SACP: SA still has faith in ANC

2011-05-22 15:33

Johannesburg - The municipal election results prove that South Africans still have confidence in the ANC, the SACP said on Saturday.

"The results confirmed that the majority of our people still have an overwhelming confidence in the leadership of the ANC," said spokesperson Malesela Maleka.

"The ANC in turn has expressed the confidence it has in our communities by allowing for the first time its candidates to be subjected to a test by their communities."

The party believed the candidate selection process contributed in strengthening the link between the movement and its core constituency.

"Whilst our people have once more voted the ANC, they did not do so without bringing to our attention the need to speed up service delivery, to fight corruption and to create decent jobs and sustainable livelihoods," said Maleka.

"Our people have raised with us the urgent and ongoing task of rooting out corruption which is threatening to undermine the many gains achieved through the ANC-led government."

The party was, however, not pleased with the media and the DA.

"Strangely, but not surprisingly, the DA and most of the media, are projecting the election results as if the ANC has lost the elections, and the DA has won them," he said.

"Only in South Africa can a party that has won 23% is projected as having won, and the one with 63% described as having lost!

"We are not surprised by this, as the media during this election campaign, devoted acres of space and airtime demonising the ANC and fully campaigning for the DA."

The SACP thanked the millions of South Africans who voted in the local government election and those who placed their faith in the ANC.

"A special thank you to the millions who once more reaffirmed the ANC led alliance in the recent polls,"

It also commended the tireless hours put in by volunteers during campaigning.

  • fotre - 2011-05-22 15:37

    Whatever floats your boat dipshite!

      Nunya - 2011-05-22 17:38


      Andrew - 2011-05-22 21:05

      Statistics doesn't enter into the logic of this psuedo-comunitist ANC puppet!!!!

      Benzo - 2011-05-22 22:59

      It would be prudent to ask why almost half of the electroate did NOT vote. Were many of them not seriously pee'd off with the ANC?? Any of those "political scientists" around??

  • Martin du Plessis - 2011-05-22 15:41

    "The results confirmed that the majority of our people still have an overwhelming confidence in the leadership of the ANC," said spokesperson Malesela Maleka. And that is why they still live in abject poverty.

      HopefulXpat - 2011-05-22 22:40

      Hehe! The funniest quote from this article for me was this one: "...they did not do so without bringing to our attention the need to speed up service delivery, to fight corruption and to create decent jobs and sustainable livelihoods," said Maleka. Rejoice South Africa! For the first time in a 17 year ANC reign, someone has figured out that the government is supposed to deliver services and create jobs without corruption. Wow! Absolutely amazing insight!

  • BigMoose - 2011-05-22 15:42

    Typical political doublespeak. Can't blame apartheid, so blame the media. The ANC is for blacks, the DA is for whites, remember? Must be true, because Julias said so. Racist communist drivel.

      Yellow1 - 2011-05-22 16:03

      Only a blind person cant see that the media is anti-ANC and pro-DA. In 2009 they were pro-COPE and now they found another alternative in DA. Wonder who they will b supporting in 2014, but of course they support anything that is against the ANC.

      scotty scotty - 2011-05-22 16:20

      Whats your solution Yellow1, burn down the media houses, you already threatened to do that in P.E. or gag them as the ANC propose with the media bill. You do know that the media was gagged during apartheid and censored heavily for being accused of the same thing you comlpain about. Then it was anti Nat, now its anti ANC.

      Grayman - 2011-05-22 16:57

      @Yellow1 - what ever you do don't become a ref. The 1 in your name clearly stands for 1-eyed. You obviously cannot take any criticism and have a kneejerk reaction to a press report that points out ANC failures. Open both eyes and see the bigger picture and elevate yourself to a higher standard. The view from up here is quite refreshing.

      Yellow1 - 2011-05-22 17:36

      @Grayman you won't see it because its pro-DA. I take criticism very weel and it builds me. I live in South Africa, I have a house in the suburb, my mom stays in a toewnship amd most of my friends are also there. I have relatives in rural areas around in KZN and Mpumalanga and due to my work I travel mostly in townships and rural areas. So I have access to all, the media and some people will paint a very bad picture of the country and its a lie. They try to let us believe the country is dying and someone is available as an alternative to save it. I ask myself which country are they talking about, they even compare the country to be the next Zim case and I'm not that gullible and they can't convince me with lies.

      cerveza - 2011-05-22 18:35

      @BigMoose - What is a racist communist? Is it like a non-racist white supremacist? Both are something that does not exist because you can'tbe both at the same time. Why don't you educate yourself and not blindly embrace the anti-Commie hatred and fear that was imposed on you during Apartheid. Rather ask the SACP why they support a party with anti-communism ideals and why all their recent leaders come from the ANC and not from within the SACP

      World Traveler - 2011-05-22 19:00

      @yellow1 ... Your name Yellow1 suits you just fine. Yellow in name, yellow in side.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-22 19:03

      I sail with Ukrainians every day of my working life. They do not want to go back to a communist way of life. KGB, Gulag, blood in the snow!

      Colourblind - 2011-05-22 19:44

      The media is typically Pro-Opposition...regardless of who the opposition is. It's like this in every democracy, anywhere in the world. The ruling party has more to be accountable for and will therefore receive more attention where they screw up.

      cerveza - 2011-05-22 22:00

      @worldtraveller - The things you mention after "the communist way" are not the communist way, that is like me saying I don't want to go back to the capitalistic way and just mention all the bad things the Apartheid government did. And I am sure if you asked your Ukrainian crew mates they will tell you they miss unemployment, lower crime rates etc.

  • Chrisjan - 2011-05-22 15:45

    Don't count me in...

  • John - 2011-05-22 16:01

    Yeah right. The voters are losing confidence in the ANC after 17 years of broken promises. They can't deliver - they don't know how to. That's why ANC is losing votes.

      skwmatima - 2011-05-22 16:20

      which votes is the ANC losing you scumbag...I live in the Township where you won't even set your stinking foot but you think that you can speak on behalf of ANC 23% votes againt 63% votes and you'll find that the ANC still really kicks ass very hard... you sore losers you expected the madam's party to make a clean sweeping in Gauteng and all other Provinces...not in another million years.

      Yellow1 - 2011-05-22 17:41

      The media is messing your heads, ANC is stronger. Let it have 49% and maybe we can talk about loosing support.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-22 19:05

      @skwmatima 23% and going UP! anc has 63% and going DOWN! Ha! Ha!

      golferspal - 2011-05-22 21:44

      KPActivities - 2011-05-23 08:25

      @Golferspal, spot on.

      changeisGood - 2011-05-23 10:12

      @ John, I think most non ANC Supporters generalise a lot when it comes to non delivery of service by the Government, I want to paint this picture to you, The ANC has derivered in some parts if not most of the previously undeveloped areas. the fact that most townships in Gauteng have since post 94 seen infrastructure imporements i.e. how many streets are now tared in Gauteng townships? there are many areas which I can highlight on, another one is the total transformation of SOWETO, We have seen such a huge building of shopping malls in the townships, with big names like Edgars, famous furniture stores and other services whereby previously they were only availabable in suburban areas, now people from the communities where these changes were made, which is mainly the townships and other previously disadvantaged backgrounds can see the change, because those who are now working nearby do not incur expensive transport cost to and from work. that alone is a huge saving for them, how I wish I was working closer to where i Live, tarrfic and expensive transport costs mainly fuel would be a non issue. So the point I am making is stop being naive, take a look at a bigger picture don't think because in your area service delivery on pot holes has come in slowly then the Govenment has done nothing, I encourage you to speak to colleagues, employees from the townships ask how much change has happened since 94, then you will have a different picture of what is currently happening.

  • Prince ryda - 2011-05-22 16:04

    @bigMoose ???????!??!!!

  • burtfred - 2011-05-22 16:13

    Who are these "our people" that the racists in the ANC and SACP keep referring to? Are they the poor, or is it Matsepe, Gumede, Ramaphosa, Sexwale, Zuma clan? Why don't they just stop beating around the racebush and refer to the "black" people, because that's who they mean.

      skwmatima - 2011-05-22 17:19

      Does it also refer to 'whites'...does it exclude the Ackermans and Oppenheimers ? Does it mean when you are black and reach you never experienced the wrath of apartheid ? Those people you mentioned happen to be our or poor they shall always fight apartheid wherever it raises it's ugly head. By the way the racisst in the ANC and SACP that you referring to learned racism from the best and that is the aparthed masters such as youself and when tables are turned against you and you're are given a taste of your own medicine you start crying racist !!! racist !!! at the top of your voices when you are the ones who taught us everything about you still recall that ?

      Grayman - 2011-05-22 17:40

      @skwmatima - not all whites in South Africa supported apartheid. Many whites were activists and suffered the wrath of the Nationalist police. Much like the first hand stories I am hearing of blacks being beaten for not supporting the ANC.

      golferspal - 2011-05-22 21:45

  • velastardust - 2011-05-22 16:20

    Yippeee ! ANC down on votes ! Believe it Malesela Maleka, it happened ! Apart from all the other issues, South Africans are sick and tired of racist BS from the ANC. The 23% by the DA is the thin edge of the wedge. Lets see what happens in 2014.

  • Wayne - 2011-05-22 16:23

    Don't speak on my behalf commie.

  • Yoda - 2011-05-22 16:26

    whatever dude, soap box approach...YAWN

  • GT - 2011-05-22 16:27

    They laugh about small parties joining the ANC. What would the SACP be without the ANC? A completely irrelevant and defunct ideology masquerading as pro poor. With the SACP, EVERYONE would be poor.

  • Henry - 2011-05-22 17:04

    This is reading a lot into a swing against the ANC. If the balance of power had been more delicate this would have meant a catastrophic loss. A change of power. (And I think it has to do with the electorate disapproving of the communist yolk around the ANC neck, and the Cosatu impediment to job creation.)

      World Traveler - 2011-05-22 19:16

      Right, not such a huge swing. BUT it is getting there! One or two more and Zuma will be a blot in the history books. This country can SING! All we have to do is to get rid of the political brakes. A government can only remove or place obstacles to economic development. It cannot make prosperity without business. The anc is placing obstacles at every turn. Remove anc = no obstacles to economic growth.

  • trompie - 2011-05-22 17:12

    And just what did said esteemed member of SACP smoke before he spouted such utter ridiculous propaganda? Yes, propaganda - that is what it is called when it is so blatantly far from the truth!!

      World Traveler - 2011-05-22 19:17

      Communists and anc rule by cliches and slogans, not by common sense.

  • Jazz - 2011-05-22 17:17

    "We are not surprised by this, as the media during this election campaign, devoted acres of space and airtime demonising the ANC and fully campaigning for the DA.", immm, somehow I remember a quite different story. But AGAIN lets blame someone else...

  • theprodigy - 2011-05-22 17:31

    funny how they used the word "still" as if they know incredible this seems.

  • Eric West - 2011-05-22 18:05

    Would this include all 10 members of the SACP?

  • JCWR56 - 2011-05-22 18:42

    "Only in South Africa can a party that has won 23% is projected as having won, and the one with 63% described as having lost! only in SA can this kind of arrogance be spouted in the national press. the ANC won overall, but lost ground in almost every region in the country except KZN. i would not call that a victory at all. If i was them, I'd be looking hard into ways to effect change in the country if they wish to regain voter confidence, real voter confidence clearly. Relying on false retoric, ancesters and past achievements is not washing with the country. I'm not worried, i fully expect them to accelerate their own demise.

  • JCWR56 - 2011-05-22 18:44

    ok that was my first post, I'll get the editing, spelling and punctuation right next time.

  • Newsferret - 2011-05-22 18:56

    No sorry this is not faith, it is misguided loyalty.

  • World Traveler - 2011-05-22 18:56

    Why don't the gutless communists form their own party? No communist seats in Parliament or in Municipals, no communist relevance.

      golferspal - 2011-05-22 21:48

  • World Traveler - 2011-05-22 18:59

    The media is not on the side of lies, double-speak and corruption. Period. Adios KGB!

  • Agent - 2011-05-22 19:04

    Oh please it is the poor that will continue to suffer and they are led by their noses, shame some things will never change.

  • Carl Muller - 2011-05-22 19:09

    The majority is less than before....

  • Joryha - 2011-05-22 21:07

    The people has spoken and in a maturing democracy, the ANC must accept we have a multi-party democracy and that it will not always win all the provinces. ANC must acknowledge that it is losing support to the DA. Why complain about the media. Which party is the only one which had campaign coverage on SABC? only the ANC. So why the complaining.

  • Singo - 2011-05-22 21:20

    ANC won with majority,so we have to LIVE with it.Black people are not fools as most white people think, the more you keep insulting them and the ANC the more you drive them away from the DA.Please,learn to choose your words wisely. How do you expect the DA to gain the majority of votes while you keep on insulting each and everything in the ANC? the SACP was just congratulating ANC and the people who voted it,but bad comments followed, and most comments that are too much insulting are also given thumbs up but those that try to rectify the insults are given thumbs down.As much as we need change, how will it happen if we are insulting each other? Not a day pass without me reading comments reffering to blacks and those who voted ANC as idiots, fools,these people,uneducated,etc. So how do you think I feel when you call me that?I wanted to vote DA on 18th May but due to most comments I encountered in News24 I decided to vote ANC.As long as you keep on insulting I wont vote DA. I may be a single individual but my vote can make a difference in each party I choose.Rather stop insulting and accept that ANC is in power. If not, then it means you will always be bitter until 2014,and the bitterness in you will rather make you a bitter person.

      golferspal - 2011-05-22 21:48

      EDI2000 - 2011-05-22 22:26

      Ok.. where to begin... Singo your logic is completely flawed, I mean to say that if you choose to vote ANC because of the comments on this forum you found insulting or upsetting and not any reason such as the diff that perticular party could have on your life and those of your community just baffels me, no insult just confusing?? Please explain to me what the ANC in their campain for the local govm election did to entise the white or coloured ppl to vote for them. I mean regardless of what is currently happening WHAT pray tell me did they promise to do to get our vote....?? AAAHH .... I remember now our Pres Mr JZ with "Bring me my machine gun" or was it the honarable Mr Ju Ju with "Shoot the Boer(Whites)" and at Kimberly with "These whites are all criminals and should be treated as such" please no insults or sledging why are you even reading these posts if they upset you, leave if you cant handle thanks

      FarmerBrown - 2011-05-23 06:47

      Singo... wise words but be honest the majority of voters in SA arent capable of making an educated choice.If obamas sales pitch was anything like what the ANC dished up, i dont beleive he would have received even 5% of the vote. The reality is the ANC is a corrupt and disfunctional party from the president down. They made mileage out of sowing racial friction and promising services which are unsustainable. Only a very immature voting public would fall for this. For heavans sake man... these people need protection from this not abuse.

  • Mxhuma - 2011-05-22 21:51

    The one thing that the Tripartite Alliance needs to remember is that Zuma might be the last ANC president who spent time in exile. And the number of ministers who were either in exile or prison is diminishing. At some stage in the not so distant future the politics of this country will stabilize and people will vote not with their emotions but with their eyes fully awake.

  • Joseph - 2011-05-22 22:18

    To all of you ANC and Black people haters out there, I have three words for you, A N C. Halen Zile will have to do more than dancing to convince me, she will have to give back the land her grandparents stole from the blacks, only then will I think of maybe vote for the white party DA.

      EDI2000 - 2011-05-22 22:34

      And what would you do with it pray do tell...???

      EDI2000 - 2011-05-22 22:39

      Josesh I'm gonna give you 1000 hec of unworked land.... please a quick breakdown on how you would utilise this land, I'd be very interested to know...!

      FarmerBrown - 2011-05-23 06:41

      You useless f.... Out of the 600 farms bought for blacks by govt, 526 have completely failed... please explain.

  • Yankee - 2011-05-22 22:37

    Read the statistics as it should be read Malema,(oops! sorry Maleka). Why dont all you commies creep out of your shacks and form a political party instead of being anus dwellers of the ANC. At any election you would probably get less votes than the Dagga Party. Also,chew on this statictic;prior 1994,minorities were racist,post 1994,majorities are racist.

  • Joseph - 2011-05-22 22:53

    Thanks to all true South Africans out there for voting for our own black government again. I ask for all of us ANC members to please work hard and help our government to improve our living conditions and help educate our black nation and create jobs for our people.Black people are as much as capable of governing their countries as any race. We have been treated like animals in our own land and beautiful country South Africa for 100 years.We have been fighting for 100 years to govern ourselves, and we not gonna give this country to white rule again, its our country, Mzantsi for sure.

      emile.marais - 2011-05-23 04:55

      Joseph you won the battle. The ANC won the election. Use that power to fix the problems. It's time for constructive thinking - fellow South African.

      FarmerBrown - 2011-05-23 06:39

      You are one seriously rascist individual. Why does it matter what colour the govt is ? Surely you should rather gage the government by what they do and how it impacts on your life. You are the very reason that Africa always fails.

      changeisGood - 2011-05-23 10:29

      I am also very much moved by your words, I also urge every single member witin the ANC to work hard as we do in the corporate world to prove that we are not loosers, it is time for all of us to unite in making sure the Government delivers and I urge the leadership to also have platforms whereby citizens give feedback in terms of progress made in all areas, now that would take the ANC back to where it used to be, I would be happy if the win by at least 75% in the 2014 elections, and it is achieveble only if we all work together towards a common goal, building a better SA for all. after all that is our slogan, So let's mobilise the communities and put pressure on our leaders. It does not require a rocket scientist to to make this work, come on now, Let us support and work with our Government and most importantly let us report corruption whenever we come across it at all times even if our own relatives or family members are involved. Lets do this. a better SA for all, Madiba's vision, lets keep the old mans objectives and vision alive..

  • emile.marais - 2011-05-23 04:46

    SACP, stop insulting my intelligence. Basically you are saying that I can't make up my own mind ( because I'm stupid?) whether or not the media and the DA (anti-ANC propaganda) are talking a load of crap about the ANC and I need to be told by my leaders (unfortuntely ANC leaders as the majority vote counts...) what to think of them and their performance as elected officials? Please, you commies make me laugh! ;)

  • LOLWUT - 2011-05-23 07:01

    We will see the old faithful ANC supporters remain cold hungry, poor and jobless while Zuma, Gwede and Malema get fatter. There will be tires burning again soon enough.

  • - 2011-05-23 07:01

    No, not confidence. An illusion that the ANC will look out for them this time. The ANC was again voted in by the uneducated neanderthall masses.

  • Gary - 2011-05-23 07:34

    don't thank me, I didn't vote ANC.

  • - 2011-05-23 08:07

    @ Everyone, with the elections behind us and the results on ours minds, why not comment on your thoughts more comprehensively submit an article to, we always enjoy hearing what’s on your mind. Otherwise visit our site and tell us what you think.

  • changeisGood - 2011-05-23 09:53

    One thing I picked up over the last couple of weeks in this forum is that both the DA and ANC are F@$ed up, for two reasons the DA supporters claim by voting the ANC you are being stupid, uneducated, brainles etc, etc. now how does that differ from saying if you do not vote the ANC she ancestors will punish you and you will not see haven..I mean a smart person should be able to realise that these F!$@en politicians are all the same.

  • maseratifitt - 2011-05-23 12:18

    ...and a special thanks to all those who refused to be intimidated by the prospect of a better life for all under DA led municipalities. All those selfless ANC voters who put the happiness of their ancestors above their own and that of their children.

  • Kevin - 2011-05-23 13:58

    Only because of the nature of your voter .As they read and watch more T.V. they will be aware of how they wasted there vote.

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