DA wins Cape Town: IEC

2011-05-21 14:36

Johannesburg - The DA has obtained an outright majority in a number of Western Cape municipalities, including the City of Cape Town.

This is according to results released on Saturday by the Independent Electoral Commission in the Western Cape.

The party secured 135 seats in Cape Town, followed by the ANC with 73, said electoral officer Courtney Sampson in a statement.

The African Christian Democratic Party and the Congress of the People obtained three seats each.

The Democratic Alliance retained 61.09% of the vote in the city while the ANC stood at 33.03%.

These were the "final provisional results" for the 2011 municipal elections but has to be confirmed by its national results centre, said Sampson.

The DA told Sapa on Saturday that it had taken Cape Town following a recount.


This after an IEC official in Khayelitsha failed to hand in result slips in the voting district.

It was "a case of gross negligence", said Sampson.

Investigations were underway.

Provincially, the DA took 440 seats, while the ANC had 283.

This was followed by the COPE with eight seats and the ACPD with seven.

Voter turnout for the city of Cape Town stood at 64.66% up from 49.81% in 2006.

For the province, there was a 64.37% voter turnout, up from 51.79% in 2006.

"The dynamic increase in number of registered voters who cast their votes is an indication of the work rate of political parties and the intense media coverage across all sectors," said Sampson.

SABC News reported that DA leader Helen Zille received a warm welcome when she arrived at the Cape Town International Airport on Saturday.

Supporters gathered to celebrate their early election victory.

  • vivr - 2011-05-21 14:42

    May we stay the shining gem of South Africa.

      Rob Gunning - 2011-05-21 14:49

      Of Africa

      Dundermoose - 2011-05-21 15:18

      I recon the increased voting rate is due to DA supporters wanting to keep the ANC out of the Western Cape. They know how things have improved sinc the ANC lost Cape Town. Compare this to hte voting numbers elsewhere, it shows that people in the rest of SA have lost faith in voting.

      HopefulXpat - 2011-05-21 16:27

      OK guys, now it is up to the public to back the DA and make sure that the Western Cape shines even brighter by 2014. Work hard, work honestly and WORK TOGETHER. Pay your taxes with a smile because you can be sure that it will be well invested into society. The DA have shown that if you can govern a metro, you can win a province. Now let's prove that if you can govern a province, you can win a country!

      tryanything - 2011-05-21 17:20

      The new mother Of South africa Will lead the country to greater things.well done.All must support the the new first ladies Of the Cape to provide even better service...

      Organist-1 - 2011-05-22 09:47

      Vivr, the next logical step is to declare the western Province a republic. Then you will have the countries biggest wake-up call ever. Other provinces will be queuing up to find out why WP can make it work while they go further down the drain.

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-21 14:44

    The tribe has spoken.

  • depmode - 2011-05-21 14:46

    Well done Helen and well done DA. I'm sooo happy I live in the Western Cape and my town is now run by winners Now for the rest of the country.

  • Philip - 2011-05-21 15:04

    Ai, I wish I could get something that pays in Cape Town. The tribe has spoken in Joburg as well. Just not for the DA...

      ariete - 2011-05-21 15:58

      Could move to Midvaal ?

      whatashame - 2011-05-21 17:15

      You get what you vote for. Western Cape get good governance, the rest of the country get corruption, increasing unemployment, strikes, no service delivery, poverty, filth and squalor. Wow the so called leaders at the celebrations in JHB last night even got to spray expensive champagne in the faces of their supporters. At least I hope they manged to catch a drop or 2 to actually taste what most people couldn't begin to afford. At the price of that champagne, the cost a few of those bottles could have been used to enclose some of their toilets!!! But there is no money to provide anything for the poor. In my culture is called 'insult'

  • ShanMo - 2011-05-21 15:06

    Lucky Cape Town... they gonna have services....!!!

  • george07 - 2011-05-21 15:07

    what will happen to the official i wonder ?why did he/she do it?would like to know.congratulations to the DA. now for the real work , trying to undo the brainwashing of our so - called leaders of the general populace.(white gevaar / back to apartheid / the madam / teagirl / etc.)

  • joe - 2011-05-21 15:07

    Nice one DA! And a special word of thanks to that fool Manyi who, in an unguarded moment spilt the beans on the ANC's devious relocation plans for the "coloured" voters of the Cape. Nice one Jimmy!

  • Airwolf - 2011-05-21 15:07

    Thank you ANC, for appointing the communist dork, Tony Ehrenreich to spearhead your campaign in the Western Cape.

  • Born in SA - 2011-05-21 15:12

    Lindiwe Mazibuko you are a phenomenal Lady, you make me proud to be a South African!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-21 15:16

      Lindiwe is the future leader of the DA - and what a fantastic leader she will be.

      tryanything - 2011-05-21 17:25

      Helen is our new Mother the old one makes the tea....

      louis - 2011-05-21 19:37

      @ Born in SA Agree entirely. She is very impressive. I dont think shell ever be head of the DA though. In 10 years time, the DA will be a viable option for the presidency and I think that tactically, they will go for a man to appeal more to the black poor. But the mayoral candidate for Joburg impressed too and because the DA are a moral group of people, whoever gets the nod will be worthy. So not the end of the world. My opinion.

      Nordic - 2011-05-22 11:11

      @Saffa-cat -- I couldn't agree more. A poster commented on another article that quoted Helen Zille as saying that the DA will in all probability be led by an African by 2019 and stated that it will be a sad day if the party picks a leader based on colour. If the DA appoints Lindiwe, it will not be based on colour but merit. She is smart, well-spoken and, in my opinion, the DA is lucky to have a young leader of her stature.

  • Francois - 2011-05-21 15:21

    Cannot but commend the three ladies of the DA - Helen, Patricia and Lindiwe - for a brilliant campaign, and for showing up the ANC for wht it is: A fumbling party that cannot debate (Jayzee and Jay-em), that cannot deliver (rest of SA), and who cannot remove themselves from struggle tactics and politics (Faku in NMBM threatening to burn down the Herald). We are proud of the DA and what it stands for - and yes, we are willing to put shoulder to the wheel - just say when and where!!

      Geo Farmer - 2011-05-21 16:19

      AGREE !!! Only problem in the East Cape is that the wheel still has to be invented.

      Krolie - 2011-05-21 18:33

      @Francois. I agree wholeheartedly @Geo Farmer. He he. Good one!

  • Jack Binnerman - 2011-05-21 15:33

    Well I guess the proof is in the voting....cant the rest of the country see a winning province................

      Balmy - 2011-05-22 11:03

      clearly not. The mind absolutely boggles.

  • theprodigy - 2011-05-21 15:38

    Gross negligence, sorry, I dont buy that..intersting that this happens in an ANC stronghold. The ANC will do ANYTHING for power, even if it means lying, stealing, cheating, thretening, intmimidation etc...last time they tried to hide boxes of ballots in a DA area behind a desk. I have no doubt the ANC is & has been involved with widespread rigging, I dont trust them for one millisecond.

      lance ANCY - 2011-05-22 02:07

      And I don't trust the DA....something evil going on here!!

      objective1 - 2011-05-22 14:23

      yes.. its true.. you would think it evil if you have to work for you gain and got get free tender handouts... Sorry about that...

  • marco - 2011-05-21 15:43

    Helen and company needs to sort out this 5 year waiting list the Mayor's office says you need to be on for having to wait so as to be able to buy affordable housing in Cape Town's CBD Area.It's ridiculous for having to wait that long for a council flat in CBD.

      whatashame - 2011-05-21 17:26

      Don't worry it can't be worse than the ANC where people have been waiting for nearly 20 years. By the way DA don't accept bibes but I'm sure your wait will be a lot less than if you lived in an ANC area. Hopefully the ANC government will give them the budget for their plans to deliver for all. Unfortunately the ANC still control the Treasury. The budget for parties however always seems to be available. You should have been at the party last night to see how wisely they use your money.!!!!

      Alo - 2011-05-21 21:57

      Why should you get housing in the CBD, I also want some where do I signup to live in town for free? Can I get a car and a boat to go with that?

      tryanything - 2011-05-22 15:05

      Dont worry you might get a job that pays I know of at least two people moving their factories down there......A much more user friendly province.

      Neville - 2011-05-22 17:50

      The ANC must stop bussing people in so that we can provide houses for the people of Cape Town

  • Proudly SA - 2011-05-21 15:55

    Brilliantly done DA; the ground work is done for a massive growth in 2014. I hope every woman who votes ANC will reject party based on awful sexist, insulting, disrespectful and downgrading language and conduct from Malema. ANC Women's league and all woman in cabinet should be demanding he apologise and be kicked out of ANC.

  • Perfume - 2011-05-21 15:59

    Well done to Helen Zille, Patricia and Lindiwe, these 3 ladies are a force to reckon with, next time take the whole country!!!!

      tryanything - 2011-05-21 17:33

      Yes our three new national Mothers will look after us properly . We will

  • Geo Farmer - 2011-05-21 16:12

    CONGRATULATIONS.... WELL DONE DA!!! All you WP's positive comments make me feel jealous, living in the Eastern Cape.I can't bear the thought of again having to dodge potholes ,leaking pipes,rubble and litter lying around etc, for another couple of years.

      edward.abrahams - 2011-05-21 21:20

      Don't worry Geo, just bear it out for a few more years. My advise you and our suffering people there... be patient and before you know it there will be change for the better for ALL of you. We REALLY feel sorry that the DA lost out(by such a small margin) in EC but that means we've GROWN SIGNIFICANTLY! You are in our thoughts... God bless

  • jacqueslazier - 2011-05-21 16:17

    In France, several newspapers praised Helen Zille for being a very good leader. They said that the ANC has become a corruption-ridden party which damages and destroys South Africa's economy. They also said the South African blacks should now stop voting for ANC because it is leading South Africa to disaster and ruins.

      allie - 2011-05-21 17:25

      And Trevor Manual thinks the international world will consider a person from such a corrupt goverment as a leader for the IMF. Dream on traitor.

      mario borchards - 2011-05-22 12:47

      fully agree with you Allie, Trevor Manuel is a traitor! lost all respect for him.

      tryanything - 2011-05-22 15:08

      The International Police also blew it with Old Jackie. What the hell were thse wankers thinking??

  • Joryha - 2011-05-21 16:22

    The key is "We deliver for all" made possible through good governance in the City and Province, the way only the DA can. We look forward to more successful partnerships between the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Government Western Cape.

  • Shawn Lambert - 2011-05-21 16:23

    Just wish everyone in PE,Uitenhage, had enough ballet papers to cast there vote, maybe the DA would have got that too!

  • Wayne - 2011-05-21 16:26

    Good news for this beautiful province. Sadly KZN is still in the dark ages and regressing fast. ANC Mike is well and truly in the gravy train and enjoying the ride.

  • Hunter 008 - 2011-05-21 16:33

    Fantastic News !!!!I wish the DA had won in Durban !! Service delivery here is bad!! Not to mention the Idiotic street name changes !!! Everybody is still using the Old street names anyway !! Wake up ANC !!!

      Metal-2Metal - 2011-05-22 16:28

      From Metal-2-Metal All iam seeing here is praise 4 DA,..especially the one that says" i dont trust ANC for fraction of second..or s.thing like that"YOU cant trust the party that dilodged your RESIST fathers,at least ANC gives you thieves to vote,you never gave any black person a chance to vote!!!!!,i think we should change the constitution,so ANC can appoint Mayors and premiers...then we will see wht those thieving mouths of yours will be saying..!!! Wait a bit!!!Dont worry about 'the' Lindiwe face,she is there for convinience sake,only that never again will a white party rule SA again,otherwise you would wait till you have blinded a good majority of stuges blacks, then throw her away using a "fremzy" reason...angithi you would have archieved your agenda...BUT never,even if PW waz to rise from da dead,he would go back there with a bullet if need be,SA is for Arrican..finished and Claar,watch the space..!!

      RagingGamer - 2011-05-24 01:21

      Metal 2 Metal, you do realise the DA has roots in the PFP right? And essentially the only party that stood up in parliament and regularly called apartheid and it's racist Policies Dreadful? Not to mention that you clearly have no idea about the DA. While the DA does have a large number of white members, this is due to their desire to have competant employees. Now, I am not saying employees of other races are not competant, however, we are still in the process of fixing the inequality created by apartheid, and rather, instead of choosing members based on the colour of their skin completely ignore that and merely use merit. This way, the party will over time shift to a black majority, as South Africa has a black majority, just dont expect it to happen in 1 generation, it'll happen over several. The same way that with every new generation less and less support the ANC. More and More people realise that voting on loyalty and race is wasteful. Are you loyal to your plumber? Why should you be loyal to a party?

  • maseratifitt - 2011-05-21 16:52

    Well done, everybody associated with the DA. I think I will be moving to Cape Town, where sanity and reason prevails. Viva DA! Viva Helen ! Viva Patricia ! Viva Lindiwe! Viva Western Cape !

      edward.abrahams - 2011-05-21 21:50

      You will NOT be sorry, Maseratifitt! I'm a Capetonian by birth, living in JHB, for 10 years. Moved my family BACK to CT in 2010.... It was THE BEST DECISION I made! Life is PEACEFUL, CALM, there's ORDER, our kids are HAPPIER, the living environment is FAR BETTER, we are MUCH HAPPIER as a family and FAR LESS STRESSED! Besides, the DA, wants to make CT an ECONOMIC SUCCESS for job-creation and business! Watch this space, they are going to get it right. Come on down and contribute to that success my friend...

  • William de Braal - 2011-05-21 16:56

    I appreciate the comments and note the intellectual content and also the lack thereof. It really spells out the difference between ANC and DA. Choose

  • Kevin - 2011-05-21 17:00

    Seems Julius Malema is one of the DA's more effective weapons. Keep him polished!

      Pfffft - 2011-05-21 17:24

      Yes, viva malema viva! You have given the DA thousands and thousands of votes!

      tryanything - 2011-05-21 17:35

      We have a new garden Boy and tea girl.

      louis - 2011-05-21 19:43

      Polished is the word. My mom can smell a nose job a mile away.

  • Maddy-CT - 2011-05-21 17:01

    These elections have made me realise the importance of Nadine Gordimer's words: "South Africa needs its citizens to try to understand each other's lives, histories and points of view".

  • Vickers - 2011-05-21 17:06

    Only worry is if I pack my things and move to the Western Cape, must I then support the Stormers and Province as well? ;-)

      Perfume - 2011-05-21 17:13

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am seriously thinking of moving to the WP, but will be in the same position as you, I am a SHARKS supporter!!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-21 17:37

      @Vickers and @Perfume - if you chaps are contemplating a 'standard of living' upgrade,by moving down here, you might as well do a rugby 'upgrade' as well and support WP and The Stormers. See it as trading in your Vespa for a Porsche. :)

      Umfubi - 2011-05-21 17:41

      Hell yes! It's mandatory!

      edward.abrahams - 2011-05-21 21:58

      Boy it feels good to be back in my beautiful Cape Town again! And to be surrounded with great folk like u! Common people, letz make Cape Town a BIGGER FORCE to be reckoned with. The DA is going to perform GREAT THINGS here. I've traded my Vespa for a Porsche last year already.

      edward.abrahams - 2011-05-22 13:34

      "Common people" >>> supposed to read: "Come on people" Sorry about that...

  • perthbok - 2011-05-21 17:07

    It's obvious that "Matla" is stirring with you guys. Don't even bother to respond to an idiot who doesn't understand what the hek he is thinking. Everyone knows the Cape is so different to the rest of the zoo. Well done Helen and co. It will get even more better there and those clowns from the ANC will continue with their corrupt ways and dig their own graves.

  • Madeleine Campher - 2011-05-21 17:12

    /\/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\/\ and the Western Cape are in safe, very capable and honest, hardworking hands! We're LOVING it! Thanks DA!

      pierre.daneels - 2011-05-21 17:36

      How do you do that Table Mountain thing - awesome!

      edward.abrahams - 2011-05-21 22:01

      /\/""""""""""""""\/\ Like this :) Well thatz my way(still looks like our BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN hey!?)

      lance ANCY - 2011-05-22 02:03

      Not at all safe....waiting on the earthquake and tsunami...:(

      mario borchards - 2011-05-22 12:50

      nice art Madeleine!

  • RobertKay - 2011-05-21 17:27

    Viva DA - Viva!

  • May - 2011-05-21 17:30

    Jou lekker ding DA!!!!

  • William - 2011-05-21 17:54

    Wohoooo the people have spoken !!!

  • matla - 2011-05-21 17:57

    i love u madame Helen, please invite me for Klipdrift, net 'n klippie Amandla ANC

  • matla - 2011-05-21 18:07

    ANC WON ORLANDO PIRATES WON -- THE ABSA PRIMIER LEAGUE What a perfect weekend. What could be better than this? Honestly, Kicking Madame and Eve out of Cape Town, in fact out of South Africa. No i reconsidered my decision, OUT OF AFRICA - FINISH EN KLAAR

      phillip.havenga - 2011-05-21 18:53

      matla you should be kicked off the planet for being an oxygen thief and dumb as sh*t

      louis - 2011-05-21 19:47

      Hes not dumb. Hes just racist and equates politics with supporting a soccer team. Maybe lets all vote ANC. 100% of us...But then also hold a survey as to who should govern the country. You know like clean up rubbish and build electricity generators etc. and whoever gets the most recommendations in that survey will run it.

      WITBUL - 2011-05-21 19:55

      How about I kick you in the balls? Oh no wait, don't have any. You are a brainless ANC sheep who can't think for yourself. FINISH EN KLAAR!

      objective1 - 2011-05-22 14:25

      But you voted for her... hahahahahah

      Neville - 2011-05-22 18:03


  • nem - 2011-05-21 18:46

    ,I think now is the time to sit down with the anc and draw up an agreement for independence of the Western Cape,it was done in Sudan it surely be done here too.Time to build a fence and have our freedom from crime and racial hatred.Trevor Manual can even be president,lets shut down this place as you gotta know next muncipal elections the anc will win as they just bus in more supporters from the eastern cape,, In 2005 the anc did mention Cape Independence,let them have azania,and all those who want real freedom up and move so we can live and farm in peace.!

  • KEITH - 2011-05-21 18:46

    Hang on guys an girls, if you think there were busloads coming in from the eastern cape before, hang on to your hats and watch the N2. they're a commin!!!

  • The huntchback - 2011-05-21 18:55

    i hope the da sorts out the taffelsig problem, i hope they keep their promises

  • CdnMoose - 2011-05-21 19:41

    THat sound you's the DA train gathering steam ...getting ready to roll over that ANC forever in the WC and next election , I see the DA taking most likely the Northern Cape , and probably the Eastern Cape as well....then lookout 2019....Oh and if anybody thinks they are going to harm any of these wonderful ladies, Helen, Patricia or Lindiwe...prepare to meet your ancestors sooner than expected...Finish and Klaar!!!

  • POLLENYS - 2011-05-21 20:00

    This after an IEC official in Khayelitsha failed to hand in result slips in the voting district. ========== Just another example of ANC incompetence.

  • POLLENYS - 2011-05-21 21:00

    Closer to 3½ million living in CT.

      Tebza - 2011-05-21 21:11

      whatch the space, DA is saturated; its growth is a direct merger with ID as well as a dwintling support for Cope and ACDP. ANC only lost 3% in average, hence, DA potential in the next polls will only be in KZN where it could perhaps swallow Minority front, IFP and NFP; then it will be permanently happy in opposition benches except in Western Cape.

      Wolraad Woltemade - 2011-05-21 21:34

      @Tebza - Will have to wait and see, maybe not tomorrow, or next year, but the time is coming, I know, my crystal ball told me!

      Wolraad Woltemade - 2011-05-21 21:40

      P.S. Pollenys, The Western Cape and Immediate surrounds have almost 5 million people - With the highest education rate, and the only Province that will bring back Apprenticeships programs for Artisans - The rest of SA has none, therefore they will be in deep sh@t in a few years - The rest of SA only has managers, and no Technical workers - haha - See them fall apart in a few years.

  • archilito - 2011-05-21 21:39

    Second that

      Tebza - 2011-05-21 21:48

      Hahahahaaaaaa! Cape Town / western cape is subsidised by Gauteng and KZN in terms of tax collections. The only big revenue generation in Cape Town is tourism. make yourself a favour and find out the GDP of Gauteng. Cape Town is a beautiful retirement destination. just ask people who travel arround, my fellow South Africans.

      Wolraad Woltemade - 2011-05-21 21:58

      Tebza - You are quite right - the Western Cape's GDP is 14.5 % per year, growing at 4 % give or take yearly... Not bad for a Province that only has 10 % of the country's population ... its one thing looking at the figures; it's quite another thing if one is to take into account the entire fraction of the equation... You cannot make linear assumptions for a parabolic graph. (But you are right on the GDP in handsight)

      anglosaffer - 2011-05-21 22:02

      @Tebza You actually have a bit between your ears, however not a lot there's still hope for you. Study a little harder my friend and maybe just maybe one day you will finally understand. FACT Western Cape is near enough the only plase in SA where tourists can go without waiting for the local tstotsi to mug, rape or rob them. Tell ANC to get their Sh1t togetehr and toursim might boom elsewhere.

      Tebza - 2011-05-21 22:22

      Anglosaffer - but since you believe that Shrien Dewani comes from Gauteng, and all tsoties in table mountain robbing people are non-capetonians, well all the best

      anglosaffer - 2011-05-21 23:04

      @Tebza As to the Table Mountain dilemma I would suggest to your government getting our borders patrolled properly, however I never said crime does not effect the Western Cape at all, you are clutching at straws. What are the crime statistics between Cape Town or Guateng CBD, aka backpackers' paradise? The fact remains since the ANC has been in government crime has worsened, unemployment has risen and tax money squandered. Hamba kahle umfuwethu ;)

      Stefan - 2011-05-21 23:35

      The ANC can argue which ever way they like, support is moving away from them. For me it is significant that almost 2 out of 5 South Africans already supports a party different to the ANC. The DA will have to do more work though to convince your less educated black voter that it is not a white controlled party, otherwise many people thinking like Julius Malema calling Lindiwe Mazibuko a 'tea girl' will still vote for the ANC as they cannot look past race as a criteria for voting yet. I think the DA needs a good strategy to capture the imagination of young black voters as well, in the 2014 election we'll see the first round of "New South African" youngsters cast their votes. If they're going to be brainwashed by Malema, South Africa has a problem.

      mario borchards - 2011-05-22 13:02

      @ Tebza. Once RSA's minerals depletes which is happening at a fast pace due to mismanagement and corruption, tourism will be the way forward! tourism is becoming the 'new gold'

  • archilito - 2011-05-21 21:45

    Just need to put up "keep out signs" feel a little bit safer

  • lance ANCY - 2011-05-22 00:14

    Helen Zille a illuminati jew?....CONTROLLING THE MINDS OF PEOPLE?

      lance ANCY - 2011-05-22 00:17

      Many are clinging to the hopes that under Helen Zille, South Africa could have a bright future ahead, but sadly, Helen Zille represents one of the two mechanisms (being fear and false hope) which are used to control sleeping sheeple. Zille represents the “false hope”, and main stream media, hypnostized South Africans, are made to believe that she is the answer to the dire state that South Africa has been left in, under the “Black Government”. In much the same way, Obama was campaigned under the political slogans of “hope” and “change”, which is what America was led to believe it needed after the disasterous Bush Jr administration. But as many of us have realised, the same people who controlled Bush, control Obama, and much the same is truth for Helen Zille, who is controlled by the “Wyse Manne” or “Wise Men”, who have controlled South African politics since it’s independence in 1961, and control South Africa on behalf of the Vatican, to this very day.

      RVQ - 2011-05-22 00:47

      No way, thinking something similar' Malema could not have gotten to where he is today with say his brain, obviously, duh! Now what if he was put there. What? You say. That's right. Just here me out. ANC Elite placed him there and are grooming him to be the next president. Why? You ask. Getting there. JZ obviously has a limited time on this planet and can only marry so many women in his life time at the same time it takes the resources of a country to support soi many wives and children. Huh? You say. Hold on, it ties up. Malema obviously has a lot of free real estate upstairs soooo by the time Malema becomes president JZ will be old on his way to the afterworld. Drum roll please. The elite plan on transfering JZ's mind into the empty space in Malema's head, THATS RIGHT! Boom! I know! JZ is back second time round!

      RVQ - 2011-05-22 00:50

      More time, more wives, more children, now that is what I am saying. Bet you were wondering why Malema, I mean what purpose could he possibly serve and now you know... crap my bake bean tin can alarm just went off...

      Democrat - 2011-05-22 10:54

      You are obviously blind to the truth. The DA stands for clean governance and delivery. The DA is also a totally integrated party and nowhere during the election did the DA resort to racist rhetoric to sway voters. However, whenever Zuma or Malema appeared on stage all the did was spew racist propaganda, telling lies about the DA and playing upon the fears of a superstitious populace (your ancestors will be angry if you don't vote ANC). Helen Zille leads the DA and is a woman of the highest integrity. Your comments are therefore insulting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      Perfume - 2011-05-22 11:24

      LMAO @Helen Zille being an illuminati jew, and what about the Association of National Criminals that still has their very own after 17yrs living in abject poverty, still living in shacks, the unemployment rate has increased, so if you want to point any fingers, point it at those that who worship which ancESTRAL!!!!

      RagingGamer - 2011-05-24 01:31


  • Karooseun - 2011-05-22 02:36


  • Karooseun - 2011-05-22 03:09

    The Western Cape now holds the key,to and for the retoration of democracy in South Africa,and the return of law and order,now so sadly at its lowest level,since the end of apartheid,and the reduction of crime,murder rape,now at its highest level,under this corrupt ANC Government.The DA,has now given proof that it has the skill and expertise,and men and women that can restore the country to become a democracy,which it is not now under this communistic black Zuma Government

  • Karooseun - 2011-05-22 03:11


  • s21164259 - 2011-05-22 09:27

    Is SA ever going to see a headline reading: DA looses all metros but Cape Town: IEC Bias in the media is so thick even stinks!

      Vickers - 2011-05-22 20:09

      One can only loose something that you once had. The ANC once ruled Cape Town but the lost that. The DA lost nothing, they only improved their percentages. Hence the losers are...

  • gareth.parr - 2011-05-22 09:34

    Eventually big business will grow tired of paying the exorbitant rates, refuse, sewer, electricity and water charges that are currently being levied by the City of Johannesburg (COJ). Eventually big business will get sick and tired of the constant and on-going billing problems the COJ experiences. The power outages, potholes and lack of service delivery will eventually become too much to bear. The COJ is on the brink of financial collapse (it is apparently owed more than 28 Billion in rates and services) and its only answer to fixing the situation is to increase the rates, increase the electricity and water tariffs, toll the roads and to collect money through JMPD by issuing more speeding fines (has anybody noticed the increase in JMPD officers who sit and speed trap?). Eventually big business will have enough of all of this and will make the financial decision to relocate their head offices. Where do you think they will relocate to and how many influential people will follow suit? It’s only a matter of time before the money makers leave “Jozi” and the income stream dries up.

      joe - 2011-05-22 11:01

      You tell 'em Gareth. But we must encourage this, not discourage it, because if you are right we'll all soon land up in CT, i.e. in Paradise. Can't wait.

  • WitBoesman - 2011-05-22 13:07

    Hey Malema as predicted last week you will need to sharpen those lawnmower blades and get down to mowing "The Madams" (these are your words) lawn ASAP!!!! BTW keep in mind that the voters have exercised their democratic rights and have sent a clear message that you and your ANC Youth League/Party are not welcome in CPT. Chew on some springbok vel it might help to get ride of your frustrations, LMFAO!!!

  • scotty scotty - 2011-05-22 15:20

    From the statement below, how do the ANCYL explain DA win in Cape Town, also when this statement was made, NO senior ANC memeber intervened, at least not publicly, to condem it. "Cape Town - The ANC Youth League has called on the youth to vandalise the City of Cape Town over poor service delivery. "We are going to destroy everything and make the city ungovernable," ANCYL Dullah Omar region secretary Loyiso Nkohla said on Tuesday. "We are calling on all youth to do this [vandalise the city], especially those living in informal settlements." Nkohla 's deputy Chumile Sali said the ANCYL was doing this to expose those parts of the city where the DA had failed to deliver services."

  • Jarryd - 2011-05-22 15:46

    FANTASTIC! :) Well done, Helen! I'm sure you, and Aunty Pat, will accomplish great things in the Western Cape. Lets show the ANC that the DA is a force to be reckoned with!