IFP to announce its decision on coalitions

2011-05-24 13:47

Durban - The IFP will announce its decision on coalitions later on Tuesday, it said.

"Our meeting started yesterday afternoon and finished at 03:00 today [Tuesday]. We will soon issue a statement which will tell the public about our decision," said Inkatha Freedom Party national organiser Albert Mncwango.

The IFP convened the meeting to decide whether there was a need to form coalitions with other parties in KwaZulu-Natal’s 19 hung municipalities.

The African National Congress and the National Freedom Party held coalition talks in Durban on Monday afternoon.

NFP leader Zanele Magwaza-Msibi said she was still waiting for a full report from her party’s delegation.

The NFP, which won Edumbe Municipality outright and gained a majority vote in Nongoma, is expected to act as kingmaker in a number of the hung municipalities.

The ANC has a majority in 14 of the hung municipalities, the IFP in four and the NFP in the Nongoma Municipality.

If the ANC and NFP form a pact, the IFP will be left with only the Ulundi and Umsinga municipalities.