Use probiotic cleaners in winter

2017-08-02 06:00

THERE’S no better way of keeping your home warm and cosy during the winter months, than by keeping the doors and windows closed.

The trouble is that lack of ventilation creates the perfect environment for moulds, mildew and fungi to grow and flourish. They’re woolly, they’re powdery and they’re musty.

Probiotic cleaners are all-natural and contain powerful microbes and metabolites which remove mould, grease and grime, without the need for hazardous chemicals.

Mould growth can be spotted – or smelt – fairly easily, due to its musty odour.

Visible patches of mould spores are another clear sign that you need to open some windows, let some air in, and do some cleaning.

How probiotics work

Most microorganisms are completely harmless, with some being beneficial to humans. Trouble is, the bad ones (the bacteria that cause bad odours or illness) have given the rest a bad reputation.

Bad odours, like that musty smell that’s building up in your house, are caused by toxin-producing pathogens growing on organic material.

When you use probiotic cleaners, you’re out-competing those pathogens, and neutralising the odour-causing compounds.

How to use it

Some products like Probio Mould Away have spray nozzles, so they’re simple to use: just find the mouldy spot, spray and let the microbes work their magic.

The cleaning concentrates, meanwhile, need to be diluted, in a 1:5 (25 capfuls in 500ml of water) solution for greasy or grimy surfaces, or 1:20 (five capfuls in 500ml of water) solution for cleaning windows, mirrors, bathroom ceramics and so on.

Because it’s all-natural, there’s no need to wipe the surfaces down afterwards.

Where to use it

Your home has a handful of bacterial hot spots, where mould and mildew gather and grow.

Front-loader washing machine:

The rubber seal on the door often stays wet because the door is closed after it has been used.

Fridge door:

Same deal as your washing machine…with the added nastiness of food and drink.

Kitchen tap:

It’s always moist – and the germs love that.

Dish towels:

You’re probably (or hopefully) replacing your kitchen sponges fairly regularly…but your dish towel is just as dangerous.

Welcome mat:

Stop for a moment and think about all the bugs, gunk and dirt that gets scraped off the bottom of your (and visitors’) shoes. Now go clean that mat.

Vacuum cleaner:

There’s a reason why these devices are known as ‘meals on wheels’ for bacteria.

The bags inside are hot and humid, and they collect dirt. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Shower curtain:

Here the mould enjoys a constant supply of water – and equally constant supply of dirt.

Wherever your pets go:

Your lounge, their basket…wherever your pets go, they take their dirt and germs with them. Use probiotic pet products to clean up at the source.

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