Take time to stop and smell the roses

2017-02-08 06:01

SOMETIMES we get so busy with our lives that we forget to appreciate our family and those close to us. We may take them for granted and not really appreciate the time we have together or their company. Time goes so fast, it flies and we may live a selfish life unknowingly at times because we get so caught up with the busyness of life. We forget to sacrifice.

Life is short and bittersweet. Loving people may not always be a priority. We live our daily routine and go through the robotic motions. When do we stop and smell the roses or take the time to spend with our loved ones? Sometimes they end up with a terrible sickness that takes them slowly out of this world or a dreadful tragedy that stalks them. We regret the painful loss and wish we knew or could stop the thief-time or its hands.

Treasure your beloved ones and make time to be together because they could be gone in an instant or with a twinkling of an eye. Don’t hold grudges or unforgiveness against anyone. It’s harder to love or to make that choice when your feelings are hurt but the rewards are endless.

You feel and look better. You are not stressed out and let things go. You are happy and free.You can’t put a price on that or the love you have for them even though you are mad at them for a moment. To love is to truly live.

Love overcomes and triumphs over evil. Love conquers all barriers and surpasses time and travels space. It reaches the depths of our hearts and souls and touches the core of who we are.
It remains the strongest emotion and you are willing to do nearly anything to have them in your life. It is a blessing to love and be loved, to be held or hugged or kissed and to share genuine affection is to really live.

One cannot imagine one’s life without the people we love, we share a bond that cannot be broken. Death is a horrible messenger that steals our loved ones away when we not looking. We cannot stop him sometimes when he kidnaps them, we are unaware of his guile and ability to take our precious belongings - our loved ones.
They are the ones we live for, breathe for, work for and give our all for. God gave His all, His son for us, how many can say, we would give our children or family for someone or when death came knocking we gave them up. Yet God gave us His all so we could have life and abundantly. His gift of love and our gift of life. So we are accountable for the lives we live and how we live it. Let us live in a reverent and honourable way to be the best we can be.

We should not take one another for granted, we should compromise and work together to build a life. We should treat each other well and not look down upon another or think you are better than another because we all have our own battles to fight. We need to support each other and be there for one another.
We need to walk in love and forgiveness because anything can happen at anytime. You can be angry in a moment but don’t let that moment steal your eternal joy. You can be frustrated but don’t take long to wrap them in love again lest you lose the apple of your eye. Love unconditionally and hold them dear. Cover them in your prayers where they safe and secure in the Father’s love.

Don’t forget to tell them you love them. It may just be words but words can mean so much. It may sometimes be the last words you say and if it is, let it be memorable, meaningful and uplifting. Let it bring hope and light to their world so your love shines as bright as the sun or twinkles as stars in the sky where angels carry your messages to those you’ve lost.
Plant seeds of love, water your garden with care and use tools of kindness and understanding to nurture their growth and watch the roses bloom giving a sweet aromatic fragrance.
Love is the perfume you wear wherever you go so it leaves its impressionable scent and your distinct mark on this world. Happy Valentine’s Day.

y. opperman Pelham


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