IFP leaders discuss municipal coalitions

2011-05-23 16:29

Durban - IFP leaders will decide on Monday whether to form coalitions with other parties in KwaZulu-Natal’s hung municipalities, the party said on Monday.

"The issue of coalitions will be discussed today. We will decide whether there is a need to form coalitions," said Inkatha Freedom Party national organiser Albert Mncwango.

The African National Congress and the National Freedom Party were expected to hold coalition talks on Monday afternoon in Durban, said NFP leader Zanele Magwaza-Msibi.

"Our delegation is going to have a meeting with the ANC delegation in Durban this afternoon. The ANC has formally approached us to discuss this issue," she said.

The May 18 local government elections resulted in 19 hung municipalities in the province.

The NFP, which won Edumbe Municipality outright and gained a majority vote in Nongoma, is expected to act as king-maker in a number of the hung municipalities.

Magwaza-Msibi said her party had not been formally approached by its arch-rival, the IFP.

The NFP was formed mainly by disgruntled IFP members who left the party after a fallout caused by a leadership race.


Political commentators have said it was unlikely the NFP would form a pact with IFP.

However, Magwaza-Msibi said her party was prepared to negotiate with any party.

"The IFP has not approached us formally. We have been getting calls from individuals who are members of the IFP requesting us to consider forming a coalition with their party," she said.

Of the 19 hung municipalities, the ANC has a majority in 14, the IFP in four and the NFP in the Nongoma Municipality.

If the ANC and NFP form a pact, the IFP will be left with only the Ulundi and Umsinga municipalities.

Magwaza-Msibi said no deal had yet been struck with the ANC.

Before the elections, the NFP was accused by the IFP of being an ANC project, an accusation the party denied.

ANC provincial secretary Sihle Zikalala said engagements were taking place between the ANC and other political parties.

"There are parties that have shown interest and the engagements will take place. We are not hostile to any party," he said.

The ANC would form a pact with any party that had a serious interest in serving people.

Zikalala said the ANC would announce the names of its councillors next week.

  • whatever - 2011-05-23 17:31

    I've posted this in a couple of articles so it can be seen. I say we start over. Why are we still "beating a dead horse" after the worst 15+ years of failed attempts at constructive change? Democracy is nothing more than "mob-rule" and disastrous to any minority group. Is there anyone with enough sense left in this circus that can work towards some kind of future for South Africa? How about revisiting the idea of a Federation envisioned by PW Botha as a possible solution for South Africa. I don't claim to understand it (Federal States) all, but surely a proven failed experiment like we're witnessing currently deserves to be ended A.S.A.P. and replaced with a more sensible alternative. Apartheid (separate development) was an excellent opportunity for our multi-cultural society to thrive and participate in decision making yet still maintaining the cultural and traditional identity of each group. Although it was still a work in progress, I recall seeing a list of "Bantustans" (Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Gazankulu, KaNgwane, KwaNdebele, KwaZulu, Lebowa, Qwaqwa, Transkei and Venda) that were meant to be the initial attempt at a Federation. From what I can remember, that plan was suddenly interrupted when Botha's resignation was forced by De Klerk who immediately initiated the scenario we find ourselves witnessing today. What a freaking mess!

      Mswati - 2011-05-23 18:14

      Just go and look for the nearest cemetry and hang yourself there. That will be minus one whiner.

      Optimus - 2011-05-24 00:24

      You clearly are a deluded man or just plain crazy.

  • Mziros - 2011-05-25 12:51

    Its about time for Buthelezi to learn the hard way!!! I so wish the NFP does not enter the coallition with IFP, so that we can say RIP to the IFP, it's all their fault, Buthelezi should blame Musa Zondi, Mncwango and the crew who put the IFP in this situation it finds itself in, they've forever convinced him to postpone the congress, because they knew they were going to pe kicked out, and they forced Zanele out, see where they're now, a well deserved situation.

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