Government hails media's vote coverage

2011-05-18 22:31

Pretoria - The media was playing its part in making sure Wednesday's local government election was covered from every corner of the country, government spokesperson Jimmy Manyi said.

"The media is doing a great job by covering all corners of the country in this election, we congratulate them for playing their part," Manyi said at the Independent Electoral Commission's results operation centre in Pretoria.

Manyi replaced long-time government spokesperson Themba Maseko earlier this year.

He was also embroiled in controversy over comments he made before his post as the government's mouthpiece about an "over-concentration" of coloured people in the Western Cape - for which he has apologised.

He assured South Africans the government was "on high alert" in case of any election-related problems, but added that everything was calm and running smoothly by late afternoon.

The voter turnout, which was projected to be higher than usual for a municipal election, was a "sign of serious confidence" in the government.

"We think it's a vote of confidence."

The electorate, by making its mark, was showing it was "with" the government and willing to criticise it.

  • objective1 - 2011-05-19 00:44

    there is the spin... the voter turn out was a sign of serious lac of confidence in the government... Mr Manyi taking credit for other peoples work to make himself look good.. hahahaha

      cerveza - 2011-05-19 06:41

      I thought the same - if you are happy with the way things are you stay at home and enjoy a holiday, if you are unhappy, then you would actually do a little effort and do something to change it

  • - 2011-05-19 07:06

    And tomorrow you will again crusify the media when they make public all the kak you talk and cause.

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