ANC hits out at 'small' parties

2011-05-07 22:42

Kimberley - ANC leaders flew into the Northern Cape on Saturday, danced and sang with a Kimberley crowd, while critising other "small" parties in an election blitz in the province.

President Jacob Zuma, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema, Northern Cape premier Hazel Jenkins and other ANC alliance leaders were harried into a yellow coloured Galeshewe stadium in Kimberley to an expecting crowd.

"People are fed propaganda," Zuma said, referring to a citizen's complaint about service delivery on television.

He said the message since former President Nelson Mandela's time was that "it would take time" to bring about change in South Africa for all its citizens.

"The work for democracy is going on, vote or no vote."

Zuma told the gathering that citizens saying on television that they would not vote in the coming local government elections due to no service delivery was expressing the "wrong logic".

He said people should vote for the only party with a history "for them" who produced great leaders in the past, and who gave their lives in the fight for freedom.

They are criminals

Before Zuma's address, ANC Youth League President Julius Malema had the crowd roaring in cheers and giggles with his criticism of opposition parties and Youth League slogans.

Malema said citizens could not complain about the lack of service delivery while watering the lawn in front of a RDP house.

"When protesting they burn tyres on a tar road but they complain no delivery."

Malema continued in his usual manner in advocating the nationalisation of mines in a province which has huge mining interests.

"We (ANC) had done everything in fighting poverty but we do not have money."

He said the ANC would fight wealth until mines were owned by the country's people and "we're not asking for permission".

Malema said the country's land "being turned game farms" should be taken away without payment.

"We all agree they stole the land. They are criminal's, they should be treated like that."

He criticised opposition parties and referred to the "Madam" as the "person moving around doing a monkey dance looking for votes".

The IFP was referred to as the "culture" group, while the "People of the Congress" was a party formed in anger.

"Never form a party when you are angry, when you smile that party is over," Malema told a cheering crowd.

The party supporters, which swelled gradually, were entertained from a huge stage which was erected in the stadium.

Do it for Mandela

Many people arrived in party colours and waited patiently for party officials to arrive.

The stadium walls were covered with ANC posters and placards with ANC President Jacob Zama's face.

Before Malema was asked by a dance and singing girls group for a dance, he told the gathering if they do not have any reason to vote they should "do it for Mandela".

Zuma also ended his time on stage with a few songs to the delight of the crowd ending his Kimberley visit with his trademark song "Awuleth' Umshini Wami" (bring me my machine gun).

  • jock van wyk - 2011-05-07 22:56

    lifes a party while the country burns

      SaintBruce - 2011-05-07 23:59

      So Zuma stood by while Malema spouted on about Nationalisation and did nothing to contradict him? Yet Susan Shabangu ( the Minister appointed by Zuma) says there will not be Nationalisation! The ANC speaks with FORKED TONGUE. They are LIARS. If The President does not publicly overturn incorrect policy statements by Malema, then these are to be the new policy and Susan Shabangu lied! I take the Presidents silence as tacit consent. Someone's lying , so who is it really?

      Simpiwe Cele - 2011-05-08 04:05

      it is clear how desperate this new ANC is. Zuma brings JuJu along !? , Vote for Mandela ? how pathetic ! I really don't want another 5 years of poor performance , don't abstain from voting my brothers and sisters vote for any opposition party that strikes a cord , just don't vote for the ANC Non-Performers ! send a message vote for a change ! Viva change !

      Creeky - 2011-05-08 07:13

      Wonder how the ANC are going to react when Mrs Zille takes over the Presidency in 2014? Will it be similar to Dbagbo? Will that be when SA goes into Civil War mode? Beware of who's TOES you step on today, as they might be connected to the legs that hold up the AR5E you need to KISS tomorrow!

  • Blip - 2011-05-07 22:59

    Malema's a monkey-dancer too. And so's Zuma, except that he falls over while monkey-dancing.

      Francois - 2011-05-08 02:37

      It is becuase he did not have his umshini to balance him.

  • TamaraSays - 2011-05-07 23:01

    They may be the only party with a history of democracy, but they're certainly not a democratic party. They may be the only party with a national history of governing in a democracy in South Africa, but they're certainly not doing a good job. They're definitely a party with a history of corruption, criminal activity and racist hatred in the new South Africa. Hamba, ANC, HAMBA!

      Gatvol - 2011-05-08 06:31

      They are a party with a history of communism as well. It seems like they want to return to their roots

  • Ogre - 2011-05-07 23:37

    Once again Zuma and Malema rewrite history.Long forgotten are the parties that also have a history in fighting for "them",the PAC,and DA included.Zuma is quick to forget and critisize those that got him to the top, including the voters.Yes,Malema, they can protest about service delivery while watering the garden because their children are badly educated by the system and dying in waitingrooms at corrupt and inefficient hospitals.And yes, advocate nationalisation while being unable to give data of countries where in worked."We(ANC) had done everything in fighting poverty but we do not have money."Of course you HAD the money, but p!ssed it way on corrupt arms deals, motor vehicles,home renovations,private parties,executive jets,tender fraud,defective housing,overseas shopping sprees,luxury accomodation,expensive watches and furniture,multiple wives,corruption in travel claims,overpaid and under achieving officials,wastefull expenditure,wastefull purchases,missing funds, salaries for members of parliament that attend twice a year.All of the previous have been proven as fact."We all agree they stole the land. They are criminal's, they should be treated like that."Do not ascribe your tendancies to others.Please prove your point in a court of law.Do not lable those that have created income from a barren piece of land as criminals like yourself.In the past when you were envious of a person you would lable him/her as a witch and let a mob do your cowardly killing.Same scenario now.

      mary.kircher - 2012-02-23 22:37

      Ogre - I would give you 10,0000 ups if I could - your post says it all.

  • Sage - 2011-05-07 23:43

    The ANC constantly tell everyone how bad everybody else is, never how good they are. The reason for this is simple, there is nothing good about the ANC.

  • daspoort - 2011-05-07 23:49

    Funny, I heard an interview where Jacob Zuma criticized parties in the Western Cape because they "ganged up against the ANC" - his precise words!!. Today I read in a newspaper how Zuma said how the ANC are willing to form coalitions with other parties because it is democratic??? HUH? So the ANC can form coalitions, but if others do it, they "gang up" against the ANC. ANC, you lost the plot

  • solly - 2011-05-07 23:50

    It just amazes me how these people can come out and start running down any party that seems a remote threat to theme. Instead of graciously accepting them as part of S.A. and acknowledging that they too, also have the right to represent our people's right or wishes, they carry on like a selfish, power greedy and racist party, that has no place for others in this country, and where they believe that they have the right to everything. On top of that they leave a trail of hurt, injury, crime, corruption, rape, murder etc. This, they conveniently forget is what they have created in the past and there just does not seem to be an end to them either.

      FerretGee - 2011-05-08 12:14

      Graciousness and ANC are not two words that will ever be seen in the same sentence when discussing the ANC.

  • DoublySalmon - 2011-05-07 23:51

    Malema is the modern Nongqawuse. The ANC thinks they will be in power forever, but not if their supporters do not have food to eat. Let them eat cake, let them eat dust, let them eat their own stupidity. As an expat I will chain myself to the parliament to stop food aid from reaching these idiots.

      Gatvol - 2011-05-08 06:34

      When farmers are disowned their land, it's not gonna take very long before we get there

  • daspoort - 2011-05-07 23:54

    Myself and a few buddies printed some pamphlets with photos of Julius Malema's Sandton home and distributed it amongst the residents of an informal settlement here in the Cape and explained to them how the ANCYL leader lived....hahaha....sorry ANC, you lost some votes there.....

      DoublySalmon - 2011-05-08 02:15

      Good. I used to ask people if since 1994 it has become better or worse. Most people would with shock realise they lived better before 1994 than they do now. My question was, why vote ANC? My answer was, despite the ANC white people voted to end Apartheid, the ANC if anything prolonged it. There is no reason to vote ANC.

  • GlobalSaffa - 2011-05-08 00:27

    The ANC is a cancer that poisons this country. The ANC is run by a bunch of capitalists that want the rest of the country to live in communism. Thats where the problem lies, you bunch of uneducated SOB's. Down with the ANC.

      Lekgwakgwa - 2011-05-08 05:06

      Malema and Zuma thank that ANC own the poor people so their will play with them,one day their will take them out and bring them down former president he never sing umshini wami and kill the Boers and kill the firmer Mandela ask us to build rainbow nation

  • FarmerBrown - 2011-05-08 01:20

    Malema , I'm not a criminal, however i do believe that if you had children there would be a case for beastiality. You have so little human representation in your body .... what would your off spring be classified as!

  • Jay Johnson - 2011-05-08 01:29

    "We all agree they stole the land. They are criminal's, they should be treated like that." - Is Malema labeling all white people as criminals ? How about the white people who paid serious money for their properties ? Are they criminals too ? How about Europeans who settled in South Africa in the last 100 years and paid market price for their properties. Did they also "steal the land" ? How about coloreds who are half black and half white who bought their properties ? Did they steal all of their land or only half of it ? If you have proof that you paid for your land, will Malema leave you alone, or are you guilty of theft simply because of the color of your skin ? When people are a criminals they should be treated as criminals. I agree with that. Will President Malema send police vans to collect all the whites who "stole" the land ? I wish greater clarification can be obtained about this.

      william.botha - 2011-05-08 01:49

      It is actually the prelude to lemmings syndrome. Go check out the document about economic freedom on the ANCYL webpage under discussions. It is alarming to see such idiocracy. But the real threat is from this clown and those that support him. It is a book so many times written in Africa. The plan is to nationalize the banking, mining corporate and farming sectors. They also propose that nobody may own property and must apply for a license to lease for 30 years with proper justification. So those who invested in property for retirement will be rightly screwed. They intend on removing the concept of townships and integrating all residential areas. If they can't even run an efficient municipality, how do they think they'll perform running mines, corporate business, farming etc. Its like a chimp flying a helicopter, it just can't be done.

      Angel - 2011-05-08 08:35

      Think someone will take Malema to court on defamation of whites in totality? Hey, that might be me, I need the money to pay my property.

  • marckdan - 2011-05-08 02:19

    That's all the ANC can do these days: remind us of their former glory. The present cadres achieved very little, they suffered & sacrificed very little. Instead, they've been stealing from their people and then they have the gall to play the emotional-loyalty card, citing Mandela & other geat leaders to justify their continued looting! They consistently reveal their ignorance of the basic tenets of democracry: isn't a multi-party democracy what we all want? Not the ANC, it seems. To them, more than one party is not a democracy, it's an attack on the ANC. To them, only ONE party is allowed to represent their brand of democracy: the ANC. I fear we are going the way of Zimbabwe, Libya, and many other African tinpot dictatorships, where post-colonial"democracis" flourished...

  • Saamprater - 2011-05-08 04:55

    First world constitution, vs Third world thinking. Progress vs Zuma/Malema. Thats the choices. The fact that Zuma shared a podium with this racist (Malema) and he didn't correct or repudiated Malema, means that Zuma all along agreed with the racist songs and slogans Malema spewed> At last Zuma showed his true colours and as the spokesperson for the anc, therefore the attitude of the anc as a whole. Big choices to be made. Zimbabwe style future or real, sustainable progress. Banana Republic Africa style or a leaning into first world. Simple

  • Mlungisi - 2011-05-08 05:34

    VIVA ANC VIVA!!! Vote ANC on the 18th of May 2011!

      Creeky - 2011-05-08 07:07

      Seems like you had your stupid pill this morning... or did you have 2?

      World Traveler - 2011-05-08 11:49


      FerretGee - 2011-05-08 12:17

      Why? state your valid reasons based on their current and future ability to govern and NOT because they fought for freedom. You already have freedom from the past, given to you becasue the National Party abdicated and paved the way for a non-violent one man one vote system!

      Mashudu Sioga - 2011-05-10 16:59

      Viva ANC, Viva Mlungisi,,,,,,,,,,whites have 2 children maximum, we have 6 - 10 maximum even more, when they grow up they are noticing how whites are treating us even if it is no longer apartheid regime, so they all vote for ANC which is why we will always win until the world end, because they don't want to change, they simple don't like us at all.

  • Joryha - 2011-05-08 06:15

    ANC desperation, smaller parties have sprung up because of the failure of the ANC ruled government to deliver services. What nonsense that government don't have money? Renovations at the presidential residence valued at R197m was sceduled, billions spent on the arms deal for weapons which will never be used, 5-star accommodation by top government officials, R1m+ cars for ministers, etc. Stop wasting our hard-earned taxes and there will be money for service delivery.

      Creeky - 2011-05-08 07:09

      What about the R300m to RE-BURY the Zulu king's mother?????? Want to have something broken? Give it to the ANC... they will break it BEYOND REPAIR!

      Zebelon - 2011-05-08 09:29

      Joryha, he is spot on when he says government does not have money; taxpayers' money ende up on the renovations you mention, on 5-star accommodation, on filthy expensive cars for ministers etc. Now the government has no money to buy and provide land for the citizens.

  • Kevin - 2011-05-08 06:26

    I agree with Malema. Nationaise the mines.They are nearly empty of treasure and we will not need them anymore. You say superior whites stole the land .If we leave may we take everything from chairs to tv to a soccer ball .Leave you with a kraal ,dust in your hair and picking your nose but not able to count your snot balls.

  • Tarzan - 2011-05-08 06:32

    Behold fellow South Africans! Salute your future President: His Excellency – Sir Julius Malema. He may be a clown and unprincipled amoral joker to most of us, but to the average ANC supporter, he’s the messiah. Godsent. The real deal. Think I’m joking? Well, it only takes a yellow t-shirt, free busing to the Malema Allstars Show at Galeshewe stadium in Kimberley, and a generous helping of KFC runaways to convince a ‘brudda’. So I’m told... I bet my bottom dollar the Malema Allstars Show can’t wait to implement Communism. Uh, sorry, I meant Nationalisation. Well, it doesn’t matter how you look at it, it’s still the only system in the world designed to REWARD the lazy, the stupid and the undeserving by PUNISHING the enterprising, innovative and producers of wealth. Ask Bob Mugarbage and all the other former and incumbent tin pot dictators of Africa. Soon coming to a neighbourhood near you…

  • pitbull - 2011-05-08 06:33

    The only right the ANC has given anybody in this country is the right to vote. They have not given anybody including their own followers anything else. they have stolen so much form everybody that we have to vote irrespective of who we vote for. The only way to get this rubbish out of power is to vote against them. Remember, it takes two idiots to out vote a genius in a democracy.

      Craig De Montfort-Braganca - 2011-05-08 15:24

      Really? I do not know why I'm dignifying your vitriol with a clever response like mine, but I have to... UN? universities? schools? etc. well, not functioning at maximum efficiency - because a certain grouping is still grumpy about losing, and is not fully committed to this country! oops, I lied that's not a clever response. I couldn't give one 'cos clearly you wouldn't grasp it

  • pitbull - 2011-05-08 07:22

    This is a sign of desperation on Mr Zuma's part as he can see that his government ahas screwed the country to death and sees that the people do not want to vote for him or his government. let the people vote this rubbish out of power.

  • Shorts1 - 2011-05-08 07:32

    I note that no mention of the size of the crowd. Also, it is interedting to note that JZ admitted to those who were there that ' "People are fed propaganda ". This is precisely what the ANC are doing!! Funny too that JZ openly believes the he and JM 'woodwork' together. Surely also, whoever wrote this article meant to refer to an expectant crowd, as opposed to an expecting one!!! Unless of course the crowd that eventually showed up was much smaller than expected.

  • Zebelon - 2011-05-08 08:28

    If there is some truth in all that Malema says it is when he declares we have no money. It follows that when there is rampant corruption in the public service and in political leadership, corruption and theft amounting to millions of rands every year and all the years of ANC rule, there can be no money in state coffers.

  • Zebelon - 2011-05-08 08:39

    The call "bring me my machine gun" is found in those who are bent in fighting others. Those in government who are monopolising the possession and use of state funds are fighting against the disadvantaged voters of this country, and a call by them for "mshini wam" symbolises their action and mindset.

  • Zebelon - 2011-05-08 08:47

    People are not fed propaganda; they experience lack of service where they stay. People should be ashamed of naked propaganda lest others use the label, liar.

  • Zebelon - 2011-05-08 08:55

    If land was stolen, that was done centuries ago. That land remains stolen, but no body who stole that land exists today; it can be said they "were", but it cannot be said they "are" criminals. Who are they, and where are they, Malema?

  • Zebelon - 2011-05-08 09:14

    What democracy is Zuma talking of? We have a great number of communists in the ANC, and all communists reject democracy. What is so true is the prediction by former President Mandela that it will take time to bring about change in South Africa for all; he could clearly see this era of rampant corruption and resultant neglect of marginalised S.Africans.

  • Jason - 2011-05-08 09:15

    Propaganda from the media, its called media freedom you can no longer hide the real truths. Think the ANC misses the point of democracy.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-08 11:44

      They never did get the meaning of democracy, or freedom, or civilization. Or lots of things.

  • Rumbler - 2011-05-08 09:56

    This inadequately educated ANC leader (JM) is obviously a fan of Robert Mugabe; he obviously consults with him on how to create a Zimbabwe in South Africa. So, if you think Zimbabwe is a good example of how to our country should be run, then vote ANC. But a word of caution! Ask Zimbabweans living in South Africa how things are up there - not for Bob and his friends and relatives, but for the ordinary people. Is it a possibility that President Mandela's grandson and President Zuma's nephew will be involved in running the mines if they are nationalised? Lastly, ANC should rather not criticise other parties but rather boast about how they have created jobs and improved the lives of all the people not only those - you know who.

  • Wow! - 2011-05-08 10:14

    The more educated this country becomes - the less chance for the ANC to succeed. They feed of this lack of intellect. It helps them, having a failed education system - with people who cannot reason that their promises are unattainable.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-08 11:42

      If the people were happy, they would not vote for the thuggish anc. That is why the anc are keeping the people uneducated. Just think of all those teachers that the anc made redundant when they came into power! The anc rule is a compendium of lost opportunities.

  • ou_maatie - 2011-05-08 10:49

    The problem with democracy is that parties with big budgets get the vote. Both the ANC and DA push the line that a vote for the smaller parties are a wasted vote. I disagree. For democracy to work people should vote for the parties and individuals that best represents their aspirations and needs. At a local government level, vote for the candidate that is the best person for the job. So I urge you to look at the independents and smaller parties. You might find someone in your area that looks after you interests and not his/her parties interest. Voting for a party at local government actually is a wasted vote if you do not consider the calibre of the candidates.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-08 11:37

      It depends what you define"wasted" as. If your object is to have lots of small parties with lots of manifestoes, all slightly diferent and giving the voters a good choice. then go the small party route. If you want to get rid of the anc as your top priority, then there is only one way and that is to vote for the second biggest party, make it bigger and toss the anc out. The DA is the best choice, it is not a crazy fringe party. The Western Cape IS the best run province, vote for the DA as it does have a good track record.

      ou_maatie - 2011-05-09 08:46

      @World Traveler. I have supported the DA in the last election. I live in CPT. I have 2 sons at university and I have to consider their future in my vote. I have looked at what the DA has done in CPT. I hoped that they would reverse the racist laws of Afirmative Action and BEE. So the DA is saying that there is still a need to practice racist AA policies after 15 years of democracy. Why must my kids still suffer even after a party that claims to be not racist, still dicriminates against them based on race. So, maybe the DA can stop the ANC, but replace the ANC with what? Many white people believe because Premier Zille is white, she is one of us. Do not be fooled. The NP betrayed us, and if you are honest enough, the DA is doing the same.

  • william.botha - 2011-05-08 10:57

    Seems like News24 have an ardent ANCYL moderator. Don't like the facts now do we????

  • porra 1 - 2011-05-08 11:14

    when a political party attempt to convince people to vote for him raises no palisades to have the people away from them inconpetente police to keep them far not trust the people anc scared anc clowns anc e merda

  • Colin - 2011-05-08 11:21

    Firstly WHO are the so called "Great Leaders" created by the ANC ?. Malema stands there saying the Government cannot supply services because there is no money, my backside just let the Zumas, Malemas, and the rest of government including clever Trevor pay back all the billions stolen from tax payers then there will be ample to supply services. Voting for ANC because of Mandela will do nothing for any voters will only make them a hell of a lot poorer.

  • AgPseDaddy - 2011-05-08 11:24

    Roll up one Roll up all come and see the new monkey show at the circus MALEMA the monkey and ZUMA the organ grinder !!

  • World Traveler - 2011-05-08 11:30

    The "Small Parties" will get you, Zuma! Be afraid, very afraid! They are coming!

  • maseratifitt - 2011-05-08 11:33

    "The work for democracy is going on, vote or no vote." Translated : We will continue to enrich ourselves. What the voters think means nothing to us.

  • World Traveler - 2011-05-08 11:53

    South Africa is ashamed of it's political leaders. If you are an anc voter I suggest you go oversea somewhere, for example China, and ask them what they think of Zuma & Co. They will just laugh! I have just come back from China so I know that for a fact.

  • FerretGee - 2011-05-08 12:11

    An RDP house with grass?? Where? "We have no money" Why - because it has all be spent on motor cars and expensive trips for the ANC elite, a botched Billion rand armss deal, a 500 million rand tender for a police building and now, the same tender doubled to a Billion rand by who? Oh yes Johnathon Block, an ANC ally. The list goes on. A tar road doesnt put food on the table Julius!

  • helizna - 2011-05-08 22:14

    The ANC believes that taxes paid by Afrikaners are "rent" since we are "allowed" to live here. Just saying.

  • Shees - 2011-05-09 09:23

    sjo... bashing opposition parties in such a way is in such bad taste and makes you look like a desperate fool.

  • Shees - 2011-05-09 09:26

    Bashing opposition in such bad taste makes you look like a desperate fool.

  • michelle.stanyon - 2011-05-09 10:09

    What makes me laugh is that whenever I see leaders of the other political parties in the media, they are in the communities discussing concerns and solutions to SA citizens problems whereas whenever I see Zuma, he is at the Durban July/20-20 Cricket, enjoying the sunshine and smiles on the tax payers expense!! I have had enough!! If Zuma so desperately wanted to live the glam life, he should have developed abit of talent and become an entertainer!!

  • Boerseun - 2011-05-09 17:51

    It is time that we go back to reporting of votes in the old way, without computers. There is direct evidence that there are vote fiddling taking place and this is another enemy of freedom. In the 1999 election the results from Pretoria clearly showed this up, but nothing was done.

  • - 2011-05-10 15:10

    Stories like this just sadden me, Mr. Malema and President Zuma: correct me if I’m wrong but is what you are saying that as a tax paying, patriotic South African I am not welcome? Mr. Malema seems to have forgotten about the indignities of forced removal in Sophiatown and District Six. Have we so quickly forgotten the words of the great man himself Nelson Mandela when he said, “Never never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world.” These haunting words reverberate through every inch of my being when ever I hear Mr. Malema grouping a whole diverse set of people by the color of their skin. We are going down a road that we fought so hard to come back from. How is it that no one in the ANC leadership seems to notice this? If you’d like to give more of your opinions on this subject, Check out my site:

  • ONETIME - 2011-05-10 15:47

    The only people who stole anything around here is you Malema and Zuma and the rest of your ANC thieving bastards. You steal funds from the poor to justify your own needs... Think again before blaming the White man... If memory servs be right the Bushman was here before the "Africa Black and White Tribes" don't you think the land belongs to the Kio-San??? You Idiot...

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