Cosatu will vote ANC 'unconditionally'

2011-05-15 19:53

Johannesburg - Cosatu members will vote for the ANC unconditionally, its president Sdumo Dlamini said on Sunday.

"We as Cosatu... attach no conditions to the ANC. We are going out to vote to defend our own lives with our votes," Dlamini said in a message of support at the ANC's final election rally at FNB Stadium.

He said the Congress of SA Trade Union's 2.2 million members would vote for the ANC in the upcoming polls.

This, despite criticism of some cabinet ministers by Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi in the past week, and Cosatu's difficult alliance with the ANC in the past year.

Also delivering a message in support of the ANC, SA Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande urged workers and the poor to vote for the party.

He called on the ANC to make sure its councillors kept "in touch" with their communities and strengthened local government and ensured core municipal functions were not outsourced.

"We want to say to the ANC, let's make sure all our councillors [are] always in touch with our people," he said, adding that councillors should meet their constituencies once every three months.

Nzimande also called on the ANC to stick to the resolution adopted at its 52nd National Congress in Polokwane, to halt the sale of municipal land.

  • maseratifitt - 2011-05-15 20:10

    Yes. Elitism and all. Bugger the workers. They are not people, just voters, and they must do as we say.

      Blougroen - 2011-05-15 21:13

      Yes - unconditionally - irrespectibe of what they steal - of who they murder - of who they defraud - meet the new bright sparks of the universe . . . . . .

      edvermaak - 2011-05-15 21:18

      Yep true - sad to say they believe in blind faith. And how blind they really are. Like lambs to the slaughter... or ... a pack of wolves.

      LBS - 2011-05-16 17:26

      So that the bad service deliveries, etc can keep Cosatu in the money!

  • clark - 2011-05-15 20:12

    - Oh please Cosatu , you're all commies man - what do you know about democracy and voting ffs ? Your vote can easily be bought by the highest bidder.

  • Simpiwe Cele - 2011-05-15 20:13

    Well Mr Sdumo Dlamini your "unconditional" vote has just removed any bargaining power you ever had. Hope all Cosatu members are fit and have their running shoes on for a few more showdowns with this new ANC in the next 5 years. It never ceases to amaze me that there is such a statement as an Unconditional vote ? When your wife is disloyal , breaks her promises , steals your money , and you end up worse off that you were without her , do you provide " unconditional support " Eish I think NOT , nothing in life is unconditional !!! only fools make unconditional statements !! It should be simple , Perform and you stay in , underperform and you out !

  • Meister - 2011-05-15 20:13

    So they have no choice????? Not much of a democracy. Why are we not surprised? I can guarantee that if the DA gets 80% of the votes, the ANC will still win the election

  • customdesign - 2011-05-15 20:18

    talk about voter freedom :/

  • Meister - 2011-05-15 20:19

    Let me repost this. Even if the DA gets 80% votes, the ANC will still "win" the election

  • V. Zela - 2011-05-15 20:19

    All the unemployed should vote DA unconditionally. How many million members?

  • BrokenLink - 2011-05-15 20:25

    Selling you vote to the highest bidder again. And then next month you are all dancing around in the streets while hospitals have no power, while you protest against the people you put into power. Even a cat will not run into a fan twice, yet you keep doing it over and over again. Expecting different results.

  • crackerr - 2011-05-15 20:26

    Cosatu for the poor and downtrodden! Always! Can't some idiots see that without the poor and downtrodden the fat cat trade unions and communists will be no more. That's why they need the poor and downtrodden and they NEED to keep them that way. Prevent and stop them from taking part in a free capitalist society in which they may just start acquiring a better state in life. Make the capitalist system suspect and demonise employers and make it diffifult for employers. Don't allow the less-off to improve their stature in case they start realising who the real exploiters are.

  • Robnob - 2011-05-15 20:27

    Who the F*&k is COSATU and what do they have to do with the elections. They aren't even a political party yet they feel they are important enough to have a say.

      Spoofed - 2011-05-16 07:26

      They are a workers union funded by the ANC.. so yea ofcourse they going to lick the ANC but to get more money for Tony's fat pocket....

  • Father-Time - 2011-05-15 20:30

    COSATU think they are a political party, but they are just about 2 million low or unskilled apes with very little between their ears other than the sheep mentality.

  • Skepties - 2011-05-15 20:30

    How ignorant!!! Emotional support has made Africa what it is today. Think, decide and vote informed!!

  • Dave - 2011-05-15 20:36

    COSATU has to be the most two faced of unions, unconditional backing of the ANMC until after the elections, then back to normal with the planned postponed strike, you are honestly a bunch of twats

      edvermaak - 2011-05-15 21:21

      That's why they fit together so well. Twats and dickheads.

  • crackerr - 2011-05-15 20:39

    Cosatu and the SACP always for the poor and downtrodden. Cosatu and the SACP need the poor and downtrodden. Without these the fat cats in Cosatu and the SACP know they will be history. So they ensure that we will always have a good supply of the poor and downtrodden. Viva and hail Cosatu! Hail SACP!

  • Martin du Plessis - 2011-05-15 20:58

    So, if a specific member decides to vote for the DA instead, what will you do to him/her? Eject from the union? voilence? And that is why you fail.

      Voltage - 2011-05-16 08:39

      See thats the nice thing about voting, you can tell people what they want to here when it comes to who you are voting for ... but when you get to the poll, only you know.

  • Airwolf - 2011-05-15 21:07

    Zombi voting

  • Hennie - 2011-05-15 21:13

    If you're still this blind after 17 years you deserve evrything thats coming to you.....enjoy :P

  • vince muller - 2011-05-15 21:19

    Cosato got no other option. No ANC, no Cosato...

  • maverix - 2011-05-15 21:42

    i have a message for Sdumo: i will vote for who i choose, and if you don't approve, well, UP YOURS. we fought for democracy, not to be told what to do without thinking - that's what we were subjected to in the past. now we have a choice.

  • tokoloshe - 2011-05-16 04:21

    hahaha you bunch make the rest of the world laugh at your mentality! how sad! But unfortunately for you, this will not last because the ANC are rotten and corrupt as hell and they are rapidly going downhill in support! I hope that when Hellen Zille becomes president that she will sentence all you corrupt bastards for all the crimes you have committed in the past and then abusing the system to brush them under the carpet! The ANC has so much blood on their hands that they are actually 10 times worse than the apartheid era and the tables will always turn with evil!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boerseun - 2011-05-16 06:39

    What do they vote for? 35% + unemployment, no services, corrupt politicians, no invetsments...destroying the chance of any tyoe of good futur for their children? Yes, that is what they do in effect.

  • Marcell - 2011-05-16 07:11

    The ancESTORS will be happy as they get a pint of donkey blood every month.

  • AnanseYoYo - 2011-05-16 07:25

    unconditionally... without giving it any thought. Like sheep.

  • - 2011-05-16 08:36

    Look what your ANC has done for our country. These statistics will SHOCK you. Spread the video around before 18 May!!! Like it's author, I don't care who you vote for - as long as it's not the ANC. The only reason a lot of people will be voting DA is because it's the only REAL opposition to the ANC - it has nothing to do with black vs white, so get your heads out your racist a55es and smell these statistics!!!

  • HCrouse - 2011-05-17 13:27

    It's pretty ironic that Apartheid's Bantu education, specifically and (mostly)successfully designed to create a servile, uncritical workforce, has created a servile and uncritical voting force.

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