Election results verified: IEC

2011-05-21 10:35

Johannesburg - Vote counting has been finalised in the 2011 local government elections, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) said on Saturday.

"All votes have been counted and verified," said spokesperson Kate Bapela.

"We are now preparing for the official announcement at 18:00."

She said the objection process was rounded off without any significant glitches.

The commission was preparing for numerous dignitaries and visitors expected at its results centre in Pretoria.

"We are working hard to ensure everything runs smoothly."

  • Father-Time - 2011-05-21 10:46

    I may not be happy with the result but i think its safe to say that the elections were fair. I dotn want to even hear about a service delivery protest from the masses till next elections. You get what you voted for now live with it.

      Zion - 2011-05-22 10:26

      4 weeks pappie then the masses will be hitting the streets.

      Spyker May - 2011-05-22 15:30

      Father.., I don't agree. The 2011 Municipal Elections in SA were FREE (I agree), but no, certainly NOT FAIR..! NEVER..! How is “FAIR elections” – ie ‘true’ results – possible in a country as corrupt as SA..??? HOW.., I have to understand how..? It is a physical impossibility..! In fact it is naive to even consider the possibility... I do NOT believe the ANC legitimately got (around) 62% of the vote. It is likely closer to 55% (perhaps even less). While I accept that most black people in SA face an odious internal conflict, viz: do they vote for a (perceived) “white” party that can do the job and legitimately improve their lives, but be reminded of their inferiority all day; OR, do they vote for their incompetent ‘brothers’ and live in content squalor. Although, there is (unfortunately) no “pleasing” manner to convey this verity, it remains the crux of SAcan politics at the present time. Despite the abovementioned, I believe there are a tangible amount of black people who have realised that the ANC is NOT SA’s future. They also do NOT have an alternative – they will simply abscond from voting. The ANC answers largely to three groups of people (only): 1. Squatter Camps (the unemployable), 2. People who work for the government/municipalities, 3. People who cannot compete in an open marketplace – ie have to ‘steal’ jobs through Affirmative Action. No other person – irrespective of colour – will consider the ANC. There are simply too many opportunities in the SAcan voting process that is open to human “intervention”. It is a bit like our drivers licence tests. It is fraught with opportunities for fraud. Eg – why is the “Drivers Theory” a ‘paper’ test..? These (paper) tests are copied and are freely available for a few bucks (in fact people are so blatant, the stolen copies are used to ‘crib’ from during the tests). Eg – your test is marked in ‘secret’ – you cannot verify the results, etc, etc, etcetera. Why is it not a ‘touch screen’ computer test..?? You are not allowed to take anything – I mean ANYTHING into the test-room. You hand in your ID book before you enter. The computer runs a program that selects one of a ‘large’ number of possible tests (completely randomly) – you do the test and it immediately gives you the results. This also means that you do not have to have ‘fixed’ test times and consequently have to make an appointment – you just arrive and do the test. Eg - there can actually be 24hr testing stations. Eg – everything, excluding the info on the screen, is under permanent camera surveillance. The driving part of the test: You have to go to a driving school – they are all completely privately owned. They give you a std certificate when you are competent – a Certificate of Competence. The cert is completely anonymous – they don’t know where you go for the ‘drivers’ test, PLUS the people who give you your Drivers Licence don’t know where you have been. If you then fail your ‘driving test’ you can go to an independent Ombutsman who investigates how you got your Cert of Competence (without being able to drive). The ‘Test Officials’ take the jobs with the prior knowledge that they will not be posted at a single test station for more than two years and will then move to an unknown (new) station. Independent organisations – eg the AA, Insurance companies, etc, sent (randomly) their own inspectors to inspect the Drivers’ Licence Testing Stations and even the privately owned Driving Schools (the law must make provision that in fact ANY citizen of SA can inspect any driving test station at any time). It is not 100% corruption proof, but is at least 100 000 times better than the existing ‘thing’, PLUS corruption will be so much easier to track. Bar all else, such a method (or alike) at least ensures that you understood the Road Signs and Rules of the Road when you were tested. The reality is, not only will SA’s road safety record improve dramatically, almost immediately, I doubt if 25% of applicants will pass even the first test... Back to the election results: Just one arbitrary example – the people who are IEC officials, are most often the same people who work at the local municipality. If the ANC looses the elections, there is a tangible chance that they will lose their jobs, etc, etc. While they may not be able to change the results en masse – a 10% “fiddle” is VERY possible. In closely contested areas – eg PE, this is a very, very real prospect. One possible way to solve this.., The United Nations must create an independent branch/body that administrates bona fide “FAIR” elections all over the world. Governments who subscribe to this “body” pays an annual fee and that is where their involvement ends. The said body elects ‘officials’ from countries that have zero bias towards the country where elections are held. They have a permanently travelling/round-going global ‘road-show’. A bit like the UN Peace Keeping Force. Eg SAcans and (eg) their neighbouring countries will never be officials in a SAcan election – they will be used elsewhere. The election process is completely electronic – NO PAPERS and NO BOXES – thus, NO HUMAN INTERVENTION. A voter makes his/her choice on a touch-screen. A computer hard-drive stores the vote/result as a back-up (and first-line tally) and at the same time sends the vote/result and its own tally, via a random/scrambled signal, to a secret central location. The UN Election Body then announces the results. This independent UN Election Body continuously researches the best technology for elections – completely independently. Eg on-line finger-print technology coupled to the central station as a back-up for the ink-stain ID. I apologise for the lengthy dissertation, but we HAVE to find a way for our election results to be completely independent of any form of human intervention, most definitely from intervention by the very people who are affected by it (directly).

  • Huey Freeman - 2011-05-21 10:57

    Well done SA and IEC. Think about how much violence there used to be in the run up to elections in SA. While we have a long way to go, I think we should recognise that we have also come a long way.

      Tom - 2011-05-21 11:19

      I agree. Well done to everyone that worked so hard and to everybody that took the time to go and vote. As far as politics go, no country has it completely right (people are people). Our opposition (DA) is getting stronger every election, which will lead to politicians policing each other and keeping voters happy.

  • marco - 2011-05-21 11:14

    Let's see it then you open toilet country.

  • Senzov - 2011-05-21 11:31

    i am happy because I didn't here any sort of violence or maneuver or manipulation of ballot papers..Thank you South Africa and IEC

      scotty scotty - 2011-05-21 12:36

      There has been some close incidents of violence. The ANC in Midvaal threatened to burn down the houses of those they believe did not vote ANC and in the Eastern Cape senior party leaders incited ANC supporters to attack and burn down a newspaper.

      Senzov - 2011-05-23 16:40

      Eish..those are typical citizens and leaders who are not disciplined EISH

  • robertmanthe1 - 2011-05-21 11:38


  • andre.neethling1 - 2011-05-21 11:49

    thanx julius if there were two more of you the da would have won the election!

  • rimmoah - 2011-05-21 12:11

    we still have a long way to go before anc supporters vote with their heads and not their hearts.if that were the case the DA would win with 100% of the vote.

      Angazi - 2011-05-21 12:45

      @Ramoah your head must be swung backwards then! You must look at the bigger picture, people vote not only for service delivery but also look at the party policies, currently DA policies are pro white supremacy. DA is against AA, BBBEE, land reforms etc all the policies put in place to redress the wrong of the past, and yes I know some of these policies affects the white youth who were not there during apartheid but they indirectly benefited as their parents and grandparents are well off and control our country's economy whilst the majority of black people were slavering working hard in farms,mining, industries to make white man rich. Now we are free same white man refuse to share ownership of the companies with black people. It makes wonder what exactly the white South Africans want, I am sure every S African want to leave in the society where all our country resources are excessable and everyone has equal opportunities, that can be realised when the balance has been achieved, currently the majority of the country is poor so we are still far from achieving the balance. Beside DA being against AA, BBBEE and land reforms, it never come up with a tangable alternative to this policies which can redress the wrong of the past. In short people will still vote ANC until someone else comes up with something that will accomodate the masses not only the so called "whites"

      gizzy - 2011-05-21 12:54

      Angazi you learn very well from your racist masters!!!!! Keep repeating the lies!!!!

      barryjoelm - 2011-05-21 13:10

      Angazi, you're an idiot

      jen - 2011-05-21 13:19

      Angazi, as it happens the DA have very workable plicies regarding land distribution and job creation which you haven't bothered to find out about. Clearly you think the only way for you personally to get anywhere is by taking someone else's land? What if someone else then takes it away from you? Why should YOU be the one who gets it? In fact, how does it get shared out? Even if you took all the white people's land, there are only 4 millions whites in SA, and approx 44 millions black people. Promises from the likes of Malema are an absolute joke, and the moment nationalisation or land grabs begin happening, South Africa will collapse because no-one will continue to finance another Zimbabwe.

      Angazi - 2011-05-21 13:24

      @gizzy: That means you and other masters taught me well, thank you!!!!

      Dudemeister - 2011-05-21 13:39

      @Angazi Nobody is refusing to share ownership of companies with black people. Go to and find out how!

      whatashame - 2011-05-21 14:18

      Not likely as that would also not be a democracy and will be a one party state but what is interesting that the white, indian coloured and asian poulation of this country is only about 20% and the black poulation is just under 80%. Taking it that many of these 20% voted ANC which is fine as it is also their democratic right, but that also means that in order to get the percentage the DA got overall, plenty black people must have voted DA. Makes my heart happy to see progress in democracy. Now lets see the ANC wards still left in the Western Cape show the DA how efficiently they can upgrade their areas (and all other areas). Then maybe they will get their voters back. @ Angazi you don't have a clue - A democratic country entitles you to look at ALL party manifestos and policies. You obviously have internet access but unfortunately found the policies of the DA as written by Julius I presume. Transparency and accountability is what I voted for and that is my democratic right.

      Angazi - 2011-05-21 14:56

      @Jen, dudemeister,whatashame: You dont need to express your poor of knowledge by using "idiot" "stupid" all those rude words. You just need to be clever enough to debate your facts or opinions. If DA has those "workable policies" clearly are not workable enough for them to communicate them publicly. and ofcourse yes a black knows very well how a land cant be taken away from and cannot do anything about, unfortunately you also dont understand goverment policies about land reforms, they applied a willing seller and willing buyer principle to make it fair to the existing owners, and do you know what they do, they place an exhurbiant prices, a quick way to richness and obvious they dont care about reconciliation. I will lend you a secret my friend ANC will never apply Zimbabwean type land grabs, be assured not in this life time because they always willing to reconcile. Regarding the sharing of land, it just a best way for everyone instead of taking it away as Vervoed and his cronies did, it's just humane. Oh yeah sharing of ownership yes some white people are willing to share with blacks for their own benefit, just abuse BBBEE by making a "tea lady" and "garden boy" directors so they can coin in goverment coffers, and you tell me that this reconcilliation and it is DA policies???

      whatashame - 2011-05-21 20:11

      @Angazi. Read again - nowhere did I mention stupid. Show me the land any white got for free and I will fight them to give it back to you. Provided you paid for it that is. Who gave the land in Soweto and built houses that are still standing. Maybe if you listened to the other party campaigns you would have heard all you needed to hear. That is what informed voters do. Hear what ALL parties have to say then look at their manifestos. Look at the audits. See who is the most clean and who delivers on their promises and then make your decision. By the way willing seller willing buyer didn't work because the willing seller still hasn't been paid and his farm has gone to ruin. Would you sell your house for what you paid for it and lose out an all you spent on making it better???? And then still be happy to never recieve your money. Stop being so anti and entitled. You are probably a born free so you don't have a clue or first hand experience what we went through. Most of it bad but the claims now grossly exaggerate the truth. Many many whites treated us very well and also fought for our liberation. White women also didn't have the vote until 1955 but you don't hear them still whinging about what rights they didn't have years ago. I am a new south african and proud of it. My ANC is no longer and I refuse to live in the past. Do you even know what freedom means and how much freedom do have now compared to 40 years ago. Grow up!!!!

      Angazi - 2011-05-21 20:42

      @whatashame: my friend you are right you never said "stupid" but if you read again as you phrase it, it was not only your user name quoted, so please lets cut the crap. For your information to add on what you think you "know", many black/coloured people were forcefully removed in places like to name the few Sophiatown in Transvaal, Camperdown in Natal, District Six in Cape. Land was given to white okes at the lowest price it can be, in nowadays currency is approximately R100 000, same people on the willing buyer and willing seller are charging exhurbiant amount, some were not fully paid because goverment felt those lands were not worthy the amount. My friend I will tell you this, I experienced apartheid at first hand and I am prepared to reconcile if the other partied also willing to do the same but I will not stop to voice my concern because some individuals are happy with the situation. if you are happy with it so live with it and stop trying to stop some people who shares different sentiments!!!

      erno.v.dyk - 2011-05-21 22:38

      @Angazi - You are just as idiotic (And I'll repeat it in an attempt to make you understand it; IDIOTIC) You have no idea as to the history of this country. Please educate yourself before becoming a second Julius Malema! The Xhosa and the Zulus have arrived long after the white man set foot at Cape Town. The Xhosas, because the Zulus chased and hunted them from central Africa and they could go no further than the ocean because the GREAT-WHITES were waiting. Get your selective education in order before trying to debate with people that brought education to African shores. Us Boertjies have far more right to be called South African than any Xhosa or Zulu. We have contributed as a minority far more than any of the black masses, not becaues we stole from you - It never was yours to begin with - but because we knew that we have to look at the future of this country. If we had to depend on the black masses for guidance we would still be in the dark ages. The only reason you can claim 'democracy' in this land is because of the white man! Stop attempting to be what you are obviously not, or have you also been into politics like that fat boy Malema since the age of 9? I'm just asking, because I will gladly take you on in any debate regarding the state of this country, but I suppose you will decline just like Malema or Zuma, simply because you need intellect to debate issues!

      Angazi - 2011-05-22 08:43

      @erno.v.dyk: I guess you wanted to say "idiot" not idiotic typical!!! Please get your facts right, Nguni people came down from central Africa torwards the South where most settle in what is called Natal in nowadays. Zulu never set their foot in the Cape, Xhosa ran away from the Zulu to the Cape. The fact that settlers got in the Cape first because their Island was becoming smaller/wanted to explore does not make South Africa or Africa theirs, I will lend you the secret my friend, when these people came into Africa they posted their flags that what is called colonisation! It does not give the right to own the foreign land! and Ooh thanks to your fore fathers for teaching us, you know Africans were taught so they used easily when working for the oppressors, I guess living in the dark ages would have been better than sharing African soil with oppressors who are not willing to reconcile. In dark ages will only black man against black man. for your information I have got nothing to do with Malema and goes to show how stereotype you are!!!

  • Andrew Lou - 2011-05-21 12:32

    never strike again, if you do you must strike till you die in the sun-you get what you vote for

  • maseratifitt - 2011-05-21 12:41

    Now we look ahead to the general election of 2014. I think this will be the mother of all election fraud by the ANC. If the IEC were really independent, they would work towards an electronic election system which is verifiable by anybody. The infrastructure (Lotto, Banking, Cellular) already exists.

      jen - 2011-05-21 13:13

      Reasonable people seem to agree that these elections were fair and free. Why be so negative about 2014? You remind me of the doomsday sayer's who predicted the World Cup would be a flop. Methinks we could all do with a bit of positivity instead of forecasting gloomy depressing scenarios. Come on SA!

      maseratifitt - 2011-05-21 16:21

      jen : Is being realistic about ANC track record, and offering a solution, being negative? We should not be so gullible. We need to go forward, not backward.

  • mpelane - 2011-05-21 13:58

    I was happy the way IEC conducted these elections.I hope I wont see any strike anymore now (contesting service delivery) in SA because people have voted thier party of thier choice. You will get what you have voted.

  • MoaningMan - 2011-05-21 14:12

    Let's wait for 2014 and then 2019. It's a pity about COPE. Does anyone know what happened to Shilowa and his gang of followers? Were they all ANC moles?

  • pickles - 2011-05-21 16:06

    Call this free and fair? what with the shouting of what'shisname telling eveyone that their ancestors would come back to haunt them!!! I am not afraid of my forefathers but I think ANC should be worried because they did in fact come from the dark ages before they evolved to stand up.

  • mhaga.sabe - 2011-05-21 16:37

    I could not vote before 1994 and now I can vote for the party of my choice, thanx to the ANC for this democratic right! I will forever be greatful to ANC and that is why I will always vote ANC. The interim results show that I did not waste my vote!

      Andre - 2011-05-21 18:54

      @mahga.sabe It's not just the anc. what about the other black freedom movements. Your brain has been totally Black washed by the anc. Or is it white washed or was there any thing to wash. Dont be led by the nose my brother. Think for yourself.

      FutureSA - 2011-05-21 23:22

      @MHAGA.SABE Freedom brings with it responsibility. This responsibilty requires you to maintain a critical mind and follow up on what your government is doing. If you don't, history shows that governments rip-off their people. Why do you think the North Africans are finally rioting. Has it even ever occurred to you that blacks could already have been in a far better position had their government not been so blatantly inept and inefficient. Vast resources have been squandered through incompetence and corruption. Putting your head in the sand and bluffing yourself through patriotic fervour that there aren't serious problems with the way the ANC is managing this country is just being foolish. The mentality you espouse is the exact same mentaility that has led so many of your African brothers into such dire trouble. Maybe you should spend more time getting a better perspective from Zimbabwean expats, many of whom also initially "blindly"voted for ZANU-PF As some recent Ghanaian visitors said to me "Forget the colonials, our slave-masters for the last 50 years have been our own governments. Our biggest mistake has been in taking us so long to realise it!" Carry on like you are and you will wake up to find that your dear saviour has turned into your slave master.....

      KPActivities - 2011-05-22 08:02

      @ mhaga,sabe, I understand that you think the anc is responsible for your freedom and will follow them till kingdom come, but this is a time not to think of the past, but the future, think of your children, they dont want to grow up in a country of corruption, violence and lies. Vote for the strongest opposition.

  • PietrJoubert - 2011-05-21 17:29

    The election in Ekurhuleni, where hundreds of ballots were mislaid, scanners not used, ballots not stamped, to hand an untrue win by 23 votes only to the ANC, is far from over.

  • Dingaan - 2011-05-21 17:50

    @ angazi (which I think means "I don't know"): "black people were slavering working hard in farms,mining, industries to make white man rich". They actually worked to earn an income so they could feed their families. They could have gone anywhere where somebody offered opportunities to others to earn a living. It boils down to selling your time and labour to someone. Please explain where "slavery" was induced. And then don't forget, the taxes that the "white man" paid were used to build all the infrastructure everybody (including you) takes for granted today.

      FutureSA - 2011-05-21 23:52

      @ANGAZI In life with anything there is always good and bad. We hear a great deal about and no-one denies many of the wrongs done by European colonial powers. If you go further back you will find that the Ottomans enslaved Africans before the Europeans and go even further back and you learn the Egyptians did before that even. From your comment I presume you would prefer to still be farming using your cattles and living in huts than perhaps having the wonderful opportunity you are now taking great advantage of, of playing the eternal victim on the internet. Look around you and think of everything else you can lay you eyes on that you wouldn't have had if it weren't for the "evil" colonials who came along. Wow, now you even have a chance to get a new heart if you need one! The point is there is both good and bad to the past. And you defintely need a new heart because your current one is entirely fixated by the bad and cannot even begin to be gracious enough to appreciate all the good things that have come to your life as a result of European migration. It is much easier for you instead to play the eternal victim card than to get on in life and move forward into a new era. Imagine if the South Koreans (the Korean nation having suffered far worse oppression over 1000 years than the Africans) had stuck with your mentality in 1955? Anyway, to find out who your current slave-masters are, I refer you to my comment to @Mhaga above.

  • Johnson - 2011-05-21 20:34

    Great Job - !

  • Michael - 2011-05-21 20:58

    There are a number of errors that the IEC has not acknowledged. Look at Ward 16 in Kimberley (VD: 65440458). The ANC has possibly been awarded 400 votes too many. If this is an error, then AZAPO must get an extra seat at the expense of the ANC.

  • Karooseun - 2011-05-22 02:32


  • Mark - 2011-05-22 10:42

    It is amazing to read all the comments about who came to south africa first, who took what land, who has whatever rights and so on and so on. Yes, we all want to have our say and try and convince others of what we think or what we believe in, irrespective our deepest motives. The one question we should all answer though, is 'why' did we come to south africa? Why did we come and settle on the furthest part of africa? Why did the europeans settle here? And then some africans need to answer the question, why did the africans from eastern africa, northern africa and western africa move all the way down and settle here? Surely they have as little 'claim' to south africa as the europeans......? Why the arguing when we all sit on the same side of the fence? Let's stop arguing like little children, grow up for a change and act like adults (which we so often claim to be) and let's set the right example for our kids, who need to manage this country when we're finished arguing because we're dead.

  • - 2011-05-23 08:07

    @ Everyone, with the elections behind us and the results on ours minds, why not comment on your thoughts more comprehensively submit an article to, we always enjoy hearing what’s on your mind. Otherwise visit our site and tell us what you think.

  • Mvuleni Sangweni - 2014-05-08 16:01


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