Voting continues in Cape Town

2011-05-18 18:23

Cape Town - As lengthy queues continued at some polling stations in Cape Town, many voters took a time out before making their mark on the ballot papers.

At the Theo Marais Park sports grounds in Milnerton, a children's party was on the go at 14:30.

One of those present in the complex was Leon Roussouw, a computer company owner, who said he went to the Methodist Church in Table View at 13:10 only to find the queue stretching about 150m outside the building.

He said he had met the Democratic Alliance candidate for his ward, Heather Brenner, who estimated it would take him about an hour to vote.

He decided to go back later in the day. He remained determined to cast his vote.

School principal Anthony Akerman, who is registered to vote at Leibrand van Niekerk hall in Flamingo Vlei, said he decided to go between 18:00 and 19:00.

"I found if you go later, everyone else has voted so it goes quick-quick," he said.

Akerman's daughter, Bianca, who has registered to vote for the first time, was looking forward to casting her vote with her dad later in the day.

"Ja, it's quite exciting."

Not allowed to vote

Irishman David McCauley expressed his disappointment at not being able to vote, saying he had been a permanent resident for 20 years and felt it was unfair that he could not vote, at least in the municipal elections.

His sentiments were shared by Luka Theunissen, who is also not a permanent resident, but felt that since she was allowed to vote in 1994 and 1996, it was unfair.

She said it had been decided she was no longer eligible to vote because as a permanent resident she was not a citizen.

George and Marieta Erasmus, of Parklands, used the opportunity earlier in the day at 08:00 and said it took them about 40 minutes.

Their daughter Sunet voted with them in the morning.

Another daughter Marika, had also decided to cast her vote later in the day, hoping the queues would be shorter.

Queues were particularly long at the Pinelands High School, where the length of the queue at about 14:30 was about 100m.

People were reluctant to say who they voted for in the metro which is contested by the ANC and DA.

Western Cape provincial electoral officer Courtney Sampson said earlier that turnout in the Western Cape had been good so far.

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  • j4truth - 2011-05-18 18:57

    Hopefully the DA will make it! But I think the ANC marster-minds cleverly set up a decoy with the toilets issue. The DA should have stuck to the gross FRAUD, CORRUPTION and NEPUTISM issues.

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