Tips on fuel economy

2016-11-16 06:00

LAST week’s hike in the price of petrol has made motorists more aware of how to use fuel as efficiently as possible.

Tips on saving fuel:

• Idling for a long time when pulling off to talk on a cell or chat to a mate, consumes petrol that could be saved by switching off the engine. Restarting uses much the same as idling for 30 seconds.

• Don't cart stuff around in the boot of your car unless you need it. Ironically, the heavier the item (usual culprits are golf clubs and trolleys), the less likely you are to bother taking it out of the boot and the greater the effect it will have on your fuel consumption.

• Use the air conditioner only when needed - its puts an extra load on the engine forcing more fuel to be used. Do not use it as fan to simply circulate air.

• Wind drag is a key source of reduced fuel mileage -minimise by keeping windows (and sunroof) shut. Car designers call it aerodynamics and make lots of effort to reduce the “drag” - anything that makes wind noise as your car goes along is actually making your car more expensive to run.

• Driving with the tailgate of a pickup lowered creates turbulence, causing wind drag and a less fuel efficient vehicle.

• Accelerate smoothly - the perfect way to travel is at a constant speed and in the highest gear, so if you're a patient driver, you'll have lower fuel bills - it's as simple as that.

• Check your tyre pressures regularly - one underinflated tyre can cut fuel economy by two percent per bar of pressure below the proper inflation level. The lower the tyre pressure, the more fuel the car needs to move it on the road.

• Proper maintenance increases a vehicle's fuel economy. - Car Telegraph and Automotive Fleet


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