Ten things all parents should teach their child

2019-01-30 06:01

PARENTS are quick to use the “back in my day” line, but things are different now because they clearly didn’t adopt all the same parenting methods their own parents did and the societal norms of parenting have changed.

There are, however, certain aspects of old-school parenting that would be helpful today, such as teaching your children the basics, the bare minimum even. I know some people in their twenties who don’t know how to do something as simple as frying an egg; imagine that.

I know, at some point, you’re responsible for teaching yourself all the things your parents didn’t, but there are simple things that parents should teach their children from a young age if they want to avoid ending up with an overgrown baby one day.

Here are the simple things you should teach your children to do at home.

1. Knowing the value of money

Many young children have quite a distorted view on money and older children often find it hard to differentiate between wants and needs. Teaching children about money and budgeting from a young age will instil a sense of responsible spending in them, something they can carry for a lifetime.

2. Washing the dishes

I know this seems simple enough but many people do a pretty sloppy job at washing dishes. From making sure the water is soapy enough, cleaning under the drying rack and not putting your whole hand inside a glass when washing it, there’s a lot of little things to learn.

3. Doing their own laundry

At some point, children are going to need to do their own laundry. Don’t only teach them to operate a washing machine, but the rules about washing, water temperature, colour mixing, checking washing instructions, etc.

4. Direction

Some adults are pretty bad with direction (like me) so making sure your children can navigate their way through places from a young age will only benefit them.

5. Looking after a plant or pet

Having to look after a living thing will teach children a great deal about responsibility and that their actions have consequences. If you’re not ready to commit to a new pet, try having your child look after a plant instead.

6. Simple cooking

You don’t need to teach your child how to cook gourmet dishes, the basics will do. Making an egg, boiling rice, operating a stove and oven, chopping and peeling are a few of the helpful skills they should work on. Obviously, don’t let a small child loose on hot and sharp implements!

7. Simple sewing skills

You don’t have to go all out here and whip out the sewing machine, but teaching your child how to hand stitch is a pretty practical skill when they have little clothing emergencies.

8. Cleaning

Not exactly everyone’s favourite, but cleaning is something we’ve all got to learn. From making up your bed to cleaning a toilet, play some tunes and get cracking.

9. Punctuality

Hopefully you’re already an example to your children where punctuality is concerned, but either way, teach them the importance of waking up early and having good time management. All the people I know who are always on time generally have parents who value punctuality.

10. How to place orders and speak on the phone

Many adults get nervous to speak on the phone or even place their own orders at a restaurant. By making them do these things from a young age, they’ll gain the confidence to do it without hesitation when they’re older.

— Parent24.


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