Crocs cause Limpopo voting delays

2011-05-18 18:35

Polokwane - A crocodile-infested river delayed the opening of a voting station near the Olifants River in Limpopo on Wednesday, election officials said.

The province's electoral officer Nkaro Mateta said the station opened at 09:00 because IEC officials could not cross the crocodile-infested river.

They had to wait for an army vehicle to take them across to set up the station at Mankele Primary School in Lebowakgomo, which then opened at 09:00.

"We needed a specialised car because there are crocodiles in the river."

Mateta said a normal 4x4 could not cross the river, so the army was called in to assist and provide the vehicle to transport the IEC officials. It's an army car used in the bushes. The locals use a man-made cable car. It's so risky."

She said the 300 to 400 registered voters for the area were all notified of the different hours for this voting station.

Another station "on top of a mountain" also opened at 09:00 because a helicopter was used to get IEC staff there. About 200 voters were registered to make their mark at this station.

Mateta said by Wednesday afternoon the IEC was happy with how voting was proceeding in the province.

"It has being going very well."

However she said that since Monday, two officials in Giyani, two in Musina and one in Makhado had been fired for campaigning for political parties.

"They were not impartial."

She said a candidate in Giyani was also removed from a party's candidate list after taking down a rival party's election posters.

Mateta said the IEC was motivated by the fact that almost 80% of people who had applied for special votes had turned up.

  • waine - 2011-05-18 18:51

    Only in Africa! A fine example of brilliant planning and foresight!

  • Sallie - 2011-05-18 18:57

    The complaints were most likely be from ANC the 35 year old youth leuage party leader.

  • Lennox - 2011-05-18 19:04

    Blame it on apartheid, the "Groot Krokodil" was to blame!!!

      Lefty - 2011-05-18 19:13

      You took my words.LMFAO! So I will like it!

  • Susannomore - 2011-05-18 19:18

    Ony in SA! Maybe the government could do something about this, like, I don't know, build a bridge!

      pepperment - 2011-05-19 04:27

      Like steel the money, again, for the building of the bridge and then just put some logs over the river!

  • BlendedFrog - 2011-05-18 19:49

    So, the ANC fails to provide a safe crossing of a potentially dangerous river for the locals - but won't cross it themselves because it's 'too risky'. Another middle finger to the populace! And the IEC bods need a damned helicopter to man a voting station on top of a bloody mountain? Surely the ANC could have provided a helo for the voters as well? Or is this ward an ANC marginal and the fewer voters who can get to cast their vote, the better? OMG!

      pepperment - 2011-05-19 04:26

      They anc just failed, period!

  • pepperment - 2011-05-19 04:25

    Even the crocs are up in teeth agains the corrupt anc! I am sure they gahtererd to go and vote for the DA! LOL!

  • 2002 - 2011-05-19 09:57

    And didnt the apartheid regime see it worth building a bridge then?, easy to blame now while you had +1000 yrs of thinking and implementing

      AlphaDog - 2011-05-19 15:15

      Pleeeeeeese! get over the "apartheid" story! it`s as boring as the toilet saga. No-one in this forum represents apartheid, they represent people governed by corruption, I`m sure that you are a racist. Do a reality check and you will find apartheid is GONE!!

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