Mother Nature is fed up with man

2019-11-27 06:00

One of the world’s most famous cities is drowning.

The worst flooding in 50 years has left much of Venice under water. The iconic St Marks Square had to be closed as it resembled a lake. The mayor immediately blamed climate change for the disaster. Ironically, just when the regional authority refused to adopt climate change measures, sea water rushed into the building.

There have been several natural disasters around the world in recent times all attributed to climate change.

Devastating fires have become an annual occurrence in California. Across the Pacific, in Australia, ravaging fires have reduced several homes to ashes around Sydney. Nothing could describe this inferno more aptly than a man telling reporters: “In this bucket is my house.” [Mercury].

There is flooding in India, England, Somalia and right here at home in Durban, where extreme temperatures have been followed by heavy rains, causing several millions of rands damage.

People living in New Hanover had a terrifying experience when a tornado ripped through the rural village, flattening their humble homes. We even had a tremor, rather unusual in our country.

All the signs are clear. Mother Nature is fed up with man and is revolting to show him who’s the boss.

There is growing concern around the world over climate change; but not Trump. The short-sighted American president is unconcerned about how climate change is affecting global weather patterns and has selfishly pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

America followed the same policy of isolation during second World War. It stayed out of the conflict, making money supplying armaments to the Allies until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, forcing it join the war. Trump hasn’t learnt. He is not more powerful than Mother Nature.


On October 29, a local primary school sent out the following WhatsApp notice to parents: “Our foundation phase teachers have arranged a Halloween Fun Day/Picnic for our foundation phase pupils (Grade R to Grade 3). Please assist in making this day a successful one by sending pupils dressed in a ‘Halloween costume’ (mask/costumes made from recyclables). A pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a mask will be acceptable as well. Please send a picnic basket and a mat for your child/ward.”

This is horrible! Firstly because the express consent of the parent has not been obtained before the child can participate.

Secondly, they have the audacity to request our assistance to make it a success when we detest this. Then, to cause further annoyance, it goes on to give a directive on how the child must be dressed and the additional items that are required. When I contacted the school to voice my objection I was told (after some debate) that it is an activity. I hold the view that this is a celebration because the essential ingredients are present — child is to wear a mask, casual clothing and bring a picnic basket. Why must little children “Grade R to Grade 3” participate in such harmful satanic customs? Surely the teachers must take cognisance of the fact that children come from different faiths, beliefs and religions and it is offensive for some to indulge in such events.

The Church of Satan marks Halloween as a very important day in their calendar for devil worship. From a Christian standpoint such activities are contemptuous.

Halloween is celebrated on a massive scale in America, Canada and England. It is foolish to mimic whatever they do! There are serious issues in our society that need to be addressed rather than waste our energy on these worthless traditions. Celebrations of Satanism and Paganism must not be allowed in our schools and the Department of Education must intervene to ensure that the innocent little minds of our children are not poisoned. May the Almighty God help us all to discern between good and evil.

DENNIS MOODLEY Pietermaritzburg

IN response to Mr A.R. Jones’ letter on Page 8 of The Witness on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, Sassa would like to state that social grants are subject to means testing which implies that, Sassa evaluates the income and assets of the person applying for social assistance in order to determine whether the person’s means are below a stipulated amount.

This means test is a way of determining whether a person qualifies to receive a grant as grants are indeed meant for those who have insufficient means to support themselves.

The means test varies from one grant type to another. Grants for older persons, war veterans and disabled are paid on a sliding scale, that is, the more private income you have, the smaller the government pension you will qualify for. Income threshold for the old age pension is R164 880 per annum for a married person and R82 400 for a single person. Assets are also taken into account and must not be more than R2 349 600 for a married person and R1 174 800 for a single person.

Any applicant who is married must ensure that supporting documents required for any grant application are provided for his or her spouse.

As part of recourse, he can apply for Internal Reconsideration Mechanism (IRM) wherein his application will be assessed by a different person from higher office. If he is still unhappy with the outcome he can then apply for appeal to the minister of Social Development through the appeals tribunal, this must be done within 90 days of unsuccessful application.

Ms Sandy Godlwana Communicationand marketingsenior manager for the South African SocialSecurity Agency (Sassa) of KwaZulu-Natal

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