DA says black support has tripled

2011-05-03 21:45

Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance's support among black voters has tripled in the run-up to the May 18 local government elections, party strategist Ryan Coetzee claimed on Tuesday.

"Since the beginning of this campaign, the DA's support among black voters has about tripled," Coetzee told a press conference in Cape Town, citing the party's tracking polls.

He expected the DA to overcome its historical inability to attract the support of more 2% of black voters in the upcoming poll, and to build on that in the next national election.

"The 2% ceiling is going to be smashed."

Coetzee and DA national spokesperson Lindiwe Mazibuko said the surge in support has put the African National Congress on the defensive.

They said the party had given up all attempts to persuade voters it could govern better than the main opposition, and resorted to telling voters the DA was a racist organisation.

'Cracked under pressure'

"This is the first election since 1994 in which the ANC is facing a significant loss of support. It has cracked under the pressure at the first test.

"The ANC's true colours have been revealed: it is a party of racial nationalism that seeks to divide South Africans along racial lines in an attempt to shore up its rapidly eroding support base."

They said the ruling party's reference to race reached new levels at election rallies at the weekend, and singled out senior members' claims that the DA is run by a "madam and two stooges".

Mazibuko said such a comment by Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande was "typical of how the ANC engages with race".

Coetzee said the party would not retaliate, but stick to its game plan of proving to voters that service delivery was superior in areas governed by the DA.

President Jacob Zuma at the weekend told a rally in Nyanga East the claim that the City of Cape Town was the best-run municipality was "just a myth".

He called on supporters to "help us liberate the Western Cape".

  • Rupesh - 2011-05-03 22:23

    Yes votes, please liberate WC from ANC and keep it DA.

  • Matt - 2011-05-03 22:30

    DA the party for all - DA the party for change - DA for a greater safer SA! Under the DA the rainbow nation will shine!!!

      Taurusaurus - 2011-05-09 11:11

      Well said!

  • Lydon - 2011-05-03 22:35

    I'm beyond stoked to place a big fat X next to the DA in a couple weeks time!

  • Wharen - 2011-05-03 22:41

    I'm not sure what the DA is smoking but this is cherry-picking statistics. Has it tripled from 3 to 9 blacks? I call shenanigans, and a party desperate to pull the wool over our eyes.

      Rapier - 2011-05-03 22:51

      The facts @Wharen will speak for themselves on 18th May - the ANC is a party in disarray, and deserves to be run out of town for the way it is misleading the people, and misgoverning in virtually every municipality. THAT is a fact. I have never heard so much racism since the days of the apartheid government, and the ANC does not know how to change that.

      edward.abrahams - 2011-05-03 23:11

      Wharen... ANC's divisive race-card campaign won't work The ANC has given up trying to convince voters to give it their support. Instead, it has hauled out the race card in a desperate attempt to convince its own supporters not to vote for the DA. This election is a contest between DA facts and ANC propaganda. ... the one who Already has wool over the eyes is you and all the 'blind' ANC fools ... if I were you, I'd pull the wool off ... you'll then see what me and thousands of other South Africans are seeing ... a corrupt and desperate party hitting the water trying to stay afloat.

      Joe_Massahar - 2011-05-03 23:14

      @[blank] Are you saying that Ekurhuleni is as well run as Cape Town. Really!? Would you rather live in the East Rand than in Cape Town - in those dusty streets!! Akona mfowethu!! The Cape is much better run!

      BigD - 2011-05-04 06:10

      @ wharen. Black voters see that the anc cannot govern municipalities. People want to live and see the promises made come to reality. You can carry on voting with your heart and then we will land up like Zim. Maybe you should vote with your head and make sure that your children have a better life.

      Stox - 2011-05-04 12:41

      If the party black support base has gone from 3 to 9 then yes, it has tripled. At least it's a bone fide fact unlike what we're hearing from other parties *cough!* (ANC) *cough!*. But of the approximate, I'd say, 18 million black voters(?), 2% is not 3. Promise. It's a valid stat to use, matey.

      Stox - 2011-05-04 12:46

      Bona* sry...

      Shisstirrer QBE - 2011-05-05 18:06

      Climb back into your hole sonny boy

      Thembisile - 2011-05-09 11:46

      @Wharen, no party should get majority rule in Africa because they tend to be arrogant and mess up big time, I wish DA all the best I will be voting for the DA.

  • POLLENYS - 2011-05-03 22:41

    "City of Cape Town was the best-run municipality was "just a myth". So which one is it then? Pretoria? Joburg? PE? Durban? Any one of the 140 (out of 287) classified dysfunctional?

      ? - 2011-05-03 22:52

      Ekurhuleni is actually well run compared to Tswane and Joburg metro,and its an ANC led metro. I would say Cape and Ekurhuleni are well run

      thinker - 2011-05-04 00:54

      @blank do you mean Cape and Midvaal...I agree

      Gatvol - 2011-05-04 03:46

      Not even the ANC would achieve a 100% fail rate. There must be at least 1 municipality they can run effectively.

      RVQ - 2011-05-04 06:49

      @blank, LOL, Ekurhuleni? What about the buildings burning down because the water lines aren't maintained (firemen have to go back to stations for water), what about the potholes? what about the lack of clean running water in some areas? What about NO toilets? Just because you living well doesn't mean the majority is!

      Kagiso - 2011-05-04 08:36

      Recently moved to Ekurhuleni (place of rest), which is definitely what the Municipality is doing. It is (in my opinion) the worst run metro as I have dealt with all the metro's in my line of work. Kempton Park which is where several tourists stay or go through for accommodation near the airport is filthy - great fist impression for people visiting our country.

      Mystic Boer - 2011-05-04 09:59

      Now we know where to find 'Blank', he works at the Ekurhuleni Municipality.

  • RIMRIM - 2011-05-03 22:56

    It doesn't matter how Badly ANC perform or how well DA does for a majority of Black South Africans. They will not vote for a white person pure and simple. Cut off your nose to spite your face.

      Shadango7 - 2011-05-04 00:28

      Y so judgemental? Can you blame many of the black SAfricans who are not yet ready to vote for a white leader?

      braveinternetguy - 2011-05-04 01:11

      Hey buddy, there is new blood in town...the old days and the old ways are GONE! The people who have left us with apartheid have left us...the old ones of today still oppress us...but there's a new MODERN government eagerly awaiting its call to duty! Use your X to change your LIFE and your FUTURE! DON'T VOTE ANC!

      Stephen - 2011-05-04 02:06

      Black people are starting to realize how incompetent and inefficient the ANC is. The number of blacks wi5thin DA will increase gradually. Youth born after 1994 are more smarter and more wiser, they won't be brainwash and manipulated by the ANC.

      AJ - 2011-05-04 06:46

      @Shadango7 - as I maintained on another thread many black South Africans cannot or will not distinguish between Zille and Verwoerd. That is a very worrying mindset.

      Lucy - 2011-05-04 07:32

      Unfortunately @Shadango - this is all propagated by the ANC in their desperate attempts to fight the DA. They dig up everything they can - you wont go the heaven if you vote DA, the DA is descended from Vervoed, dont vote for a white party etc, etc - nothing very concrete just derogatory blabber. I know in the area where I live the locals are saying they won't vote at all - fed-up with ANC promises but cant bring themselves to vote DA.

      HueyPNewton - 2011-05-04 07:40

      @AJ, Just like most white people can not distinguish between black people and the ANC, or between Me and Julius Malema, or between Me and the Black guy who robbed them. I think thats even more worrying.

      DW - 2011-05-04 09:34

      Huey, I think your comment that "most" whites cannot distinguish between the good and bad blacks is overstated. This may have been the case pre and early post 1994, but things have changed and whites are no longer as bigotted as they used to be. There are still plenty around, but in my experience whites generally now detest corrupt, thieving individuals and outright criminals, whether black or white. Most now recognise that there are plenty of intelligent, hard-working black individuals and that it is not about the colour of the skin but about the nature of the individual. Can you say the same of the majority of black people?

      mm - 2011-05-04 09:44

      But what they don't realise is that even if it was a "white party" which it is not, black people should join the party, hence making it more black, and so getting many more black faces in DA leadership. With only 2% of black voters, why do you expect a black leader? Not that it really should have anything to do with the colour of the leader. Results, delivery those things speak for themselves, and I think Helen has one a wonderful job running the party. Even if she was black, and did what she did, I'd still think she's the best thing since sliced bread. Vote for the delivery you want, not for the colour of the person. Vote for the future of your kids, not for the future of the rich ministers kids while you say poor

      Martin Melzer - 2011-05-15 18:42

      Hi RR That has been true in the past but it may be changing. No-one thought the Arab countries would rise up against their so called leaders either! MM

  • ? - 2011-05-03 22:57

    Tripled? Where did they get these stats from? I sincerely hope that blacks will think twice before voting ANC in 2 weeks from now,because there are many other parties they can vote for such as ACDP,UDM etc,but where did the DA get this stats from? The DA either enjoys lying to people about these stats or they are a party that is very confused. The ANC knows theyre gonna lose in the western cape HOWEVER,the DA with its razor thin majority still needs to convince their supporters to actually get up and go and vote instead of having a midweek break from work and with only 48% of people actually voting in 2006,the race for control of the western cape is on. I predict a hung cape metro parliament.

      nick - 2011-05-03 23:15

      It would appear that '?' has a far better stats team than the DA.... with '?' "expert" knowledge, who needs to vote ?

      thinker - 2011-05-04 01:03

      @nick I agree, judging by what they planned for compared to the actual Mayday turnout (1000) their stats was marginally out LOL!!!

      braveinternetguy - 2011-05-04 01:16

      "razor thin majority" I'll quote you ;)

      mdubane04 - 2011-05-04 08:35

      I don't have to think twice or thrice 17 years is a long time my man what is funny is that black people of today don't care about each other period then look for a scapegoat like playing the race card...get over yourself.

  • Ogre - 2011-05-03 23:15

    As I posted previously, when a team starts losing the game then they start playing the man(in this case the woman). Zuma even publicly said that the ANC should follow the example of the DA in service delivery when the reports on the Western Cape were made public. How can we trust such a man and such a party when they develop amnesia as the occasion warrants. 300 years ago such a person would not even be allowed into a tribe's kraal, now he is given the tribe to rule and the riches of the tribe to safeguard. How can he be voted chief again( please people, I am talking of a mythical African tribe that operated under democratic principals, so no bloody laughing or comments about my distorted understanding of history), when the tribe finds out that the reason for their hunger is that he and his generals have taken most of the cows, maize, trade goods and virgins for themselves while the small tribe in the next valley flourishes. Their cattle are many, the fields are lush with corn, the storage huts are bulging and the people are happy because the chief is fair, honest, has integrity and rules the tribe wisely. The only way the chief of the first tribe can save his @ss is to tell his people to try and take over the neighbouring village so that they will not starve. Will the tribe trust him again not to steal everything if they can take over their neighbours?

  • RationalistPabi - 2011-05-03 23:55

    I'm afraid the DA has got it all wrong!! I'd say that black support has not tripled but in fact quadrupled!

  • braveinternetguy - 2011-05-04 01:04

    OK, here's an idea...if the ANC is ousted in your municipality and YOUR party is voted in...GET INVOLVED! Start by asking your municipal representitive, "what can I do?". Then, let's take it from there...

      braveinternetguy - 2011-05-04 01:15

      ...mind you, only if they promise to account for EVERY CENT of tax money...

      spacemonkey - 2011-05-04 02:52

      Asking what you can do is a good suggestion, but I'd say you should also make sure to let them know what they should be doing. Hold them accountable. I'd recommend doing the same even if your party isn't voted in. An elected official is responsible for serving everyone, not only those who voted for them. You might not have any luck anyway, but you'll definitely have no luck if you don't try.

      BigD - 2011-05-04 06:21

      one of the biggest stumbling blocks any party has running a succesful municipality is the size of the present structure. The numbers of people that have to be paid as councilers etc. Once that is done there is very little money left for anything else. The huge numbers of unemployed people who cannot pay for services make it very difficult. Then to top all that the money spent on services is given to companies unable to provide a decent service plus the skimming - nothing is left for upgrading poor areas.

  • Matome - 2011-05-04 02:12

    2% of the majority population. If DA is going to aim for 2% ANC can start celebrating victory.

      spacemonkey - 2011-05-04 02:41

      The DA are saying that, based on their own preliminary polls, they expect their black support to increase from 2% to 6%. Still, sure, 6% isn't going to be enough for them to win an election (unless there's an extremely low voter turnout). I assume, though, that the DA are celebrating the marked improvement rather than reaching a final goal.

      Marcell - 2011-05-04 02:50

      Stats is not in the figures but on the trends. The one is going up and the other one is going down the loo.

      wpisbo - 2011-05-04 07:50

      Matome, you can mock the DA all you want, but as long as you vote ANC, the corruption and poor service levels will flourish and guess who will suffer most?

      mm - 2011-05-04 09:52

      Yes Matome, and that is where you all get it wrong. It is not about winning or losing, so please go ahead and celebrate your victory, until the next delivery strike that cripples the economy, or the next time your refuge isn't picked up for a month. And then, when you still see your family in poverty in a shack in 5 years from now, again, please celebrate your victory, it is what you voted for. At least you did not lose to a party that has a track record of delivering to all people, that can account for the state money thay use, that is trying to change SA for the better for everybody. At least you have a black faced president and cabinet, no matter how corrupt they are, no matter how they keep the poor poor, to enrich themselves. Celebrate your victory, you deserve it.

  • lance ANCY - 2011-05-04 03:24


      lance ANCY - 2011-05-04 05:03


      Blaq - 2011-05-04 07:53

      then go to plannet Mars with the whites, Ps shut the ef up we trying t make progress fool yes u are

      DW - 2011-05-04 09:43

      Please stop shouting lance. We can hear you without the Caps Lock on. Blacks are very welcome in the DA and always have been. They have a strong constitution and do not tolerate misbehaviour and corruption. You only need to look at what has happened to various councillors and representatives in the past. The minute there is a smell of any wrongdoing they are disciplined and expelled. So the ANC can try their tactics. It would work in a self-serving undisciplined organisation like Popcru or Cope, but it wont work in DA because they live up to their principles. Send the ANC guys. They might actually learn how a real organisation works and be happy to stay and do things the right way. If not, they will be bounced out. No problem.

      Felix - 2011-05-04 09:45


      mm - 2011-05-04 09:55

      LOL, the words of a desperate man. I think the ANC should be the worried one, because for the first time more and more black people see through their lies and actually vote for the good of their children.

  • tcstarke - 2011-05-04 05:32

    Lets give the DA a go. I can't get any worse. The ANC isn't delivering.

      mm - 2011-05-04 09:57

      Exactly. if the DA win a municipality they are not ruling government. The ANC still won the national election. So why not give someone else a chance to try and do better where you KNOW the ANC failed. And if the DA get it wrong, then by all means vote them out again. we do HAVE that power.

  • Christoffsmuts - 2011-05-04 05:48

    Wow like this stat even matter... Is it not about how many people (period) vote for them? I wonder when will our polititians ever grow up?

  • Welleducated - 2011-05-04 07:36

    ANC keeps people poor and racist because it is their punchline to win elections. They count on POOR people, and so they will NEVER make people rich except their own friends and family, and they want to work for THEMSELVES. They are a secret organization who uses fear, religion, threats (if you vote someone else, this will happen...), intimidation (we have to liberate the cape from...) and racism (no comment required, the whole law is based on racist policies!) for votes. The DA do not care if you are poor or rich, they want to WORK for everyone. The DA want to deliver services and jobs to the poor to make them HAPPY, and they want to keep the middle class HAPPY and they want to keep the rich HAPPY without racist policies. They are a transparent party. Everyone wins. I WANT A UNITED COUNTRY and that is why I do NOT vote for a party that divides its country's people, namely, the ANC.

  • spiderkzn - 2011-05-04 07:43

    if Cape Town is myth then why Helen Zille is voted the best Mayor in the world in 2008?

  • Zolani - 2011-05-04 07:54

    I have chatted to many of my friends, even those that are supporters of the new anc, and seems like the smartest plan is to Vote DA in the Municipal elections and the anc in the National elections, The theory is let the whites do the work and the anc will be in charge. I myself will Vote anybody but the new anc

      DW - 2011-05-04 09:46

      It wont work as the different areas have different responsibilities. The DA cannot fix the police force, the education, the health system etc etc as these are central government responsibilities. They can only fix what is wrong in the municipalities, and that will take some time due to the mess that the ANC has left. If you want real change across the board, vote these self-serving corrupt officials out in all elections

      mm - 2011-05-04 10:49

      Yes DW, but you are jumping the gun here. By giving the DA a chance to show that they actually DO want to work for all people and thet the CAN deliver, it might just make people see and think differently come the next general election. Again, its not about winning, and I don't care if the ANC stays the ruling party, but imagine if in the next election they have only 51% of votes and the DA 49% of votes. At least then you will have more DA people in parliament that can challenge the ANC corrupt officials and you will also have a very scared ANC that will surely deliver visible results to their people as they promised, because people will hld them accountable. If they mess up, they might lose power come the next election, so they will WORK for the PEOPLE like they are supposed to. That is what a healthy democracy is all about

  • Willem Louw - 2011-05-04 08:00

    Good for the DA, for not retaliating. Respect! This is the ANC's tactics, as soon as logic and cold reason fails them, they jump up and down, throw insults at the opposition and play the Race-card. Shows lack of maturity and is a pathetic attempt at scaring people into voting ANC. The ANC is in panic mode, and I must admit I am loving every minute of it. They are loosing favour and support at a rappid pace - and fighting fires on all fields. Good job Hellen!

  • Hunter 008 - 2011-05-04 08:05

    DA all the's not a race thing...just service delivery !!! Just get the corrupt, arrogant ANC out of Office !!

  • TheSteve - 2011-05-04 08:11

    I recently visited the Western Cape and facts speak, what a complete pleasure to ride on roads that are maintained, streets that are Clean, talk to people who are possitive. Backk to Gauteng, the rubbish lies in the streets, Vote for those who deliver, the DA can only serve the people, the ANC wants to be Master. You Decide???

  • Tseleng - 2011-05-04 08:18

    Then let's wait and see, 18/05.

      GBES - 2011-05-04 09:24

      All I want is a municipality that functions.Everywhere the anc cadres are in power, service delivery comes to a standstill.Why? Because even the anc mayor cannot just fire these lazy cadres !Lithuli House is playing politics,while we need service delivery.The DA gets my vote this time,because I am scared that my grandkids will start playing in sewage filled streets,rivers & sea.I am scared that the potholes in the streets will become a permanent gravel pit like in Nigeria.I am scared that my power will be cut off because of bad maintenance etc.Lets give the DA a chance.

  • Michelle - 2011-05-04 08:27

    The ANC is scrambling now!for the first time there is a glimmer of hope!VOTE DA!

  • Asquared - 2011-05-04 09:14

    you go girls

  • DW - 2011-05-04 09:27

    In the past, the DA's election policy was to constantly criticise the ANC, earning them the title of chihuahua. Now they can prove that they deliver on their election promises ie the service delivery in Cape Town and other areas. The ANC, who used to make promises and won elections based on those promises, now have to resort to criticising and breaking down the opposition as they cannot show that they are capable of governing in their own right. The tables have turned. Who are the chihuahuas now?

  • Psalm - 2011-05-04 10:16

    "He expected the DA to overcome its historical inability to attract the support of more 2% of black voters in the upcoming poll...The 2% ceiling is going to be smashed." The inability to attract black voters is not historical - it is current. The reasons are varied, but I will canvass a few, from my perspective as a black person- 1. lack of respect of black voters, as expressed constantly by your average white DA member. I am not an ANC supporter, but the assumption by DA whites that the blacks who vote for the ANC are "stupid, illiterate, etc" is blatantly wrong and downright insulting. Of the ANC supporters that I know personally, MOST hold postgraduate degrees and are great thinkers. They would NEVER support a party that is home to such anti-black attitudes; 2. it is one thing to be an opposition party - it is another thing to be a hostile foreign entity issuing ad hominem attacks. The DA often behaves like the latter. A true opposition party clearly attacks policy weaknesses of the ruling party, while clearly presenting its own solutions; 3. a black face with a model C English accent may make your white voters feel "comfortable" - but it scores no points with blacks (I speak as someone with a flawless English accent); 4. to speak about poverty is one thing - to ignore the effects of Apartheid is another & implies approval. Speak of the latter sincerely and link your proposed solutions to them; 5. delivery to poor blacks is lacking from DA - we blacks see this.

      CM - 2011-05-04 11:29

      1. This lack of respect you speak of is a generalization, the feelings that you have mentioned stem from antagonists like Polydonkey and co who are simply on this forum to provoke. 2. The DA's publication of their ministerial handbook is the latest example of attacking policy, then clearly presenting its own solutions. 3. One young well-spoken black DA mayoral candidate, one, now this is cheap politicking in your eyes? 4. The DA does not ignore apartheid, but they do not let it hang as an excuse for not taking responsibility for one's actions, words or policy. Apartheid will not longer be the scapegoat! 5. Yes, the toilets, we know, the toilets!

      Psalm - 2011-05-04 11:57

      @ CM I may be wrong, but I have started from the premise that you are white (feel free to correct me): 1. the lack of respect for blacks is general. Poly need not even post a comment for the usual DA supporters to churn out their anti-black rhetoric. Before I joined this forum, I was considering DA. I am no longer, as I have no desire to give my vote to a party populated by such whites. I might as well give my vote to AWB (if they run) or FF+. I see no difference between the whites in DA and those in AWB and FF+; 2. the ministerial handbook is a recent invention by DA. They have spent most of their time running on "stop the ANC" (as if this is a policy); 3. I note that you claim the black candidate is "well-spoken". Clearly you do not see the similarity between your comment and those of Americans who kept describing Obama as "articulate"- as if this is a new discovery about a black person. Is Zille well-spoken? Why have I not heard whites describe her as such? Furthermore, does an accent alone make a person well-spoken? I thought it was presentation of substance, and good use of language that counted. 4. Your response is a typical white denialist response. Where have I said Apartheid should be used as an excuse for not taking responsiblity? It is precisely this type of white mentality that I would not wish to support with my vote; 5. It's about more than "the toilets". If you knew the issues, you'd know. Your response is a typical DA white member's response...

      DW - 2011-05-04 13:50

      Psalm 1. You are right. There are a massive number of racist comments on these forums, from both sides. Whether provoked by the Polyatonki et al or merely a factor of our old racist impressions and tendencies. There is a lot of work to do. I am often embarrassed by the blatant racist comments made here. However there is most definitely a huge improvement on pre 1994 attitudes and these are improving all the time. People across all races are now more likely to see individual behaviour and criticize that rather than because someone is of a different race. The lack of respect goes both ways, though. The vast majority of ANC supporters are under qualified and undereducated, for various reasons, including the apartheid era education policies. You are fortunate that you know so many with postgraduate degrees, but you must admit they are the minority. Great thinkers they may be, but how do they continue to vote for a clearly corrupt bunch of thieving politicians who are only in it for themselves, their friends and families? I can understand an illiterate, unsophisticated person being swayed by promises to get into heaven/threats that an incorrect vote will kill Mandela etc, but an educated sophisticated person with a post-graduate degree must surely see this for the blatant lies and cheap politicking that it is. How do you accept/justify this? 2. In case you haven’t noticed, the DA has drastically changed its tactics this time around. For all that they point out the corruption and nepotism in the ANC run municipalities (they would be remiss if they didn’t), they are now showing how service delivery in Cape Town and other areas have changed lives. Their solutions are shown in the way that they run the current municipalities of which they have control. The ANC is, in fact, the party pointing fingers and calling the opposition names – they consistently try to state that the DA will bring back apartheid (a blatant lie), bring out the racist card instead of service delivery issues (dividing the nation along racist lines instead of uniting them) and focus on the few mistakes that the DA has made. They can no longer keep making promises (which are never kept) and expect the electorate to keep believing them, so they have changed their tactics to break down the opposition instead. 3. You are right that more representative black faces are required in the DA. I think you are going to be surprised at how many blacks will vote for DA in the upcoming elections, both sophisticated/educated and otherwise. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but there are consistent increases in black membership and this will result in increases in representation, but without compromising on the high standards that they set for themselves. It is time to stop seeing the colour and start seeing the service delivery. People across the board are tired of unfulfilled promises, no matter what the colour of the incumbent is. 4. You are wrong if you think that the DA ignores poverty and the effects of apartheid. With the limited funds available, DA has done far more for the poor in Cape Town than ANC did with all its resources behind it. The ANC policies have proved that they have no effective means of fighting poverty and the effects of apartheid. They have obliterated what education there once was, effectively smashing any hopes of poor people of ever pulling themselves out of their desperate plight. They have touted BEE and AA as a solution, which on paper is very noble. However all it has done is created a few very wealthy individuals at the top, but the majority of people are still living in abject poverty and BEE will never benefit them. Without a decent education, you cannot demand the jobs that are advertised as BEE positions. Without nursing and teacher training colleges, apprenticeships and the passing on of knowledge, you cannot expect to pull the uneducated out of their poverty and allow them to then benefit from BEE policies. ANC has put the cart before the horse. People need to be trained to do jobs before you can demand that they be given these jobs, otherwise you are simply perpetuate a tradition of handouts and demands (take note of the militancy of our trade unions) where there is no productivity to back it up. In a global economy we will be less and less able to compete with truly productive workforces. The ANC solution is to give more and more government grants, but these have to be paid for from a diminishing tax base as our unemployment rate spirals. This is no solution and simply digs us deeper into a hole. 5. DA does not have a flawless record, but they are definitely better than the ANC ever was in Cape Town and other areas. More and more blacks are seeing this and will vote for them. The by-election results are proof of this. You have to wonder why so many thousands of blacks have flocked from the (ANC run) Eastern Cape to Cape Town – either this was orchestrated by the ANC to boost their votes (can’t win on their own recognisances), or these blacks can clearly see that they stand a better chance in Cape Town of getting service delivery than they ever will in their existing townships. The inability of the DA to attract black voters is rapidly changing – you will see this in the upcoming elections and thereafter.

      brown_bread - 2011-05-04 15:41

      Psalm, while I dont agree with everything you say, I also always wonder why when somebody start voting DA they automatically become 'smart', 'clever', etc. For all we know, most of these people might not even have been voting, but the default assumption is that they are coming from the ANC. The sudden smartness, and intelligence somehow assumes that you were not before because you didn't share the same ideas, for reasons that people have no idea about. I have never voted ANC, and I have never voted DA. SO if I decide to vote DA on the 18th, am I suddenly smart?! Who has this compass to measure people's smartness in the first place. My reasons for not voting ANC are too obvious, but had completely different reasons for not voting DA (and in case you wondering, they had nothing to do with race - strange isn't it?). Theres a good chance I will vote DA, also, for obvious reasons, but I dont need to be told I am smart for taking that decision, as if I didn't think about the reasons myself. Do you go around telling other white people that they are smart for voting DA, or do you assume that they'll do anyway because they are white?! There is a thought.

      Psalm - 2011-05-04 16:32

      @ DW 1. The reasons why educated, highly qualified blacks continue to vote for the ANC are varied: they do not trust that the DA acts in good faith where blacks are concerned (i.e essentially, the DA is merely doing what white DA members accuse the ANC of doing- dubing the black masses to exploit them for votes). But there is nothing more off-putting than an encounter with a white DA member (i.e AWB-mentality types). Also, many ANC supporters have not bought into promises from DA and other parties. Without a credible alternative, many vote for the ANC; 2. Yes, you are correct that the DA has recently changed tactics - but time will tell whether they have evolved into a credible policy-addressing opposition; 3. There will be an increase in black voters for DA this time - but this does not translate into loyalty for or "buying-into" DA. To get the loyalty that the ANC commands will take more than Zille dancing, placing black faces on posters, etc. Can the DA meet black aspirations, not just white aspirations? Your average white DA member seems ignorant of black aspirations - if they are a reflection of the leadership, then this trend will not last; 4. the ANC's failures are blantantly clear. I could write a thesis on them. However, DA better note that it is VERY easy to cover potholes on existing roads to please the middle class. Poor areas require more than that and 6% of blacks expect DA to deliver. We'll see whether the DA grasps this.

      theoverlordnu - 2011-05-04 22:37

      Palm: you're concerns about DA (in its present form) are valid. I don't agree with all of it, but you make good points. These are roadblocks the DA needs to overcome in order to be a truly multi-racial party (which I think they will become one day). What I'm curious about is what you're gooing to vote for instead. You mention not being an ANC supporter and recognice their inherent corruption. We who recognice this should not rewards this nepotism, but vote for another party instead. If not DA, then at least COPE or UDM. You with me?

      8TcH - 2011-05-09 12:15

      I see the ANC's strategy is working on you, all you can think of is race.

  • Smindlo - 2011-05-04 10:19


  • nuclear - 2011-05-04 10:27

    Wow, so the DA will have a whole 3 Black votes by the end of these elections?

  • Monica - 2011-05-04 10:42

    Good for you; then we will really have a rainbow nation party and the race-card will be something of the past! All people of this country is tired of the ANC over-spending on private matters and a President that uses tax-payers money to fund his haarem!

  • Luke Slade - 2011-05-04 10:45

    They do realize that this implies that instead of 2 percent black support it has tripled to 6 percent black support?

  • Goldman - 2011-05-04 11:18

    The campaign comments sum up the two parties attitudes towards their respective responsibilities. ANC “Together, we can do more”, DA “We deliver for all”. Why in the world would I elect you do help me do more when I expect you to deliver efficient services in exchange for my vote and taxes!!! My boss does not pay me a salary for us to work together in order for me to deliver my workload. Can’t wait to watch tax payer money spent efficiently when the DA takes more wards come the 18th!

  • motsokwane - 2011-05-04 11:18

    They will never stop to see colour this racists,will they? Anyway do they mean triple from 3 members to 9 members? but I warned you da that you will start to see Africans increasing in your house,and they will rise to the highest level of the hierarchy and then they will teach you some humanity.That's who Africans are,intelligent people, you will soon learn that.

  • Yasr - 2011-05-04 11:31

    I do think the DA poster looks like "A madam and two stooges" and even I am voting for the vile women, anything but the arms-deal administration.

  • Thangy - 2011-05-04 11:38

    "DA says black support has tripled" Heading shoulda read: "Chickens Vote for Nandos"

  • Jack Spratt - 2011-05-04 12:19

    blacks joining the DA? Dancing like a monkey seems to be working then.

      papaRoach - 2011-05-04 13:34

      Don't be a retard..Casper!! Why do you have to spoil it for everyone you muppet!!

      Richard - 2011-05-15 21:56

      Jack, your dumbass statement exhibits everything thats wrong with what could often be constructive debates on these comments pages. The venom that is sometimes exchanged in these comments is merely a reflection of the level of maturity and insight of the commentators.

  • cr1t - 2011-05-04 12:59

    The governments own reports on the western cape said it was the best run province.

  • Jim - 2011-05-04 13:21

    As more and more people become educated so the ANC will lose more and more ground. If we are to be a true democracy and a true Rainbow nation we cannot be run by racist , corrupt organisations.Gone are the days of dishing out chickens for more votes.

  • papaRoach - 2011-05-04 13:32

    Shapa DA shapa!! Lets do this...!!

  • King - 2011-05-04 13:38

    A lot of black people want change from the current corrupt ANC regime, but at the same time we feel that it shouldn't come in the form of a white liberal party. We have to do it ourselves. That's why COPE was such a disappointment. I really can't bear the smug grins of white DA voters thinking to themselves, "well the darkies proved that they couldn't govern and we had to rescue them". Inevitably that's the attitude we're bound to get. I dream of the day when I can vote for an efficient black party, and not a party of minorites that has a few token blacks in it. That's why I won't vote this time around. The ANC must cleanse itself first and only then will they get my vote again. COPE are not up to it and neither are the likes of UDM and IFP. The DA should forget about getting my vote.

      Goldman - 2011-05-04 14:02

      A very valid point indeed. I firmly believe the majority must govern but if that cannot take place then it is up to you to ensure the party that best serves your interests is voted into power, your decision must be based on service delivery and not race. Not all American voters are staunch Democrats or Republicans and in many instances don't even share the majority of the same ideals as either of the two parties, but they vote according to which party they believe will best suite their interests, so should you. Put aside your prejudice and serve your country and its people!

      Steen - 2011-05-04 14:26

      All will be revealed come May the 18. For now all these Party leaders are just barking like stray dogs.

      theoverlordnu - 2011-05-04 22:20

      King Shaka: why not vote COPE? Sure, they have had leadership struggles weightening down the party, but that seems to have ended recently. I'm sure in time they will prove themselves as worthy adversaries to ANC and a viable alternative for black voters who can't bring themselves to vote DA.

  • For Good - 2011-05-05 17:29

    Maybe time to look to some other party, I will look to FF+, I am not a Christian as such, but like to program and the kind of diciplined members and leaders. Also looked deep in the program of others.But favors the FF+

  • schmerz - 2011-05-06 12:40

    "The ANC's true colours have been revealed: it is a party of racial nationalism that seeks to divide South Africans along racial lines in an attempt to shore up its rapidly eroding support base."

  • Beedyeye - 2011-05-09 12:29

    Well, you know what they say! You can fool some of the people sometimes, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. If it was up to the ANC they would keep their electorate uneducated, so that they could fool them all of the time.It is high time that they reap what they sowed.

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