Vote ANC to solve problems, says Zuma

2011-04-30 22:47

Cape Town - The only way to solve the problems of housing and poverty in Cape Town is to vote for the ANC, party president Jacob Zuma told the people of Gugulethu on Saturday.

This was the central message at each of the stops he made in Gugulethu during his campaign ahead of the May 18 local government election.

Addressing hundreds of people who had gathered to see him, Zuma said the Democratic Alliance (DA) was not doing a good job in the city or in the Western Cape.

"There is a myth that the municipalities of the Western Cape are the most excellent... that its performing... in fact its the worst run municipality.

"The DA is only looking after the rich people. There are lots of problems, but we can't solve them because you are under the wrong municipality. We can sort out the problems only if you vote for the ANC. Lets vote and after that sort out all the problems."

Zuma said that he had been around Cape Town and was very disappointed at what he saw.

He described the situation as "very bad".

He said the only way people living in Gugulethu, Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain could live better lives was if they voted for the ANC.

One little girl at the Kick Hostel Zuma visited on Saturday morning carried a poster saying "we want solutions, no more explanations".

Wrong leadership

But Zuma told the crowd gathered in the narrow, muddy street in front of a row of shacks, that while he was aware of their problems, the ANC could not do anything because the city was under the wrong leadership.

"The challenge in the Western Cape is that the Western Cape is not in our [ANC] hands. All other metros know very well they will win, but in the Western Cape its a challenge... so we must vote for the ANC."

He said while the policy of the ANC was to change the lives of the people, it could not be done in Cape Town unless the ANC was in power.

He called for the libertaion of the Western Cape describing it as an "extremely apartheid system" that encouraged "separate development".

He encouraged people to become volunteers and to spread the word for everyone to vote for the ANC in order to liberate the metro.

To loud cheers and applause from a hall at the Zolani centre packed with people wearing white "Vote ANC" t-shirts he said: "Its [the ANC] not like every other political party. We were formed by the nation for the nation, to liberate people, to change their lives... On the 18th of May, vote for the ANC."

He described the the election as "do or die" for the party in the Western Cape.

The media

Zuma also criticised the media, etv in particular, for campaigning against the party.

The hall erupted in applause when he said that opposition parties were supported by large in the media.

The party's mayoral candidate for Cape Town, Tony Ehrenreich, as well as its provincial chairperson, Marius Fransman, accompanied Zuma. There was also a strong police presence with caspers and police vans circling the streets and closing off roads around Gugulethu.

Fransman and Ehrenreich encouraged people to vote the ANC back into power.

"We [ANC] are coming back and taking Cape Town back to the ANC. We know what our forefathers had promised our people," said Ehrenreich.

Fransman said the ANC in the Western Cape had a plan and had given notice to the DA.

"We appeal to you, we are asking you to go and vote... We must get the maximum number of voters out to vote... We are asking you to make sure we reclaim on the 18th of May the City of Cape Town."

Zuma was expected to address the Congress of South African Trade Unions May Day rally in Athlone on Sunday.

  • lilo69 - 2011-04-30 22:57

    Hey all......the ANC election-poster-pics was taken in the WC btw.

      Archie Bunke - 2011-04-30 23:09

      @lilo69 - Have you studied the poster closely - "lets work together" - 6 people WATCHING whilst one is actually working - See the same poster picture in the ANC manifesto - page 06 -

      Gen - 2011-05-01 00:10

      Lets work together is an ANC oxymoron, as is service delivery.

      Observer - 2011-05-01 02:51

      Where WC = Water Closet perhaps?

      Woseck - 2011-05-01 02:57

      I'm wondering where our friends Kolobe and Kabelo is running around? No comments on this wonderful piece of art written here. Oh, sorry, I suppose they are busy doing the normal night shift routine!

      Rolie - 2011-05-01 06:54


      Creeky - 2011-05-01 07:22

      Once again Zuma LIES openly and with a STRAIGHT FACE!!!! Zuma.... the reason the Squatter camps are like that is because THE ANC PUT THEM THERE!!!! Which part don't you get? Idiot! Go look at the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Northern Cape, Free State and Mphumalanga.... and tell them the same...YOUR ANC f*ct up and now you want to blame the DA for it!!!!!! As the afrikaans saying goes.... "ARME DOOS"!!!!!

      Whistleblower - 2011-05-01 07:50

      Calm down Cheeky I thought it was the National Party government who put black folk in townships and the like. I will say it is ESSENTIAL for the ANC to keep townships and squatter camps in squalor and ruin, as it helps perpetuate the notion that apartheid is alive and well.

      Wonderboy - 2011-05-01 09:45

      @ whistleblower, Creeky was talking about squatter camps not townships.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-01 11:44

      Forget about "oxymoron", just MORON will do just fine.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-01 11:51

      WC = Wise Citizens.

      Rob - 2011-05-01 12:08

      ITS NOW TIME FOR ALL THOSE GENUINE SUPPORTERS OF THE ANC and supporters of what the ANC really stood for to vote for a stronger opposition. This is not about getting the ANC out of power, but about creating a strong opposition which is able to hold the party to account. Loyal ANC members owe it to the ANC to pull them back on track. Those who vote ANC now are not voting for the ANC, but for the sick and twisted shadow of its former self. IF you vote ANC today, you are voting for your brothers and sisters to remain in poverty. You are voting for a few elite to rape the country with corruption. You are voting for a failed state. Do the right thing and hold the ANC to account by creating a stronger opposition.

      Rob - 2011-05-01 12:24

      Voting for the ANC today is the same as voting for the NP pre '94. Loyal South Africans fought to get rid of one corrupt regime and to do that used the ANC as a vehicle. But the vehicle has been stolen by criminals who care only about themselves. Loyal South Africans owe to the memory of the morals of the struggle to take the country back from this new corrupt regime. You see, there is a new struggle now. Its the struggle to get rid of the corrupt ANC and its especially the duty of loyal members to vote more power to the opposition. The struggle is not over - spread the word.

      michaelx - 2011-05-01 13:21

      This is one serious dumbass-THE ANC ARE THE PROBLEM.

      A THEIST - 2011-05-02 11:09


  • ? - 2011-04-30 23:00

    LMFAO @ "Vote ANC to solve problems" It should read,"vote ANC to create problems"

      edvermaak - 2011-04-30 23:52

      Exactly. Like a wizard - only the ANC will know the antidote to the poison they've made - that is what they want the electorate to believe.

      Pen Of Zorro - 2011-05-01 11:09

      GOODLUCK TO the ANC on their way down! Everyone including the international community have seen the true intentions of the blacks in this country who want to "own" the minority races in RSA and make them "work" for blacks as menial servants. A typical African-type mentaility of ruling over everything.

      croix - 2011-05-01 11:15

      Exactly! They will "solve" problems like they've solved them all over the rest of OUR country?? The only 'problem' they have managed to solve is their personal cashflow requirements.

  • DoublySalmon - 2011-04-30 23:06

    Every time the ANC won an election in South Africa the average life expectancy has fallen 2 years. The human development index has deteriorated. The gini-coefficient is worse. The ANC is worse than the NP. The only alternative is the DA. Vote ANC if you wish to see the masses suffer.

      DoublySalmon - 2011-04-30 23:12

      Provinces that recorded the highest HIV prevalence were KwaZulu-Natal (39.5%), Mpumalanga (34.7%), Free State (30.1%) and the North-west (30%). The Northern Cape and Western Cape recorded the lowest prevalence at 17.2% and 16.9% respectively. ANC slogan - where we govern people are dying, problem solved.

      ? - 2011-05-01 00:34

      @doublysalmon. Ahhh,,u are a true spin doctor arent u ? What u fail to mention is that coloured people who are the majority in the western and northern cape have historically had better access to education than blacks,hence the reason the HIV infection rates are lower there in those two provinces. Cmon man,who are u trying to fool here? It has nothing to do with Helen Zille and the DA,and by the way,the northern cape is governed by the ANC in case u forgot

      Gatvol - 2011-05-01 05:08

      You can't use HIV infection rates to measure a party's performance. How they deal with HIV infected people, well that's a different story. The reason why the Western & Northern Cape has much lower figures are because these provinces has a different cultural and ethnic make up from the rest of the country. I am not an ANC supporter, but this seems to be a poor yardstick to use to measure performance

      DoublySalmon - 2011-05-01 06:07

      Remember when the ANC government's official policy was that HIV doesn't exist? 5 million people are facing death because the ANC employs friends rather than qualified people. The other measures, HDI and gini - they measure the ANC's performance. So far the NP did a better job at uplifting the masses than the ANC has done. How screwed up is that?

      ? - 2011-05-01 10:50

      @Gatvol, Exactly

  • Mike_L - 2011-04-30 23:09

    For several years the ANC has been bussing people into the Western Cape in order to boost the numbers of voting cattle.... this despite the fact that there are insufficient employment opportunities for the newcomers. The ANC has aggravated poverty in the Western Cape and is now exploiting the misery for cheap political gain. I can only hope that people will be savvy enough to see how they are being cynically (ab)used by this most malignant party of self-serving pigs. Let them look beyond the Western Cape (to the Eastern Cape, for example) to see what ANC "governance" has wrought.

      Gatvol - 2011-05-01 05:24

      I live in Hout Bay which are quite a secluded suburb in Cape Town, and our local informal settlement Imizamu Yethu has seen explosive growth over the past 10 years with an influx of people from the Eastern Cape, Nigeria, Zimbabwe etc. These people can't find jobs as the tiny local economy can only provide a fraction of them with jobs. Crime in the local area has also became rife as a result of this. Can one blame the DA for this.. No! It is the economy that provides most of the jobs, and allows everybody, incl. the poor to sustain themselves. I suspect that the challenges Hout Bay faces can be true for the rest of the country as well

      Pen Of Zorro - 2011-05-01 11:17

      Yep, by the time blacks realize that nothing on this planet can bring 40mil of them out of poverty its going to be too f^*&ing late! Among themselves the plan is to take all businesses,power and land from rich whites thinking that this will make all the blacks rich. Little do they know that even if they succeded in this endeavor - each black will only get R66thousand for one year only. Come the next year and they years after that - NOTHING !!!

      Maddy-CT - 2011-05-01 13:14

      @ Gatvol. Agreed, and there is also no public transport available in Hout Bay apart from the taxis. Hout Bay is heavily dependent on the tourism industry, and if that is destroyed then there will be even greater unemployment in the area. A catch 22 situation.

  • Dundermoose - 2011-04-30 23:12

    Good luck!! The people of Cape Town are too smart for your lies!!! VIVA DA!!! VIVA the new revolution!!!

      PerciusJcksn - 2011-04-30 23:49

      Wish I live in cape town, the poor and uneducated population of SA are exploited by the ANC , ZUMA where are the 500 000 jobs u promised , where are the houses you promised... ALL YOU AND YOUR CORRUPT GOVT HAVE DONE IS SIT ON YOUR BACKSIDES AND DRINK CHAMPERS, HALF OF YOUR GOVT SHOULD BE BEHIND BARS, all you want is more taxes .... pretty s00n I'll be working to support 20 families that YOU have Failed BECAUSE THE ANC WAY IS CRONI-ISM, Bugger them all. DA FOR CHANGE - DA FOR VISION - DA EQUALITY FOR ALL!

  • euro-african - 2011-04-30 23:22

    President Zuma; What are you doing in Cape Town complaining about “the worst run municipality”. We need you at Ficksburg. There are riots and deaths on the streets. This is not an electoral year. We want the President of RSA, not the president of the anc.

      Gen - 2011-04-30 23:56

      President in name only.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-01 11:52

      President? Ha! Ha!

  • Piet Opperman - 2011-04-30 23:30

    So now we know how to solve the problems of poverty and housing in the Western Cape. How about the rest of the country?

  • wombatingloves - 2011-04-30 23:34

    When this common uneducated rapist & thief opens his mouth it's lie. Plain & simple!!!

      Gen - 2011-05-01 00:06

      It is difficult to believe a liar. It also difficult to trust a liar. Unless you are an ANC voter.

      ? - 2011-05-01 00:36

      @wombatingloves, Call him a liar,a thief,a rapist,whatever u like,i dont like him at all,but he still seems like a better deal than the sh-t that lies to the far left in his party.

      Graeme de Villiers - 2011-05-01 01:03

      to the second unidentified poster...not brave/intelligent enough to list a name? Says it all pal.... your government

  • ds - 2011-04-30 23:44

    hahaha sounds like Obama and look what he's done to the states - yuk

      william.botha - 2011-05-01 00:19

      He has done a better job than Bush, thats for sure.

  • Jack - 2011-04-30 23:48

    lets play a factual game, name any better run city municipality in South Africa than Cape Town and how why and when. By the way what were you guys smoking when you made these statements mr Zuma?

      Boerseun - 2011-05-01 12:33

      You will wait for along time to get that proof.

  • Johan - 2011-04-30 23:50

    For a moment you got me there JZ, what problems? I really hope South Africa will be more intellectual than voting for that.

  • - 2011-04-30 23:58

    Zuma, we voted in the previous elections for the ANC and for 16 years nothing was done in the WC. Things are the same that it was in 1994. The only change came when the DA took control of the City of Cape Town from the ANC. At least there is good governance, clean administration, fit for purpose appointments, no jobs for cronnies, no tenders for buddies, no corruption. It is an insult to ask that we vote for the ANC. The over-concentrated Coloureds have already decided who to vote for.. that is to maintain good governance. Please check the AG's audit reports of all the municipalities which are not run by the DA.

      Gatvol - 2011-05-01 05:42

      I take offense to the over-concentration of coloreds in the Cape statement that has been made by the ANC. You might very well say that SA has an over concentration of blacks. But then one would be labeled a racist for saying that.

      Utopian - 2011-05-01 08:36

      Great comment,! While others here sound as uneducated as the ANC, you present the facts and you present them well without the need for expletives. If you were the electorate and the executive, our problems would be solved. Alas...

  • Coin - 2011-04-30 23:59

    As Winston Churchill once said, "We will never surrender!"

  • tokoloshe - 2011-05-01 00:03

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I must say Zooma you are actually quite the comedian!!!!!

      Whistleblower - 2011-05-01 07:01

      I don’t find it funny that the President can “celebrate” freedom day when the Western Cape is “entrenched in apartheid”. Besides, will someone please tell the Tatane family that “only the ANC can solve their problems.”

      tokoloshe - 2011-05-01 12:55

      Trust me, no one finds it funny what the president is doing!!!!!!!!!

  • william.botha - 2011-05-01 00:17

    This guy is seriously hampering collaboration in a big way.

  • Shahied - 2011-05-01 00:29

    Zuma,I used to be an die-hard ANC member.But I'm sorry...I have just about had enough of the POWER HUNGRY THIEFS that lead the organisation.I ask the comrades of the "comittee of 81" to seriously think before you vote.Is this what we fought for ?

      croix - 2011-05-01 11:33

      Is it true that ANC members have been developing "X-Ray" vision lately? They are now starting to see 'THROUGH' the lies and spin ........

  • Drewster - 2011-05-01 00:38

    Bla bla. Bla bla bla. Bla bla

  • Kaizo - 2011-05-01 00:54

    Anyone who believes the hog-wash this idiot spews and votes for him deserves the crap service they already getting.

      pitbull - 2011-05-01 08:02

      Unfortunately for the rest of us we get caught in the same wave of rubbish and sewage that this idiot spews forth. YOU HAVE TO VOTE TO GET RID OF THE RUBBISH. If you do not vote you are condoning the stupidity. It takes to idiots to outvote a genius.

  • Spoofed - 2011-05-01 01:07

    YAAAAAWWWWNNNN Where's my Banana?

  • Cathy - 2011-05-01 01:22

    1994 and now we are in 2011, that is a hell of a time full of promises and very little delivered to the poor. Where has all the money gone? In the pockets of Mandelas family, Mbekis family and Zumas family, not to mention all the extended family and comrades? We are tired of waiting while we starve.

  • Peg-Leg-Sven - 2011-05-01 02:20

    And there I was being stupid, thinking that "Housing" was a responsibility of the Central government, controlled by the ANC.

  • rosemari - 2011-05-01 02:44

    Jacob Zuma, YOU, seem to think that all the people in South Africa are born fools to just keep on voting for empty promises ...its now 17yrs of the same old promises that never materialize. Stop lying to the people in South Africa Stop allowing your friends and family stealing from our hard earned tax money and stop giving tenders to people who do not have the experience or brains to do the job, and what makes you think that you can fix things after they voted if you cant even fix things during the time you have been in power. NOT EVERYBODY IS YOU FOOL. My advice to the people of South Africa vote for what a better life not empty promises

      Kim Novak - 2011-05-01 03:26

      Tell me what's wrong with this equation. My 27 year old son with an IT PhD has a good job but struggles to make ends meet. JZ's 27-year old son has an IT diploma and is a billionaire in a couple of years. Hmmmm, perhaps he should have done a diploma instead.

      Whistleblower - 2011-05-01 07:57

      @Kim Think of it like this … For every 5 ANC voters, who are now disgruntled and won’t vote, makes your sons vote 500% more valuable. Not even a chap with an IT diploma can stop that.

      Beam me up - 2011-05-01 07:59

      During the 80's and 90's many white well to do households took on the pet project of helping and bringing up their maids children. They would enroll them in school, pay for their education, drove them to school and paid board and lodging. Today those children are now the bosses of their children. Today those children vote for the ANC. Those who took on this pet project should not complain. Vote me negative if the truth hurts.

  • Capeboy - 2011-05-01 05:54

    ZUMA stop lying to your people and stealing from the people who put you in power - all you and your govt do is steal, murder and get rich. Maybe std 3 is all you need to live in your south africa. Wake up people and vote the ANC out!

  • Atoombom - 2011-05-01 06:18

    What a retard!Zuma should rather use a rubber and not open his mouth

  • Lewsi - 2011-05-01 06:26

    You have got to be kidding. Daars nie pille vir domgeit nie :)

  • Stuart - 2011-05-01 07:00

    It concerns me that the ANC is getting way too much media coverage for this election. Where is the opposition, they seems to be very quiet.

      Utopian - 2011-05-01 08:40

      Another Zuma lie. The media are ANC-controlled with one or two exceptions.

      croix - 2011-05-01 11:41

      Never mind the media coverage - the ANC is making a complete fool of itself thru' the media (and the 'people' are not all "dom" anymore). The groundswell is gaining momentum!

  • David Van Huffel - 2011-05-01 07:07

    voting ANC will make it worse,the bible says so.If you vote ANC the sangoma will come after you!!!

  • Me - 2011-05-01 07:15

    Irony is asking the government to fix the problems they caused!!!

  • mynah - 2011-05-01 07:37

    Bwaaahaaaahaaahaahaaa!!! This guy just keeps putting his foot in his mouth wherever he goes!!! He and Malema are doing more for the DA by opening their mouths than Helen Zille ever can!

  • Dan - 2011-05-01 07:37

    The ANC is the problem JZ. Haven't noticed it yet? No surprise though, not much the ANC take notice of. Well, unless there is money to grab for themselves.

  • clifford peter viljoen - 2011-05-01 07:39

    Yes please ,vote for more corruption ,racism, and apartheid on a bigger scale VOTE ANC , Viva Woodwork Viva!

  • Julius - 2011-05-01 07:41

    Why all the protection, from whom!

  • - 2011-05-01 07:42

    Dont forget who ruled the W Cape until recently and were all the problems sorted then. Not likely !!

  • Deon - 2011-05-01 07:45

    It is obvious to me that the ANC is using the same recipe as pre-1994. Entice enough people from especially the Eastern Cape with false promises to migrate to the Western Cape. When that is not enough bus them in. This put an unmanageable burden to accommodate the influx on the previous government which led to false perceptions regarding so-called "service delivery". The ANC could then play good cop against bad cop and gather votes from their predominantly naive support base. Right now the ANC see the DA as a white government that must go. The IEC is run by the ANC and is just as incapable of keeping record of legitimate residents that qualify for votes in the Western Cape as the ANC is of eradicating nepotism and corruption.

  • pitbull - 2011-05-01 07:45

    VOTE TO GET RID OF THIS RUBBISH!!!!!! Remember it takes two idiots to outvote a genius

  • Barbie - 2011-05-01 07:46

    What did they do for last how many years?....they have only enriched themselves...not caring for the people at all......they can talk a whole load of crap and unfortunately the people believe them,.......suckers.....

  • Shorts1 - 2011-05-01 08:04

    This makes no sense at all. What is this guy smoking??? The ANC are the problem, therefore by voting for them yet again one is giving them the opportunity to abuse power, continue with cadre deployment, ensure ongoing self-indulgence, waste public funds, fail dismally to provide any effective nationwide service delivery, encourage & support corruption, carry on blindly with their reverse racism policies of affirmative action & equity employment, allowing them to dwell on and revel in the past as opposed to focusing on the future and failing to fight crime with any real commitment. Vote DA to help eradicate this highly problematic 'in-af-eish-ANC'!!

  • NEOPO - 2011-05-01 08:14

    He uses this phrase everytime there is elections. Clearly not enough tenders is going his friends way. They want the WC so badly, even employing a coloured dude to run for mayor. The people dont fall for his tricks.

  • crystal decadance - 2011-05-01 08:17

    ANC needs to stop begging or people to join ANC, are you that desperate for voters. Do you job properly and they will come to the ANC. DONT BEG. The pople that do follow you after promising to fix things are stupid. The ANC should have done their jobs a long time ago. What makes this election so different.

  • Utopian - 2011-05-01 08:27

    Things were worse in Cape Town when the ANC was in control. The poor people of Murumuru have been promised houses again - will they fall for that again? Is it legal to 'sort candidate lists out later'? That's not democracy and it's illegal. The Western Cape's performance is tops, even according to ANC stats, so he's lying. For example, the WC was the only province logically prepared for the 2 extra school holidays - for the rest of the country it's shambles. Teaching in Gauteng, I also know the matric results were cooked to get Gauteng above Western Cape schools for the first time ever. It is so dishonest.

      Shorts1 - 2011-05-01 09:36

      Is it legal to 'sort candidate lists out later'? Probably not. However, what the ANC are inadventently acknowledging is that they don't have any candidates with the genuine ability to effectively manage local municipality affairs. It is therefore very obvious that what they intend to do is to further implement their policy of cadre deployment & cronism by then appointing / rewarding those who are seen to have been loyal ANC members to whatever positions that they have available having secured victory at the polls. Let us deny them as many of these 'victories' as we can & help stamp out this 'in-af-eish-ANC' by voting for the DA.

  • simon - 2011-05-01 08:29

    I this man too dumb to understand the stupidity of his own comments ? Poverty in SA is not confined to the Cape, in fact it is worse elsewhere, in ANC-controlled areas. The ANC has be in control of those areas for nearly 20 years now. Yet they have problems. This is what happens when an uneducated fool gets the top position,

      Shorts1 - 2011-05-01 09:41

      The deep rooted problem is unfortunately aggravated by the many hundreds of thousands of even less educated fools who have previously voted for this one!!

  • The Matt - 2011-05-01 08:29

    Was Tony Ehrenreich not responsible for thousands of nurses and teachers striking last year with a "Screw you attitude".... and this guy thinks he would be a good Mayor for the people.. haha, they shouda put up Kenny "Sushi King" Kunene... He already has a fleet of sportscars, so save the WC taxpayers some Maaaney

  • Sage - 2011-05-01 08:33

    Since ANC misrule commenced in 1994, only problems have ensued, nothing has ever been solved. It's time for change. The future of this country does not include the ANC.

  • Willem Louw - 2011-05-01 09:26

    Liar Liar! No we can add pathological liar to list of colourful adjectives that describe thee leader of the South African people! Amoung those names are cirminal, rapist and poligamist. The ANC's legacy is failure and deceit. The economy is worse, the water works are terrible, the public health is a dissaster. The ANC is desperately scrambeling to keep votes by making empty threats and beating the appartheid-dog yet once again. Everytime before elections, we see the same propoganda! Vote ANC because all whites are evil and wanna bring appartheid back... Perhaps the people should evaluate the facts not the empty words.

  • MrSpiderman - 2011-05-01 09:43

    Why did he not come up with this MASTER PLAN when they ruled the WC?

      Spoofed - 2011-05-01 11:22

      Because there is no master plan. Not one that concerns the public anyway. The only Plan he has is to get more money to feed his fat wives.

  • Noitol - 2011-05-01 09:59

    Of course the incompetent fool would never give voice to the fact that he recognizes the obvious: that the ANC is a veritable problem factory with its floor space growing exponentially. The tragedy is that the electorate knows it (witness the all-to-frequent labour strikes and protests), but lacks the gumption, intelligence and simple common sense to vote for a change.

  • RedCherry - 2011-05-01 10:12

    The only way to solve problems of housing and poverty in the Western Cape is to vote ANC ... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - no stop it now. Best laugh I've had in days.

  • World Traveler - 2011-05-01 10:13

    More election bullsh! The anc want TOTAL POWER as in North Korea. If they get it then there will be a reaction as in Tunisia/Egypt/Libia. The anc will generate a violent reaction! We do not want that. So Vote against the anc.

  • RedCherry - 2011-05-01 10:20

    "There is a myth that the municipalities of the Western Cape are the most excellent". Myth? Is it alsa a myth that national government gave full budgetary allocation only to the Western Cape - Is Pravin Gordhan a DA plant? Actually, I think marijuana must be an ANC plant - Zuma's clearly been smoking something if he thinks anyone with half a brain believes this crap - that he would say these things is an insult to all South Africans - he knows that this is no more than Orwellian doublespeak and yet has the barefaced audacity to say it anyway. Does he think we don't read, watch, observe through our own eyes - perhaps the question should be, "does he think?"

  • Naartjie - 2011-05-01 10:33

    And if you believe Mr Zuma, you believe in the fifth Ninja Turtle - Zumatello too!