Are you overspending on your workouts?

2016-07-28 06:00

STRUGGLING with workout costs? Feel like your healthy body might be worth your unhealthy budget? We look at overspending and workouts.

It’s super tricky getting that perfect life/workout balance. You’re doing the smart thing for your health by working out, but it may be hurting your bank balance.

With gym-memberships in South Africa costing anything from around R199 to R1900 per month and all giving various different benefits (like a shoe-shine bar and being able to use your membership in other countries!), it can get tricky knowing whether it’s all worth it.

We look at working out according to your budget, your cost-per-workout and how you could save costs on your workouts.

If you know you need to cut back on your workout-costs, but don’t know how much, consider following theadvice of GoGirl Finance.

They recommend using a 50/30/20 budget – which breaks up your home pay into three: 50% of your pay goes to monthly fixed costs, 20% to flexible spending and 30% are financial goals and savings.

A fixed workout cost, like a gym membership, should fit into the 50% fixed costs. Anything extra, like standalone classes or new equipment goes into the 20% flexible spending category.

This 20% of your budget is also where your groceries, hobbies and eating out goes, so make sure you plan well.

Your cute workout clothes also fall into the 20% category.

Working out your cost-per-workout may do wonders for making decisions regarding your workouts, LearnVest advises.

You might be someone who spends thousands on your workouts, but you’re there, working out constantly. Your cost per workout would be much lower than someone who pays much less for their workout, but only uses it once in a while.

LearnVest gives the following example:

Let’s say – you spend R1000 per month on a gym membership and your friend spends R100 (I know, I know, this is hypothetical). You work out once a day and your friend works out once a month. Your cost-per-workout would be R1000 / 365 = R2.74. On the other hand, the cheaper gym membership that your friend never uses would work out to R100/12 = R8.33 per workout.

Have a look at the bottom of this article for some real-life examples of cost-per-workouts in South Africa.

Know you need to cut back, but don’t know where to start? There are various ways of saving money on workouts:

• There are loads of free exercise videos on Youtube you can follow.

• If you like running, consider ditching the gym and going for a run outside. Make it a group activity and ask a friend to join you. If there’s one in your area, you can also join a free weekly Park Run (a 5km walk or run with others in a local park/running space).

• If you decide to give up on your monthly gym membership, but still want to use some of the equipment, consider investing in a few basics, like kettlebells or resistance bands, for yourself.

• If you’re close enough to a hiking trail, get hiking! And enjoy some of South Africa’s wonderful scenery along the way

Know you need to cut back, but don’t know where to start? There are various ways of saving money on workouts.


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