KDF must rid itself of opportunistic populists

2017-01-19 06:02

Khayelitsha Development Forum(KDF) will hold its elective conference in March 2017, to elect a new leadership that will take Khayelitsha towards the future.

It’s important that this important event be the honour it deserves.

This non-partisan body was formed to foster relations with the community, the business sector, and all three spheres of government.

The present generation should never miss a chance to express their gratitude to the founding generation of the KDF.

Today we pride ourselves of having a home that is a model to other communities across the country.

The KDF enjoys immense recognition in Khayelitsha.

This year the KDF will mark its 23rd anniversary, a remarkable milestone.

Alas, it seems not every resident of Khayelitsha is clued up about the mission and strategic objectives of this organisation.

And this shortcoming, will, no doubt be abused by some to advance narrow interests.

Enemies out there will do anything to destroy the KDF.

As a non-partisan organisation, the KDF will always have to contend with diverse views within its ranks.

The KDF was formed to create a platform for coordination between the community and business within Khayelitsha.

The model also includes all political parties, NGOs, CBOs and other progressive sectors of society.

In recent years, the KDF has experienced the painful phenomenon of people jostling for leadership positions.

As a result we have been exposed to certain stake-holders within the organisation ganging up against others to position themselves to capture KDF, with not a care as to the interests of the people of Khayelitsha.

There has always been contestations for the leadership, but never about political parties wanting to impose or have hegemony over KDF, thus undermining the aspirations of the people of Khayelitsha.

All past leaders of KDF were chosen out of a consensus, a process that took into serious consideration the wishes and aspirations of the people.

This was borne of understanding that the multiplicity nature of KDF made it possible for leaders to fathom the developmental agenda of the people of Khayelitsha.

This meant that the inclusivity of the KDF must always be preserved in all its business undertakings, including its structures and total outlook, to ensure that no one is discriminated against nor deprived a right to participate, influence or be influenced to promote the strategic objectives of KDF.

The KDF is apolitical albeit inclusive, which makes it easy for opportunistic elements to be easily exposed. This calls for their total isolation.

Khayelitsha residents carry a responsibility to rid the KDF of the baggage that wish to capture this organisation as a front and developmental desk of the government.

This should serve as a caution for the KDF family to be focused on the founding principles of this developmental organization.

Unity is the bedrock upon which we must galvanize progress. It is through discipline that we can prosper.

And it’s through an understanding of these principles that we can construct a KDF that does not discriminate and can never be outside of the inclusive nature which the founding generation envisaged.

Today we see elements of disunity disguised as agents of change; we must act swiftly to defend the erosion of our being and all that the KDF stands for.

The KDF is multiple in its orientation, and must therefore question the existence cliques and cabals unapologetically.

We must also unmask leaders who are using the stake-holders of KDF to sow division within our ranks.

As we now approach the conference, we must jealously guard against those who stand in the sidelines with red pens ready to position themselves as Messiahs.

We must ask where were they as stake-holder representatives when things were falling apart. We must never be shy to appreciate those who never sat in the shadows waiting for the elective conference so they can point fingers at those who have and remained were willing to dirty their hands in the service of the KDF family.

We must close ranks and unite in action and advance the revolution through KDF in changing the lives of our people.

Let the people on the street feel part of this gigantic transformation vehicle called KDF.

The strategic mission is one.

Let victory triumph over ideological and political affiliation because the KDF is and must remain apolitical even post-conference, to cater and capture the essence of its mission and objectives.

There’s no successful revolution without mistakes.

If in the course of their service to the organisation, those at the helm of the KDF presently have erred in their quest to execute their duties, we must be kind enough to recognize their efforts and be willing to forgive them, as we self-correct ourselves as a family to help them to recognize their mistakes and willingly forgive them since those mistakes were committed in the course of the struggle for a better Khayelitsha.

We must do this out of appreciation of their voluntary service to the people of Khayelitsha without benefits or any expectations thereof.

Because we strive to develop leaders that posses an understanding of the nature of the work we do as developmental structures, and the severest sense of organisation and discipline; humility towards people and struggle; sensitivity to injustice; close contact and believing in the power of the masses; and the ability to fulfil the task assigned to us as leaders who are prepared to serve.

These are fundamental, unvarying requirements in the qualifications of leaders, and when we identify these attributes to our leaders we must appreciate them and when they err on the side of organisational construct, we must always point them to the correct direction without criminalizing them.

In whatever period, If we are to succeed as well in shaping our own leaders, they themselves must always be open to new experiences, have spirits of rebelliousness against every wrong, whoever commits it.

They must always strive to be the best, feel upset when one is not and fight to improve, to be the best or at least be amongst the best.

One should subject oneself to the power of reason, politically that is, based on firm principles, not vacillating for material interests.

Khayelitsha is known as a fountain of school of developing leaders and such leaders are rare quality we cannot afford not to forgive.

For the sake of continuity let us forgive, unite,isolate peace haters and fight in unison for the Khayelitsha of the future.

Unathi Mabengwana KHAYELITSHA


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