ANC victory in KZN 'overwhelming'

2011-05-20 12:53

Durban - The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal was on the verge of an "overwhelming" victory as parties waited for the last batch of elections results on Friday.

“We have retained all the municipalities we controlled before the elections and there are indications that an overwhelming victory is on the cards,” provincial secretary Sihle Zikalala told reporters in Durban.

The ANC said it won 42 of the province's 61 municipalities. It however did not have outright majorities in a number of them, which meant it would have to form coalitions with other parties. The party had not started negotiations for coalitions.

“We have gained new municipalities which were previously held by the Inkatha Freedom Party.”

By 10:00 on Friday, results from the eThekwini municipality, incorporating Durban, and the Umsunduzi Municipality, which incorporates Pietermaritzburg, had not been audited.

Zikalala attributed the ANC victory to the end of the so-called no-go areas, IFP strongholds which had existed since the first democratic elections in 1994.

Zikalala said the ANC had done well in both rural and urban areas.

“We have taken two hostels and the Lindelani area from the IFP.”

ANC provincial chairperson Zweli Mkhize said the ruling party had yet to finalise who its mayors would be.

  • BigMoose - 2011-05-20 13:10

    Thank god I left Natal in 1982 and moved back to Cape Town.

      Da@Ismile - 2011-05-20 13:24

      Who cares?

      zulufox - 2011-05-20 13:26

      yes, who really does care!!!??? HAHAHAHA ....

      l3jorn - 2011-05-20 13:32

      Da@Ismile: Obviously he does as he will now receive better service delivery and have to deal with less corruption and incompetence. Are you jelly?

      spiderkzn - 2011-05-20 14:21

      what does it matter. I'm white and love durban and i still support DA :)

  • Grant - 2011-05-20 13:22

    F%$Cking idiots!! I'm embarrassed to be from KZN!

      zulufox - 2011-05-20 13:27

      KZN is actually embarassed you are from there... it's not KwaEnglish Natal... It's KwaZulu Natal... troll!

      ToyYoda - 2011-05-20 13:53

      TO ZULUFOX - Natal is actually a European word for "Birth", but in this case it be more appropriate to denote "Death" in your now soon to be "shafted by Zuma" province... LOL

      myjdjames - 2011-05-20 14:48

      zulufox. KZN is not the natural birthplace of zulu's anyway. go brush up on history and learn about the mass migration of African peoples from the Great Lakes in central Africa, to the North, East and Southern Africa, displacing the San and the Khoi people. Just as the English "stole" so did Zulu .. so dont go acting holier than thou.!

  • Rasky - 2011-05-20 13:24

    ANC won there because they are so uneducated because they burnt their schools down, thats why they voted for the cronies.Viva Affrigga.

  • kilo39 - 2011-05-20 13:24

    The 'Last Outpost' is obviously reasonably satisfied that the ANC is delivering in the area. 'The Best of British to you chaps... what !'

  • Charlton10 - 2011-05-20 13:26

    A sad moment in time.We will see more Jeeps,Chryslers,Audi A5 and chicken eating on the roads.New laws will be passed and no one can do F#$ck-all about that.

      Mark - 2011-05-20 13:42

      Not to mention the Mercs and BM's

      Bluemas - 2011-05-20 14:03

      is it a sin when a black man drives all the cars you mentioned?

      jds - 2011-05-20 14:24

      Bluemas you never cease to amaze me with your bs comments!!please explain your comment as it is just a statement with no substance!!It's absolutely not a sin when a black man drives a is however when he got it through corruption etc!!I actually think that your useless comments shows just how racist driven you are...

      jowza - 2011-05-20 14:26

      no bluemas,he is complaing because he cant afford one

      Koos - 2011-05-20 14:31

      it will be happy moment when we see back of you as you board a plane at OR Tambo airport for your fore father land

      jds - 2011-05-20 14:37

      another great comment by Jowza-you should be rewarded with a piece of chicken!!

      Ash - 2011-05-20 14:39

      Yeah jowza theese pigs think they can get back this beautiful country sorry ur fathers sins falls on you,its never going to happen never

      jowza - 2011-05-20 14:40

      no thanks jds.i dont take rewards,especially from your kind

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:44

      @ Ash - PIGS???? Really? Back in grade school and name calling?

      Felix - 2011-05-20 15:23

      I see all the schools are on holiday and the little mk wanna be struggle victims at the age of 16 are out trollin.

  • WiseOwl2 - 2011-05-20 13:28

    The ANC must now decide whether it wants to Nation Build for the good of ALL citizens of South Africans or carry on its freedom struggle for the benefit of one group only.

      Mark - 2011-05-20 13:40

      They already decided on this in 1999. You can guess which one it is.

      jowza - 2011-05-20 13:53

      yes mark,we forgave but will never forget

      Rob Gunning - 2011-05-20 14:08

      @jowza - Never ever forget but move and become great.

      jowza - 2011-05-20 14:15

      @rob.we have moved on,but you lot keep reminding us

      jds - 2011-05-20 14:27

      @jowza-Your own "cadres" keep reminding you!!we want to move forward!!

      jowza - 2011-05-20 14:42


      jds - 2011-05-20 15:15

      looks like it's not possible to reason with you state so much yet say so little!!instead of just saying things,please substantiate it with reason and facts!!

      jds - 2011-05-20 15:19

      Just look at what malema is doing to the relationship between whites and blacks...this is fuelling hatred among us!!

      maseratifitt - 2011-05-20 16:37

      WiseOwl2 : There never was a freedom struggle. It was, and still is, a struggle for wealth and power. The ANC is doing it not for you, not for me, not for all those who voted for them, not for South Africa, but only for themselves. There is so much money floating around, and it is so nice and so easy just to take it for yourself. This has been done in African countries before, and will continue under ANC "rule" in SA.

  • CamsComment - 2011-05-20 13:35

    Now for that Multi - Million rand party. The anc will keep on wasting - and the people will keep on voting. Maybe one day......

  • Charlton10 - 2011-05-20 13:37

    Indians are sell-outs. the ANC gov.has offered them nothing since democracy.They still dont have their own TV channel.Don't see them on adverts.affirmitive action has caused loss of jobs in the indian community. tossed to and fro like the wind.

      jowza - 2011-05-20 13:54

      thats what you think.what did you whites do when you were in power

      paulmandlankosi - 2011-05-20 13:57

      So when we don't vote DA we are idiots, I would rather remain an idiot then

      Ash - 2011-05-20 14:33

      This new goverment has given Indians enough to secure an indian vote infact many indian votes, so catch a wake up before you come here speaking on behalf of us indians.let me tell u somthing naina you dont want to mess with an indian and speak for urself not us indians

      ShabirS - 2011-05-20 14:35

      @Charlton As an Indian I am happy with the ANC and I am not a sellout as I never voted for any party other than ANC

  • Nintendo - 2011-05-20 13:37

    INDIANS voted for more corruption

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:20

      @ jowza - is that it? Voting for colour? Even though the evidence is crystal clear that your party is corrupt? You don't even try to deny that.

      jowza - 2011-05-20 14:25

      no eugene i dont deny that.after what you lot did to us,you want me to vote for you

      Ash - 2011-05-20 14:28

      Yeah right im free to walk where i want thats enough for me to vote the same for the next hundered years....... but more on the lines of facts take a drive through the indian townships and see how much the goverment of 94 has done for the indians dont sit in ur beach house balcony(one that ur grandfather gave u with stolen money) and tell us we are idiots for not voting DA you thief

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:33

      @Jowza - so as long as a white man doesn't steal your tax money for their own gain, squandering it reclessly, then you are okay with that? Makes perfect sense now...

      jowza - 2011-05-20 14:45

      eugene you have a selective memory.the afrikaners did the same thing when they were in power

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:49

      @ jowza - like you said - "were". Past tense.

      jowza - 2011-05-20 15:00

      no eugene.plenty of wish it was in the present

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 15:22

      Plenty of the MINORITY jowza?

      BTRX - 2011-05-20 15:37

      What moronic replies, whites will never be in control of this country again. The fact is in your small minds u think that voting for the ANC u will forever ride the gravy train and do not care about your childrens future . Go ahead vote for the criminal, wastefull ANC. They run this country into the gutter. Typical mentality!!!!!

  • Wotzizname - 2011-05-20 13:40

    Poor misguided fools! But you get what you vote for, remember that when you don't see another politician or any improved services until the next elections, and you continue living in your own sh*t in abject poverty while the incompetent people you voted into power rape you of your resources for their own personal wealth. You get what you vote for! And I'm so happy to be in Cape Town - these bicycle lanes along the beachfront are the coolest thing! Viva DA!

      Da@Ismile - 2011-05-20 13:58

      Cape Town will become the city of Apartheid not so long,,

      K_za - 2011-05-20 14:41

      CAPE TOWN RULES!!!! Running water, electricity, good roads and friendly people. I love CT!!! I love it's people and I love the DA! The DA has just recovered from the ANC's plundering of its council where its people are finally being paid properly. Now if you okes would stop coming down here in your ANC droves, maybe we can sort out the poor.

      ShabirS - 2011-05-20 14:42

      @Wotzizname. Those are Zille's token of appreciation to the elite white rich for their continued financial support of DA. Ordinary Cape Towneans do not have that privilage of riding bicicle by the beach. This actually shows who are on DA's hearts whilst using our coloured brothes and sister for their benefit

      Felix - 2011-05-20 15:27

      Koos if you weren't 12 you would get an aneurysm.

  • BlackSaint - 2011-05-20 13:48

    Why don't they mentioned that Nkandla still belongs to the IFP !

      PSquare - 2011-05-20 15:12

      It does not. It is currently "hung" with no party getting majority vote. It will probably be governed by ANC + NFP coalition.

  • stephen scott - 2011-05-20 13:50

    I guess they can look forward to wonderfull service delivery and reduced corruption over the next 4 years.

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:46

      @ Koos - I have reported this abusive comment of yours. How is this by any means the response of an educated person?

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 15:02

      @ Koos - your ignorance is astounding. Please also remember that same sex marriages became legal under YOUR government and that qhat you are saying amount to hate speech...

  • Sunshine - 2011-05-20 13:56

    who cares that the ANC won Kwazulu Natal, as long as they not in Cape Town i'm fine.

      Da@Ismile - 2011-05-20 14:01

      thats what im saying Cape Town will become the city of Apartheid not so long,,mark my word.

      K_za - 2011-05-20 14:45

      @Da@Ismile: your word has about the same value as the party you put your cross next to. Enjoy the government you elected. Apartheid is dead.

  • Herbert - 2011-05-20 13:58

    does this election victory by the ANC correlate with the poor matric results, the prevalence of illiteracy, the high HIV infection rate, the rampant corruption, the idiotic expense claims by provinvial and loacl governemnt cadres, the roads and infrastructure that is kaput, the poor quality of water, raw sewearge finding it's way into the wetlands, the mismanaged resources? Or is it just sheer bad luck?

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:21

      It is because of the poor planning and legacy of apartheid for sure...

      jds - 2011-05-20 14:31

      what a reply jowza-you sound just like your ANC officials!

  • Zandile Mthethwa - 2011-05-20 14:00

    The progressive people of my province have spoken. Congratulations to the ANC and to the entire population of KZN. My KZN, my ANC! We will never forget where we come and therefore nobody can tell us who to vote for.

      jowza - 2011-05-20 14:18

      @bebe.your apartheit rulers told you whites what to lot could not think for yourselves then

      Felix - 2011-05-20 14:24

      What about when they kick out the zulu Zuma? Then we'll see how happy KZN is with the ANC.

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:24

      @jowza - beware of the also part of the apartheid legacy...

      Michael Hobson - 2011-05-20 14:31

      Not all whites supported apartheid!

      jds - 2011-05-20 14:33

      jowza-it's funny how you talk about how racist the whites are, but you refer to them as 'the whites' the whole time!!and by the way idiot...the whites voted to end apartheid!!

      robyn - 2011-05-20 14:49

      shame Zandile . Do you ever wonder why the people of Cape Town are so happy? let me tell you why they are getting better service no corruption and this is what the elections were all about. It was voted as one of the best cities in the world , and why you ask . Well because it is clean the roads are looked after ie everything works properly . That is want i what for Natal especially Durban so we bring in tourists therefore will bring in money and jobs to this province . I am sick of driving home with potholes ruining my car and causing car accidents and i am sick of my verge having long grass this is not about black or white or ANC or DA it is about who will deliver to the poor etc it is about time the ANC voters realized this . Dont complain about service delivery if you voted ANC you dont have the right to do that . You should have learnt from the past and voted for another party . DA got 1 vote in 4 votes , need i say more people are seeing what they have done in Cape Town

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:59

      @ jowza - it is a rock...cant afford much more, paying so much money to eGov'ment every month say they can buy flashy cars and upgrade their residences....

      jds - 2011-05-20 15:27

      @jowza and ash-Yes it's true but it doesn't mean that the majority wanted apartheid!A few people with all the power were wrong by imposing apartheid, it took a while for the white people to realise how they were being manipulated by their own government!Give it a decade or 2 and you will soon realise this too, seeing as a country cannot be built when there are so much division between the population!

      PSquare - 2011-05-20 15:28

      @Felix....with so many more KwaZulu Natal people in the senior ranks of the ANC government how can you even be sure that Zuma won't be replaced by another one. Jeff Hadebe, Sbu Ndebele, Zweli Mkhize, Bheki Cele, Malusi Gigaba, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Roy Padayachie, Pravin Gordhan, Blade Nzimande, Nathi Mthethwa, Siyabonga Cwele, Bathabile Dlamini, Mo Shaik

  • Mxo32 - 2011-05-20 14:06

    The democratic DA members deletes my comments....yes I am an Indian and will not vote for a party whose members label us as uneducated.delete this one too

      paulmandlankosi - 2011-05-20 14:19

      Only when you vote DA, you be called smart and clever.

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:41

      You know how a message board works? Only administrators can delete comments, and only if what was posted was against the rules. But sure, blame the DA...

      robyn - 2011-05-20 14:52

      that is fine . Vote for a party that says your ancestors will come for you and that you wont go to heaven if you dont vote for the ANC.... they are desperate . Also vote for corruption and no service delivery

  • Sikhumbuzo - 2011-05-20 14:11

    If it was not for the press conference this morning ANC victory wouldn't been noticed. One must appeal to the media to be more impartial. Zanele kaMagwaza Msibi and her NFP are new but that does not mean that we should read only about them and Hellen Zille.

  • silverflash - 2011-05-20 14:16

    It is a a person's choice to vote for whoever they want ! Its sad indeed that we cant respect that , U idiots cant debate without name calling low i.q the cause maybe ?

  • silverflash - 2011-05-20 14:19

    The I.F.P and D.A got a proper ass kicking in kzn , Move one and re-plan ur strategy , Lets focus on a positive plan to change the voters thinking by being a positive opposition party .Unfortunately ill only vote Da once it gets a colored leader .

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 14:28

      What does the skin colour of the leader of a party matter? Is it not a proven track record of effectiveness?

      jds - 2011-05-20 14:35


      Mswati - 2011-05-20 14:49

      In Newcastle the IFP and the DA went into bed, what did they do? Nothing except whining and moaning and give a proper ass kicking

      Cornix - 2011-05-20 15:18

      Yeah, so you also make voting an issue of colour.

  • nosidam - 2011-05-20 14:22

    What ever will become of the great Natal? Another province crippled by corruption and poverty.

      jowza - 2011-05-20 14:28

      what was so great about it

  • alvin - 2011-05-20 14:24

    This "overwhelming" victory signifies "please, we want more open toilets"

      Vernon - 2011-05-20 14:39

      its cabriolet!!cabriolet!!!and not OPEN toilets.

  • MacDaKnife - 2011-05-20 14:30

    Not unexpected seeing Zuma is a zulu. What a shame. All those who have voted for the ANC will be taken for a ride but shame not in their new mercs bmws etc.

      jowza - 2011-05-20 15:13

      de knife go cut yourself out of this page

      Zandile Mthethwa - 2011-05-20 15:33

      It is always best to check your facts before you comment MacDaKnife. We've been voting for the ANC since 1994. You are failing to understand that dynamics are changing in KZN hence people are voting for the ANC not the IFP. Even if Zuma was Sotho or Xhosa we would have voted for our ANC. Its about time that some white people get over themselves. This is South Africa for all. You found us here and you will leave us here.

  • BW peace - 2011-05-20 14:30

    Dear DA & ANC South African friends I have been reading this & following this column closely, I wish to express my disgust at both the DA & ANC (black&white comments) members - have you read&studied your party's policy on racism. I am disgusted. I AM A BLACK SOUTH AFRICAN WHO DREAMS OF A BETTER SOUTH AFRICA AS I DONT HAVE ANY WHERE ELSE TO GO AND/OR TO TAKE MY CHILDREN TO. Please stop publicising such hatred - it makes me sick. I am sure that I am not the only one sickened by this behaviour. Please love your country - dont be racist (love your white, black, yellow pink fellow). Love them as DA or ANC or IFP or as non-affiliates

      Mswati - 2011-05-20 14:47

      You are too late BW

      keithj - 2011-05-20 15:05

      The first time i have ever replied to any mail. BW peace thank you. I am the other colour South African and agree with you wholeheartedly. this OUR country Brown and Pink, ANC, DA or ANY OTHER PARTY SUPPORTER. I do not want to go anywhere else I just want to live together with all other South Africans. Can we all not stop denigrating and abusing each other? lets just be happy and proud South Africans.

      EugeneF - 2011-05-20 15:16

      So now you acting holier than thou Jowza? What was that bit about a rock? And "you lot"?

      jds - 2011-05-20 15:30

      @Jowza-You are just pouring fuel onto their are no less different!!Look into the mirror first before criticising!!

  • Ash - 2011-05-20 14:47

    good riddens big moose

  • Bashful1 - 2011-05-20 14:49

    Awesome Maritzburg municipality is going to be bankrupt by April next year again. Uncollected rubbish for weeks and weeks, then it'll be collected at three in the morning on a random day so that someone can claim overtime. The CBD covered in a thick layer of litter. Pietermaritz Street and Church Street a mess of taxis, pedestrians, animals and large bags of starch.

  • shozi - 2011-05-20 15:03


  • Mokoena - 2011-05-20 15:03


  • Mokoena - 2011-05-20 15:24

    phatha anc phatha

  • Samantha - 2011-05-20 16:40

    Idiots voted for the same party that destroyed PMB, well they now have no right to complain about sevice delivery of they voted for the ANC.

      Mswati - 2011-05-20 17:04

      Idiots is what is hanging between your legs

  • maseratifitt - 2011-05-20 16:42

    ANC victory in KZN 'overwhelming' The smell from an open sewer is also overwhelming.

  • AndyNoxxy - 2011-05-21 13:31

    This is not on what is it with us people, i am originally from KZN and been in Cape Town for 6 years i feel that all whites seem to be comfortable on this side of the country ending up to practice or show racism I really do not like what is happening here in Cape Town or the Western Cape overall so most of them are becoming themselves and they feel safe this side what will happen if DA wins the national elections shouldn't we get worried if there are white people who still feel like this????

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