To spank or not to spank

2017-02-01 06:02

SPANKING is probably the most controversial discipline issue there is. People on both sides of the issue feel very strongly about their views.

Some define spanking as slapping the child on the bottom no more than once while others define spanking as any type of physical punishment.

When referring to physical punishment, there are many things to factor in, things such as age at the time of hitting, the force with which children are hit and the mood of the parent who is doing the spanking all play a role in deteriorating or enhancing the act. Physical punishment by an angry, hysterical parent will leave long-term emotional wounds and cultivate resentment and bitterness within a child.

Spanking should never cause physical injury, spanking should be done with the hand, not with objects. It is unrealistic to expect that children would never hit others if their parents would only eliminate spanking from discipline options.

If the situation gets out of control don’t yell, just whisper. More than likely, they will tune it down to try to hear what you are saying.

We should ask, when using different forms of discipline, what our goal is. Isn’t it to teach the child to be self-sufficient and successful in this life and the next? Isn’t it to teach our children that every action has a reaction and that every choice they make has a consequence?

Will spanking help us reach our goals or will it only make them so afraid of us that they will comply out of fear rather than make a rational decision with the tools we provide them with.

Every child is different and will respond differently to different things. As parents we should know our children well enough to know what form of discipline is effective and what is not.

When it comes to disciplining it is far better and more valuable to use our intellectual strengths rather than our physical strengths.


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