in the world) where poeple just need to change their habits to make a difference. What I mean by that is - there is a huge stigma around ARVs, usually by people who know little to nothing about the drugs, the disease. They see it as a disease for drug addicts, prostitutes and homosexuals. That is twaddle and is extremely dangerous. Enough said - I think your last posting put your attitude more in perspective, but don't expect the low IQ audience to catch that.

      Fred Basset - 2011-03-18 16:56

      Hey Durbsviking - I hear what you are saying, and yes, I would have liked to extend some of those lives that have been lost (only those that died in the prime of their life as they still had much to offer). So I am guilty. But the scales are tipped way out of balance when the gov are supplying the drugs willy-nilly and for free. Suddenly 20% of the population is pumping pills through their bodies and into the water, and this is also the part of the population that is mostly uneducated, so they have no idea of the consequences. When one has to pay for medication, one tends to use a little restraint in the administration of the pills and learn a little about the background of the symptoms being treated and the makeup of the medication. The point of my original post is that it is completely irresponsible of the gov to dish out these ARV meds the way they have. Their manner leads me to believe that they are not trying to treat the problem, but rather they are trying to look good in the public eye.

      Mark - 2011-05-11 14:57

      What an idiot you are!!!Have you considered suicide?

  • BRONZE - 2011-03-15 14:54

    See now JZ you'll make it hard for me to defend you. You are starting to sound like Mbeki and AIDS. What's up with the denial?

  • Shaun - 2011-03-15 14:55

    Anyone who has spent 10 minutes on the street or has worked in the field of addiction will tell you that "Whoonga" or "unga" is a street name for Heroine. It's similar in form to Thai White, and if it was HIV drugs, there would be some very upset junkies going through major withdrawals!

  • Bantu - 2011-03-15 14:57

    This was shown on 3rd Degree Mr President.

      Gallows - 2011-03-15 15:02

      If it wasn't for TV, people wouldn't have opinions in the first place.

  • Michelle - 2011-03-15 15:04

    And he knows this how?

  • Point Blank - 2011-03-15 15:05

    Oh my god!!! Listen here Mr Zuma, I work with communites in townships around Shongweni and Pinetown, people are being robbed, raped and killed for their ARV's!!! Kids that we have caught stealing ARV's have all said it was for whoonga... what lies, filthy, filthy lies you telling your people!!

      Point Blank - 2011-03-15 15:08

      Actually, Zuma you are right, whoonga is not made up of ARV's but the kids are adding them to whoonga....

      Bacon - 2011-05-11 14:49

      People being raped for their ARV's!? - I doubt you could get more studpid than that... unless of course you happened to have a shower handy for afterwards.

  • The Observer - 2011-03-15 15:06

    Dr. Zuma I presume. And University of KwaZulu-Natal lost all credability with issuing honourary degrees to all ANC cadres in any case. We don't believe you Zuma.

  • Straight Forward - 2011-03-15 15:07

    Zuma sounds disappointed

  • jamesonl - 2011-03-15 15:09

    I agree with you paulf, the Zuma character knows nothing about medicine, but here, he is merely quoting those who know - 'experts from the University of KZN.' Whereas Zuma lacks knowledge of medicine, you paulf lacks close/good reading skills.

  • Badger - 2011-03-15 15:11

    Zum Zum. If I were you, I would rather concentrate on elections than making stupid comments as if you are a Prof. Your advisor obviously failed you on this one. Go take a shower now!!!

      Badger - 2011-03-15 15:47

      News 24 you have it wrong here. The comment to Badger was not made by "Badger" Please remove it.

      Badger - 2011-03-15 15:52

      Listen Impersonator, choose someone else's Avatar and not mine "PLEASE" Thanks. News24? should you not be monitoring this ???

  • Nqobani Zondi - 2011-03-15 15:11

    Ppl read da article properly he said 'The EXPERTS of University of KwaZulu Natal said dat whoonga does nt hv ARV'. Zuma merly reiterated wat they said!

      PikeLee - 2011-03-15 15:21

      dude, repeating what someones says by default means that you believe it. He didn't say that they were talking nonsense. Should you, as president of the country do some research before repeating what everybody says? My gosh, what if the University told him that a warm shower cures aids? Wait... ps, are you on whoonga? whats up with your face? or have you seen the ghost of anc past?

  • CorneN - 2011-03-15 15:14

    I think the link to ARV's here could be two fold: 1. Dealers have a market for ARV's, natinal or abroad 2. Dealers tell their clients that it's ARV's to hide the fact that its Herion.

  • Markus Botha - 2011-03-15 15:15

    Z.U.M.A -> Zero Understanding of Medical Affairs

      Charles - 2011-03-15 15:47


  • Gorilla - 2011-03-15 15:16

    No you're right. It's made of garlic and beetroot.

  • Markus Botha - 2011-03-15 15:18

    Who needs AIDS... Whoonga will sort out our problems alot quicker.

  • Travie - 2011-03-15 15:18

    Zuma do you know that a shower and antiretroviral have nothing in common!!

  • Janine - 2011-03-15 15:18

    Really? All the research that I have read states that it is.

      Shaun - 2011-03-15 15:36

      What research and where?? State your sources. If it has ever been used it would have been used as a cutting agent only to maximize profit on their HEROIN sales. Junkies buying Unga or whoonga are looking for Heroin, which has a particular set of chemical properties and effects on the synapses in no way similar to HIV drugs.

  • Sword&Cross - 2011-03-15 15:23

    Your Lordship ANC has spoken - knowledgeably of course. No woodwork nor indian in THIS woodstack.

  • Luckybugger - 2011-03-15 15:26

    Jacob she only knows Jacobs antiretriviral shower gel

  • Souf-Efrikan - 2011-03-15 15:43

    If Whoonga was made of anti-HIV drugs, then all Zuma's supporters would have drowned in da showa :)

  • Dulan Simons - 2011-03-15 16:34

    denial of a crisis? sounds all too familiar....

  • amdisgusted - 2011-03-15 16:41

    Sounds like Mbeki and Manto, eat beetroot and garlic!, people died because of this. So, how many addicts will we now have because of denial!They will be robbing, raping and murdering innocent people!

  • Mabhulwana - 2011-03-15 18:07

    President Zuma ought to be very careful when quoting some "experts". It was the same experts who led former prez, Mbeki to formulate some strange ideas about ARVs, HIV and Poverty. What happens if another University comes up with new research suggesting that, in fact ,whoonga is composed of huge amounts of ARVs?

  • alex - 2011-03-16 07:10


  • Mark - 2011-05-11 14:54

    The man is crazy!!!! And he's our President! Go to any public hospital and catch a wake up call!!!! HIV patients are being mugged for their ARVs!

  • Mark - 2011-05-11 15:11

    Guys, just to add: any person who has taken efivarens, an ARV, will tell you that the "side effects" include hallucinations, heightened sensory reception, lethargy, etc, etc. I know, I've been taken it for 9 years as part of an ARV cocktail. Think Mandrax, Ecstasy, etc, and you will get my drift. To the ARV detractors, I'm alive and kicking and very healthy thanks to my drugs. So is my son's nanny who is also HIV+. Two of my close friends are still alive and very healthy, in one case, for over 17 years.

  • jock van wyk - 2011-05-11 15:40

    What have you got a blockage showerhead?

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